The iPhone Blog Gets iPhonified: Site Now Optimized for Safari


You asked for it. You got it. I listened to reader requests for a fully iPhone optimized layout. Now when you visit my site from your iPhone, instead of encountering the standard layout, you will be redirected to an iPhone formatted likeness. No more pinching or side scrolling.

So visit the blog that readers call "Stupendous"..."Wonderfully entertaining"..."Informative". Then, after you've been to that site, come to,'s pretty good too.

Oh, and you're welcome!



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iPhone guru says:

I like it alot. Almost as good as an iPhone update..... Almost

admin#IM says:

Glad you like it. Sorry I can't do anything about iPhone updates. :-)

Kent Pribbernow says:

testing comment from iPhone. Ignore.

bryan says:

great work kent, looks great.

Jason says:

BTW, that was supposed to be "woo-HOO" not "woo-HOP." Chalk that one up to the iPhone's insistence on correcting my typing.

Kent Pribbernow says:

fuck all of you who reads my blog! I wanna fuck all of you!!!!!

zak says:

So how do you optimize your blog for iphone? I need to do that to my site, but have no idea. I use a native wordpress...

zak says: you! works great.

quahog_convo says:

me likey! looks lovely and well appreciated.