PdaNet Now Available -- via Jailbreak


I've gone ahead and followed Jeremy's excellent iPhone Jailbreak instructions for one specific reason: the ability to install PdaNet on my iPhone for tethering. PdaNet let us know, along with reader Lawton, that they've given up waiting for App Store approval (which will likely never come anyway) and have gone ahead and released their application for jailbroken iPhones. You can get the full skinny here.

PdaNet for the iPhone is heads and shoulders above their other offerings in that it doesn't require any software on your laptop. You simply need to set up an 'ad hoc' WiFi network (here's how) on your laptop and then have your iPhone join that network. Then, boom, you're online.

PdaNet will also work in the background (yet another reason to Jailbreak -- real background apps), although they caution that you'll want to make sure that you get back into the app relatively quickly so it doesn't idle. They've also implemented another neat accelerometer-based feature: set your phone face-down and it will turn off the screen, saving power. Truth-be-told, though, you should probably leave it plugged in, an active 3G connection and WiFi connection isn't going to be very good to your battery.

One last note: over-usage of PdaNet's tethering is likely to draw the eye and the ire of AT&T, so use with care!

Thanks to Lawton for the tip!

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Reader comments

PdaNet Now Available -- via Jailbreak


Shame something like this will never appear in the app store. In the UK we've got (theoretically) unlimited data plans so tethering shouldn't be a problem over here. I guess I could jailbreak my phone but I'm just too chicken. :)

is there a price? This sounds amazing. I can't belive they would give it away for free. I actually purchased a license for my previous winmo device and would gladly pay again for this one.

Most apps availble via Cydia or the Installer are free. Now if it was available on the App Store like it was planned... you'd be paying for it.

I've been jailbroken for a while now. This app ALONE is worth jailbraking for!! I actually had purchased Netshare back when it was availiable...and this one BLOWS it away. Highly recommended. And it runs in the background!!!

Ok looks like I will JB my phone again. I put it back because I had some issues, but this alone makes me want to JB my phone.
I hope it's free in Cydia - :)

This app is amazing. Like Cradle says, definitely worth jailbreaking for. I also have NetShare, but this takes away all the fiddling with alternate IP addresses and such. And as far as AT&T becoming suspicious...they should have known this was going to happen. We all pay $30/month for this UNLIMITED data plan. I'm just taking what's mine.
A big thanks to all those who worked on this app and decided to make it available for free!

IE logo on an iPhone?!
My eyes! My eyes!
No wonder Apple wouldn't approve it...
Now I, strangely, I can only hope for Microsoft IP lawyers to save me... ;)

I've jailbroken my phone and I am never going back unless I encounter an error or Apple decides to force me...
I don't like the IE icon on my phone, though-- time to change it! :)

I want to hug the devs of this app!! I depend on tethering for work, and finally I have a way to do it that is as simple as every other phone I've owned. I've tried many ways to tether the iPhone and all of them were either way too many steps, or were unreliable, or didn't work at all. I don't know what PDANet does, but it really is 1-click once you've set up the network.
But yeah, that icon is disgusting. It doesn't match the design guidelines (square corners, no shine) and it has a freakin' IE logo on it!! Who thought any iPhone user (or ANYONE for that matter) would want an IE logo on an app!?

What are the chances of Apple letting this go through as an app? Been so happy since the iPhone 2.0 came out and no jailbreaking was needed, don't want to do it again!

Good news, it's been updated today and they changed the icon! On my device it just looks like a blank icon in the style of the iPhone icons. I don't know if that's a joke, but it's a hell of a lot better than what it was before!

There is also an app called iPhone Modem which turns your iPhone into a wireless access point and does not require any software on your computer. It also requires a JailBroken iPhone. Disclaimer: I haven't tried it.

@ Carl Gundel, I like the idea of not having to mess with any settings or installing any software on my computer. I might just jailbreak my iPhone without having a laptop (for now) after all.

I've just jailbreaked my iphone3G (UK), went smoothly, installed PdaNet and can now use my laptop to access the internet! My next test tonight will be to see if it works connecting my Xbox through my laptop using a wireless bridge; Halo3 here I come!

i might be missing something here, but when i downloaded pda net i was understanding that you would be able to use the 3g network to access the www on my pc or laptop. When i open pda net it asks me if im connected to a wi fi source? do i have to be connected to wi fi ? kind of ruins my hopes of tethering! please help

I just purchased a 3G iphone, updated the software to version 2.1 (from 2.0.2) and completed the jailbreak process. I had no problems whatsoever. I then attempted to load NetShare but after fumbling with the Socks proxy setup for several hours with no success I finally came to the conclusion that it would not work, possibly because of the software version 2.1??? I then, quite by accident, came across the application PdaNet. Hard to believe but first, it was free...second, using Cydia I was able to download and install this fabulous little piece of software and within minutes my MacBook Pro was tethered to the iPhone and connected to the internet via the iPhone's wifi connection. My hat's off to the developer for creating such a useful piece of software that works brilliantly.

Okay I love it, BUT last night I really took it for a test drive, in a bar.
The app drains the battery even while it's charging via Macbook USB cable! So you've got finite use of this capability before your phone is dead. (I haven't tried it while charging directly from a wall socket.)

How do you get this? I have been searching and to no avail. My 1st gen iphone is on 2.1. Any help would be appreciated.

I just started up pdaNET and it said my trial is over and I have to buy a full version. I've been using it successfully for months and the site to register it is a bad URL. Anyone else see this?

very very cool.... only issue is it gets you web browser up and running but i cant seem to get other apps to connect to the net. I have a work laptop so i need to use Cisco VPN to connect to works network remotely however it will not fire up.... Neitehr will Communicator ... if i use my normal iunternet conection i can.. Other than that bloody awesome !!!

Battery will not be charged when using pdaNet, eve when plugged into a wall socket. This is a known issue and is stated on the pdaNet developer's website. This is also a problem when using iPhoneModem. I believe it is somehow linked to the iphone accessing a peer-to-peer network.

So I pretty much bought an iphone for this feature, used this tutorial and booya, speedy tethered Internet. almost 30 minutes later my connection gives out and now the only time my phone will pick up the network Is right after I boot the phone up,and then it immeadiately disconnects and remains searching for a network

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I'm very curious about this program. I haven't found a direct answer on whether I will be billed for tethering if I were to use pdanet for the iphone. Does anyone know?

Wonderful Program Got it to run with the USB Feature on my laptop had trouble with the wifi for some reason on my 2G iphone but its definatly worth it long distance road trips can be boring.....If anyone knows about a limit on the internet plan please let me know i understand full pages are heavier on the megabyte side of things and ATT might notice

Works for 5 minutes, then connection drops and nothing I do will fix it without rebooting the phone. So frustrating as to be worthless.

i have used pdanet, when it works, it is great. however there are MANY problems with it, and there is ABSOLUTELY no customer support from this company. disconnections happen all of the time for no reason at all. if this is your only option, good luck. if you have another option, i'd go with it.

Love the app, it works great, but every time my phone goes into idle mode, the connection is dropped through ad-hoc, its extremely annoying.

dont mean to double post, but another thing is, the problem with it going into idle and disconnecting is i dont wanna keep my phone on the usb all the time. It is bad for the battery and I dont want to screw it up. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.

Extremely waiting for this and now I got it and handled many of the new things. I got love with it and its really great to be used for.

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