Vote now for your favorite addictive iPhone/iPad game! - TiPb Awards 2010 App, Accessory, and iOS awards

The 2010 TiPb Awards have begun and it's time to vote on all your favorites. This time it's for your favorite addictive iPhone/iPad game of the year. You know the type, you get it, you download it, you start to play it, you can't stop. You don't eat. You don't sleep. You. Just. Can't. Stop.

iPhone or iPad, regular, HD version, or universal binary, there are tons of candidates but there can only be one 2010 TiPb Award winner, so vote up in the pole above and then let us know why you chose the favorite you did in comments below. (And if you don't see your favorite here, add it as a write-in as well!)

Ready, set, vote!

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Vote now for your favorite addictive iPhone/iPad game! - TiPb Awards


I was going to try to make it to the party but so far away from me .tsk. Hope to meet you in the spring uhotgh and also Sarah if she will be in West Virginia too. I am so happy that you will go to Italy how exciting.

@Shaun P. way to promote your own app. It's funny that the developer listed on iTunes is Shaun Pryszlak. Maybe try to list it as free for a bit, if it is good I will recommend it when it's not free. From the screenshots I don't understand the game.

I must have gone blind, cause I don't see a place to vote. Someone please point me in the right direction?

Galaxy on Fire 2.
I find it interesting that all game included in this poll are the kind designed for short, casual doses of play, which is kind of the opposite of addictive, non-stop games.
Unfortunately, it is also this game focus that keeps the image of iOS gaming as casual, simplistic and limited alive.

Doodle Jump all the way. I know this sounds like blasphemy...but I don't understand why Angry Birds is so popular. I bought and played it for a while because of all the good press and didn't have an ounce of fun.

Words with Friends easily. Galcon, geodefense, fieldrunners, etc. Games like angry birds are fun for a few minutes then quickly get boring.

GoF2 is awesome but my love has to go to Game Dev Story anyone who has a love of the game industry should play this. Win!

nell ultima mmaigine c il buon richard in versione zombie quanti ricordi povero richard dopo 10 anni e + ancora ridotto cos ,cmq sembra che gli eventi siano quantomeno simili a re 2 che nn sarebbe un male nn escludo a priori d prenderlo ma nn sono affatto contento che sia su binari,anche io preferivo il rebirth del 2 e nn con grafica ps2,vero wesker? se possono fare questa d grafica perch accontentarsi di quella ps2,direi basta rotaie e basta ps2ps ma densha de go che ha ragion d essere su binari nn lo fanno pal solo ntsc?

From all the feedbacks I received, "Blue Block" is really addictive and loved by those who had play with it...
Note: I'm the developer of the "Blue Block" games (iPhone, iPad).

Oh yeah, add me also to the Words With Friends crowd. Been playing that so long I moved it to page 1 of my Springboard). Constantly playing that with cool people all over the world.

modern combat 2 : black pegasus
best game of the year.
top grpahics cant stop playing ..
play everyday for over 4 hours.
add me : evan_luthra

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