Facebook Places now in UK. Are you still using it?

Facebook Places UK

Facebook Places has gone live in the UK. It lit up in Japan a few days ago as well. No love for Canada or many other countries yet. Still, even in locations where Facebook places has launched, it doesn't seem to have slowed down FourSquare or Gowalla at all.

Is Facebook Places available where you are? Are you using it? If so, let us know how it's been working for you, if not, tell us what's kept you away.

[Thanks English Mike!]

Rene Ritchie

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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

Drucpec says:

Yeah i still do. It made me excited for the facebook app again

SeeSeanRun says:

I've dumped all location based things. I just don't have a need to let people know where I am at all times. My wife is in the public eye and all those location based apps do is let people know you're not home. I still use the FB app, but I've disabled anything that has to do with location.

Al says:

I use it. Sparingly. But it's cool when I go to a museum or concert.

Ilovegeorgia says:

its a cool thing to have ive used it a few times

Tweger01 says:

I use it sometimes. Nothing too great. Fun to tag your friends and piss them off though

Jack says:

It's still not available in Australia yet.

excaliburca says:

Still not available in Canada from the looks of it... like I'd use it anyway.

Sean Peters says:

I'll check in when I go somewhere out of the ordinary. I can't be bothered, though, when I'm just going to work or the grocery store or wherever.

Edie says:

Heckkkkk NO!you must be crazy..

Jon says:

Why would you want Zucky to know where you are?