Netflix app for iPhone updated to include video out

The Netflix app for iPhone received a nice little update last night that includes video out support. Yes, this means you are now able to use your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4 to send any streaming video content available on Netflix directly to your TV.

While jailbreakers have been able to take advantage of this feature for quite some time now, it's nice to finally have it "officially" supported.

If you've tried it out, let us know how it works for you.

UPDATE: for those asking how to get the video from iPhone to your TV, you need a pair of Apple AV cables or similar for that.


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Reader comments

Netflix app for iPhone updated to include video out


Thanks, Netflix
I've been hoping for this.
The video out works great with my video eyewear.

I believe video out was already supported through the netflix app on the iPad. Haven't had a chance to try it out, but I look forward to trying out my iPhone 4 with the dock to VGA connector. I wonder what resolution it will output to... Will it look crappy?

Just use an iPad dock to VGA adapter with a VGA cable on the iPhone 4. Most LCD tv's have a VGA port. It looks fine in my test.

One option for jailbreak users would be to buy a cheap set of cables for 5 bucks or so, and then purchase the Resupported App in Cydia, another buck or two. It works for me. What I couldn't figure out is how to get video out from Netflix on my iphone 3G (jailbroken). I tried the TVOut2 app and the video wasn't full framerate

If you want HDMI go for the COMPONENT cables not the composite. Also, for better resolution via the Netflix app, use wifi to access the videos, not 3G because Netflix adjusts resolution based on the available bandwidth.

I got the AV cables and can't see the video but can hear it. What do you think I could be doing wrong? The same cables work with my sons Itouch and you can see and hear the video

Why does Apple equip the Apple TV and the mini-Mac with HDMI output but decides to not include in on the iPad or iPhone? Makes no sense to me. The video quality using composite cables will suck and won't support 1080p.
Somebody ask Steve to make it easy for all of us and just include HDMI on ALL devices. The royalty payments for using HDMI is $0.04. I think Steve can afford to pay the $0.04 per device. For the ease of use and convenience, I'll gladly pay an extra $0.04 for my next iPhone and iPad. Get over it Steve.

Why no 3gs love. They can run the same OS. I bet it has something to do with the iPhone 4 having limits on data and 3gs/3g unlimited. AT&T was probably bitching about it to Steve and Steve said I'll take care of it.
By the way, tyrus, I was recently told by apple support that the reason everything seems to be included on apple TV and limited on iPhones/iPods (although they are capable) is to push the apple TV. Probably not what he was trained to say.

Use your wifi for this feature! I watched two movies last night back-to-back. Quality is DVD, but not like blue ray or HD. I was really glad netflix upddated this feature. (BTW, this was using apple's composit cables).

What I don't understand is why I can get youtube videos from iphone 3 to my TV set by either cable or dock but Netflix videos are restricted to the iphone screen. I get audio but the video doesn't make it past the phone.

I also know that I still have several months to a yr on my iPhone 3 before I can update. My phone does a great job and I don't need to shell out more money for another phone.