Pure i-20 iPhone / iPod dock, share audio and video with your TV

Pure has announced the i-20, an iPod and iPhone dock able to connect to your home A/V system and transfer audio as well as video to your existing setup. A well known UK manufacturer of high-end DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios, Pure's dock offers audio that can be output in digital (toslink, digital coaxial) or analogue formats. Analogue sound quality is said to be delivered flawlessly via the in-built DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter).

The i-20 also has the ability to deliver video directly to your TV from your iPod or iPhone. Pure claim that the  i-20 is the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats. (component, S-Video and composite).

Whilst in the dock, the i-20 will also charge your device and comes complete with a power adapter and infra-red remote controller.

The dock is available now in the UK at a price of £74.99 ($120). Anyone interested in adding it to their setup?


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Reader comments

Pure i-20 iPhone / iPod dock, share audio and video with your TV


It seems to me, that for 120$ Cdn I can pick up the AppleTV and just use airplay. Did I miss something?

If you don't have a Wireless network, this is better.
Even if you do, wired almost always trumps wireless.

If you are an audio or videophile, yes, wired trumps wireless... but only then. Otherwise most wireless connections are just fine and provide good quality.
Most people buying tech like this already have a wireless network, and it will make more sense to use an apply TV or cheaper wireless device. This looks aimed squarely at 'philes obsessed with perfection.

In the UK the Apple TV is £99 and this is £75 so it is a bit cheaper, however I still think the Apple TV would be a better option