iPad now on sale at Verizon, AT&T

As previously announced, Verizon and AT&T have started selling the iPad today. AT&T is selling iPad Wi-Fi + 3G at the standard pricing for both device and data plan. Verizon is offering the wifi-only iPad bundled with their own Verizon MiFi, for more flexible, if less integrated 3G connectivity.

Once again, the bundle prices are:

  • 16GB iPad and MiFi - $629.99
  • 32GB iPad and MiFi - $729.99
  • 64GB iPad and MiFi - $829.99

Data Prices (per/month):

  • 1GB - $20
  • 3GB - $35
  • 5GB - $50

Since the AT&T iPad is pretty much what we've had all along, we're more interested in asking if anyone will be opting instead for a Verizon iPad + MiFi this holiday season?


by George Lim


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dloveprod says:

If sprint did this and it was a 4g enabled mifi in the detroit I'd be "all aboard".

west3man says:

With those data rates, Verizon will never see me.

Jaydigga says:

Get a AT&T wifi only iPad and a virgin mobile mifi unlimited data for $40 a month. Coverage may not be the same but it's a better deal

Chris says:

Clear has a ispot, which is like a mifi device. Unlimited data, no contract. 4G wimax. $25 a month.
The device costs $100.

jasonphil says:

50 BUCKS A MONTH!?!?! That's SO MUCH cash for 5 gigs. That alone would make a data plan unethical for me. We need to get unlimited back, how can anyone use their devices in peace when all they can think about is "did I hit the limit yet..?" That totally ruins the experience. I love my iPhone, but if I had unlimited data I'd love it unlimited times more.

rj says:

No thanks. Asusual verizon pricing is rediculious

MG _JMIL says:

get at@t wi-fi and jailbreak iphone to get mywi its only limited to your iphone data limits i have unlimited

BBYM#IM says:

ATT and sprint air cards are 60 a month with 5 gig cap (sprint 4g unlimited). Verizon was as well but they just droped there price which I think it's awesome. Virgin mobile is a great deal but there coverage and speeds suck. Also clear will only work good if you have perfect 4g coverage.

skim2636 says:

Verizon also offers 10GB/$80 plan. And how is $50 for 5GB too expensive? On at&t same amount of data would cost $55.

eric6052 says:

I'm tempted by the wifi only model. I have a Droid X. It's 20 bucks a month for the hotspot app for 2 gigs. But right now I'm waiting for the galaxy Tab. I want to play with it at least before I decide. Since the wifi models are both $499 that's not really a factor.

Graham says:

Same price for a 3G enabled iPad without having to carry another device around for connectivity. I am not sure I get why anyone (unless they just totally hate AT&T) would get the MiFi bundle for the same price as a 3G iPad and have to sign a contract for the MiFi.
Either I am missing something here or this just seems dumb. The number one advantage of my 3g iPad is grab and go and connect from anywhere, any time. I can't imaging taking that little mifi unit in to the restaurant, gym, client office and hoping it works. Once again, I would have to really hate AT&T to make that move

danube97 says:

I think this is great to have iPad and Mifi because not only can my iPad get 3G, I can also get up to 5 other devices on too. What if the iPad is not enough or battery is dead, I can still use the Mifi with my laptop.

chance says:

These prices are with out a contract and 4 pricing options from the 20.00 up to 80.00

msh441 says:

If this is a month-to-month price, Verizon's out of contract, tiered data is pretty comprable to other carries. I hope the same will be true if (when?) Verizon brings out a CDMA iPhone. I'm really interested in getting one if I can keep my existing data plan and not switch to the tiered smartphone rates. Might take buying the phone outright, but it could be worth it since I'm currently running my HTC Touch Pro 2 with an unlimited (5 gigs, but no one's checking, it seems) data pack for $19.99/mo.

mennomobile says:

As others have mentioned, these are no contract prices. The mifi does not require a contract either.
Verizons pricing for tablets is actually very competative. Same price at 5 gigs with cheaper prices available. Att's 2gig plan is a better value at 25 but remember the mifi plan includes wifi hotspot access.
The 10gb plan is currently best available, unless you're in an area that is lucky enough to get virgin mobile 3g

Graham says:

@Daniel, great point on the 3g AND MiFi. I didn't think of that, other than that the bundle price is with a WiFi iPad. I would rather buy a 3G and use the MiFi as a separate item if I were to go that route.
@Chance - I just went through the purchase on line part and it got to the credit check, ($350 ETF information, Contract information etc) There was no option for out of contract. There is also a $35 activation fee.

TK says:

Verizon used to sell the MiFi for free if you ordered it online, now they jumped it to $100. You can get the WiFi iPad from Apple and get the MiFi separate, which would save you $30

Mella says:

That's great! Just in case you can't get one from the fully-stocked shelves of every Target and Walmart, you have an alternative.
But overall, it's good news for Apple! More people can get the iPad from many ways, and just let the iPad is full of every corner, provide for more chance for those apps developers such as iFunia, a MAC video converter tools manufacturer live on Apple.
aha, seems it's possible that much more be happy than apple...