VLC app update to bring video player to iPhone

VLC developers Applidium have announced that they have submitted an update to the existing iPad app that will make it universal and support the iPhone and iPod Touch. The update to VLC, the media player all our otherwise unsupported video files love, and that came to the iPad about a month ago, is now headed to the iPhone and iPod touch is currently being reviewed by Apple, and we should expect it in the AppStore any time soon.

There area few restrictions with this new version:

  • It’s still not possible to use the hardware video decoder, so unfortunately in most cases 720p video still won’t play smoothly.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t support older iPhones and iPods. You’ll need either an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4 (or a same-generation iPod). The reason is actually pretty simple : based on our tests, the older iPhones (3G and Edge) don’t have enough power to properly decode most movies.

But along with the restrictions, there are some new features as well:

  • Playback should be smoother than the previous version. Indeed, we’ve enabled low-level assembly optimisations to use the ARMv7 core of the Apple A4 processor as efficiently as possible.
  • We’re supporting a lot more video extensions. Also, as many of you requested, it’s also now possible to open attachments from Mail or Safari (or any other applications actually) in VLC!
  • This update is expected soon, and will be FREE for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

We've seen how it works now on iPad, so is who's excited to see it coming to iPhone?

[iTunes link, Applidium]

by George Lim

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Reader comments

VLC app update to bring video player to iPhone


Sweet, I really want to try this app. I'm confused as to how it will work though?
720p thing aside it will play avi files mkv etc. How does it do it. You can't drop avi into iTunes right? So how do they get to your iPhone. And once on your iPhone do they show up under iPod icon?
I'm sure it won't take long to figure out, but really looking forward to giving VLC a try given how well it works on TV's.

Love it. Combine this with something like iExplorer and I can access my media collection over a network - including my MythTV recordings, and all that WMV optimized content for my last smartphone.
Very much looking forward to this one!

@iPhone4Idiots: yes, you add the files via iTunes. When you attach your device, click on it under the side panel, an then go to the menu called "Apps", where you choose which apps are synced to your device. If you scroll down you will see a section called "File Sharing". Here you can select apps like VLC and upload videos to your device.

I hope it actually works this time. The first version was a huge disappointment, deleted it off my iPad it was so lame. It does sound like they're addressing the two worst problems: poor format support and inability to open files from attachments and web pages.

Since almost all of my video files are 720p MKV I guess I can skip this new version as well then…!? Too bad… :(

@Bear & @iPhoneIdiots
To add further, just think of the apps that let you add content (like PDFs to them). They store in the app itself, and are accessed through the app, not other apps.
So to watch the videos, you'd drop them into the VLC app, and then watch them through that app as well.