iPad Becoming More Popular With Corporations

According to a survey conducted by BoxTone Mobile Service Management, Apple's iPad is becoming increasingly popular with corporations. They recently conducted several webinars to find out what IT departments felt about utilizing Apple's iPad.

BoxTone recently conducted three large Webinars on the topic of securing and managing enterprise iPads at the point of use. During the Webinars, BoxTone leveraged an interactive polling feature to garner the responses from nearly 1200 IT professionals and line of business executives at more than 800 enterprises, government agencies and Managed Services Providers. Half of the survey respondents were from the Fortune® 100; and nearly one-third of the companies participating in the surveys were in the Fortune® 500. Over 10 percent of all respondents were members of the executive tier and C-suite.

Some interesting findings were that 73% of the surveyed companies intend on deploying the iPad as well as other iOS devices for use on their network within the next 12 months, with 25% of those companies set to deploy right away. More than 50% of those surveyed plan on deploying their own iPad app within the next 12 months, while 25% of those plan on deploying as many as three of their own iPad apps.

It is clear that iPad adoption has been fairly quick on the consumer end and now it looks as though it will be a welcome new addition into the corporate world. As the iPad only evolves in features and specs I can only imagine the growth it will continue to have in both the consumer and corporate markets.

Do you work for a company that has adopted the iPad or other iOS device into its ecosystem? If so how do you utilize the iPad in your daily work? Sound off in the comments below as we would like to hear how your company is utilizing Apple's revolutionary tablet.

[ BoxTone via TUAW ]

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iPad Becoming More Popular With Corporations


There is no question iOS devices target a need in many businesses -- but Apple could unleash a flood of enterprise adoptions if they would get on the ball regarding enterprise licensing + custom app distribution, which has frustrated quite a few companies who would like to adopt iOS, but cannot. Macworld had a decent summary recently. ( http://bit.ly/aCXNIi )

I work for an online development firm in Kansas City and we're installing iPad's in a client's retail store as purchase kiosks. We're getting around the app store hurdle making the iPad kiosks just run an optimized-for-ipad website connected to the store's inventory system and payment gateway. It's going to be really slick.

Gotta say some articles lately are pretty dull. I can read analyst articles anywhere! Bring back the fanboy slant/opinions - had me in absolute stitches reading this blog in the past :p

@ (Copy of) Dev, thanks for posting that link, that put the issue into perspective for me. I had wondered how apple had been handling enterprise app solutions, but had been too lazy to look into it.

I use the ipad to do web ex meetings all the time for work now. I use it to check email and respond and find i hardly pull out my smart phone anymore and never lug my computer around. In a pinch i remote desktop to my pc if i need something there. Cisco VPN on iPad and remote desktop gets me very thing i need with no laptop and you really can type fast on the ipad keyboard, no joke. Reviewing PDF contracts and presentations, now i never print anything anymore either... Even when i need to just get away from my computer and read. iPad is never far from reach all day long.

Really hope this will let apple see that the iPad is more of a great enterprise tool, and not just a gaming-music device. I always felt they put iWorks on it as a last item in the development barrel. The iPad has so much potential all across the business-enterprise board.

We just deployed 10 iPads to our executive team. Our 2 biggest issues are that we work with small Exchange inboxes and file everything in .pst files, which aren't readily available on the iPads.
The second issue is the integration with Microsoft Excel. DocsToGo has an excellent file syncing tool, but doesn't allow editing of any of the Excel workbooks I've tried due to complex formulas (like average and sum :p). Numbers has been hit or miss and has a horrible set-up for syncing documents. Right now, we are deploying DocsToGo for file syncing and Numbers and OfficeHD for Excel use. We still have some workbooks that won't function and it costs about $40 to try to use Excel spreadsheets.

I work as a web producer for a tv station...my work just bought another guy and myself an iPad. I am learning new and great things to do with it every day. It has made my job much easier.

Worked for me on my jailbroken 4s, did it using Ifile. I don't know how you figured this out, but I'm SO grateful, that message was getting on my nerves!