Survey Says: iPhone Users in Love... But Have Issues.

So, we've heard all about how the bloggers feel about iPhone 2.0 and the issues surrounding its launch, but we're not what anyone would call -- by any stretch of the imagination -- normal. We love our gadgets hard, and hate their flaws with a breathing passion, so we're skewed from the outset. What about real users, however? You know, the sane ones. What are their impressions?

Technologizer wrote in to tell us about their look into The State of iPhone Satisfaction. 2150+ iPhone Users surveyed, top 7 answers on the board:

Vast majority love their iPhone and rate the App Store highly, but are ticked off about Apple's acceptance (read: rejection) policies and think Apple responds only "fairly well" to problems/issues. Almost everyone has gone 2.1 and thinks it improves the iPhone. Half of MobileMe users loves it, the rest are mixed or haters. For those who have problems (just about everyone), freezes, crashes, slow internet, and poor coverage were the culprits. The biggest missing feature? Cut/copy/paste (who knew?). And no one cared about the lack of a tic-tac-tile keyboard.

For the full results, head on over to their expanded coverage entitled: “An iPhone Opinion Explosion”.

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Survey Says: iPhone Users in Love... But Have Issues.


i know i love my iphone and have issues i also have had no probs with mobileme knock on apple copyrighted plastic