iPhone Gets iPolitical for the US Elections

Confession: I'm a Canadian. We schedule elections whenever the wind changes, have incredibly short 6-week campaigns with more parties than you can shake a maple leaf at (seriously, I think there's a Leaf Shaking Party as well!), and don't directly vote for a prime-minister anyway, so my understanding of the passion and prejudices that go along with every-4-years Red vs. Blue SuperElections in the US is next to nill. As long as you folks to the south keep using our hottie singers, actors, and comedians for those wonderful "television shows" you beam back across the border, I'm happy.

The poor iPhone, however, is getting drawn App-deep into the pomp and circumstance of Decision 2008. Looks like if you search for either Obama or McCain on the App Store these days, you get almost as many results as you do for racing games! Bonus? They look a lot better than the ones our Windows Mobile bearing friends are getting!

So, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, load up your Apps and go get your vote on!

(Now where are my Canadian Election Apps? How will we even know who's running? Seriously!)

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Gets iPolitical for the US Elections


Anytime we give politicians the ability to track us via the number of phone calls we make or from what location, as Obama's new iPhone App does, we should be VERY concerned. I love the abilities smart phone enable us to have but we can not slowly give away our right to privacy because we like a canidate or app. Be sure you know what your getting when you download their software.

You can keep Celine Dion (NOT HOT), Avril Lavyne (she's ok, I suppose) and the Barenaked Ladies. Give us more Matthew Good Band, Jet Set Satellite, and Our Lady Peace.