Magellan RoadMate for iPhone updated, want a promo code? [give away]

Magellan Releases Update of Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone

Magellan RoadMate for iPhone has just been updated to version 1.3 and that means a it's received several new features to help you better and more enjoyably navigate from point A to point B:

  • Location-based offers and coupons – First branded GPS App to provide relevant offers on-screen while you route to your destination. Users can re-route to the sponsoring store’s location or save promotional coupons for redemption at a later time.
  • iOS 4.0 support – Multitasking capabilities enable navigation with turn-by-turn instructions and continuous routing to run in the background while using other applications.
  • LifeTime real-time traffic information – Included free in the version 1.3 update, users can avoid traffic congestion by comparing current and proposed alternative routes, making well-informed decisions ahead of traffic delays.
  • Sharing points of interest – Users can easily share destinations and POIs via email using the RoadMate app.

To celebrate the update Magellan RoadMate is currently on sale in the iTunes App Store: Magellan RoadMate North America is available for $44.99 (regularly $59.99); Magellan RoadMate USA is $34.99 (regularly $49.99); and Magellan RoadMate Canada is $29.99 (regularly $34.99

They've also given us three (3) promo codes to pass on to you, our awesome readers. Details and screen shots after the break!

[iTunes link]

To enter the give-away just leave a comment in the thread below telling us which of the new features you like best. Make sure to leave a real email address (it won't be public but we'll need it to contact you if you win). As always, promo codes only work in the US App Store (Apple's rule, not ours!)

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There are 370 comments. Add yours.

iStoner says:

I like how you can find nearby places, so you don't need to use safari to look up where you want to go. It saves alot of time!

Sp1d3rz says:

Sharing points of intrest

Connard says:

I like best the idea of location-based offers and coupons. What a great concept!

Allison says:

The traffic updates are an awesome feature! Would love to win this!

Sb says:

I like that I will less likely get lost in a paperbag again. And the location based coupons. Hope this works in multitasking

Big Dookie says:

iOS 4 Support is my favorite new feature by far. Being able to use this as an all-in-one navigation system, listening to Pandora in the background over your car stereo while Magellan Roadmate occasionally pops in to give you turn-by-turn directions... that is the life!

ThyagoF says:

Live trafic updates is awesome!!!!

Mr4thQ says:

Location based coupons is a great new feature. I wish a lot more apps would take advantage of smartphone coupons

blyths says:

Coupons sounds good, but I think the email sharing of destinations is the best new feature overall! Love to get this app to compare to Navigon and MotionX!

Caleb says:

Real-time traffic updates sound great!!

iTroldahl says:

Got to love the location based coupons, what a great way for businesses to drum up business.

Yuriy Teyf says:

Love the lifetime real time traffic

dhledm says:

A life-time of traffic updates is the best new feature. There is nothing more aggravating than being stuck in traffic you could have avoided if you had known in advance. Would love to win one of the promo codes. Keep up the good work TiPB.

MarineCorpsVet says:

Magellan RoadMate for iphone is the hands down #1 navigation app.
I would love to try it out as I have CoPilot, and it is the worst nav app available.

Michael says:

I like the traffic information the most. I have to check a separate app now, so it would be convenient to have all of that in one app. The email function and the coupons are also interesting features.

vietalogy says:

Would love the traffic updates.

brycebolt says:

Multi-tasking. A GPS app on the iPhone is nearly useless without that capability.

jmaldonado says:

Traffic information is the best!

Clegg says:

I like that they added iOS 4.0 support; no more worries about a phone call disrupting my directions.

emtp563 says:

The two features I like the best are:
1.) Multitasking- I like being able to play music while I'm navigating with the app.
2.) I frequently search for places to eat while I'm navigation. Coupons would come in handy to possibly get some discounts during my travels.
Looks like a solid app!

Icyhot1966 says:

Location based coupons is a very valuable feature for the consumer. I love that concept.

Alexander Rivera says:

Without a doubt the 4.0 OS update for multi-tasking! Why? Because as nice as local coupons might be...I doubt the support / list will be big enough at first to make a difference..maybe years from now more will jump on board now that Facebook is doing that (not the first, but the biggest name to get into that market). Multitasking is what it's all about. :)

Mario Gonzales says:

I like the coupons, also the traffic report feature could be a life saver after or before work.
Man I would love a promo code for this great looking App.
Especially since my GPS was just stolen from my car last week.
This App looks to run circles around that old beast.
Looking forward to my next trip :-)

R&R says:

Traffic updates in the D.C. would be a bit of heaven ;)

bobreck says:

Best thing I like: free traffic.

TosaDeac says:

The multitasking feature looks to be the best feature in my book. Having the ability to run the background would be great.

Mo Alexander says:

I kinda like the coupon feature of this app. Pick me pick me pick me

musichighc_2 says:

Live update is most important to me given that I need navigation to get from gig to gig!

jasonphil says:

Location-based offers and coupons IS AWESOME. That'd be so useful when you're on a road trip.

Bob says:

Traffic updates for free rocks...

big9erfan says:

I think the location based offers are a really cool idea and hopefully they are implemented as slickly, not being a distraction what what is the primary goal of the application.

Got the Shakes says:

Lifetime traffic updates seem good to me!

Anthony says:

Sharing points of interest would be something I would use since i like social networks and iOS 4.0 support sounds great

Greg says:

Like the Traffic Updates

Daryl178 says:

Location based offers and coupons. Just think u stop at chipotle and there was a coupon for a buy one get one free. :-D

Steve Williams says:

Pick me! I need this app! I have Navigon, but this looks possibly better.

ChrisTromp says:

Sharing POI's will be great!

Earl says:

Definitely needed is the ALTERNATIVE ROUTES, to avoid the traffic...

aidan says:

Love the LifeTime real-time traffic information - save time.

Andrew says:

I like the "LifeTime real-time traffic information" feature the best because it would become really useful on my way to work. I would never have to renew the subscription for it, unlike other navigation apps.

Charlie3g says:

Avoiding traffic, Alternate routs, time saved priceless

Mostafa Depo says:

I liked "LifeTime real-time traffic information"! :D

gregmg79 says:

I like the lifetime real time traffic being included. At&t says theirs is better because of the traffic updates so the moment fee is worth it. This proves them wrong!

ladhaz says:

By far the coupons would be the coolest. While on road trips I would love to know that I could save money on lunch by using the in app routing to specials.

Jody says:

I like the iOS 4 support (multitasking)!

Peter Steuer says:

LifeTime real-time traffic information

Aleksander says:

iOS4 support and multitasking of course.

Sam Evans says:

The real time traffic will be helpful in Atlanta. Looking forward to that feature

Jonas says:

Sharing points of intrest

Skyler M. says:

Definitely the multitasking support. It would be nice always having it running in the background in the car when you wanted to use other apps.

John says:

Definitely, multitasking is a much needed feature.

Justin says:

iOS 4 compatability would be the best new feature for me, listening to pandora and being navigated in my car would be awesome!!

Brian says:

Real time traffic!!!! Another update today 1.3.1!! Keep them coming!!

Sandro Olivieri says:

The live traffic info is crucial and a welcome addition to what has been one of the navigation leaders for me. Thanks, Magellan!

Kingsley says:

I'm liking the coupon and location based feature. Could be a useful tool in saving so that I can spend more on the kids for the holidays.

Lawrence says:

I like "instructions and continuous routing to run in the background while using other applications."
YES! Why is it so hard to understand the desirability of this feature?
I have been a (stand alone) TomTom user for over two years (even updated my hardware), but it's still crashing a great deal out of the blue AND it's one more unit to carry on the two week drive I am taking to visit my son for the Holidays. I could really use software other than TomTom that just works even if I am making/taking a phone call.
Thank you for your consideration,

JayBenson says:

Traffic Updates, HANDS DOWN the best feature added.

Steve says:

I like that real time traffic updates are included!

Elmer says:

I like the traffic report. Would come in handy for me.

Mark says:

LifeTime real-time traffic information! That's fantastic!


Real live traffic that very nice A++++

Matt L says:

The real time traffic is a sweet feature! Looks impressive!

wally says:

traffic information is the best feature i like... especially the fact that it's free!

Ilovegeorgia says:

Hot spots and points of interest please

Alli says:

Coupons and offers - would make it easy to know where/when to pull off the interstate and which hotel to choose!

jafo818 says:

Free lifetime real time traffic of course!

Bryan says:

Multi-tasking definitely. Once you get used to it you can't go back.

Jf says:

Live traffic is nice. Multitasking would be a nice add on.

Deg says:

The traffic information is great, but the killer feature here is the multitasking.

BillsGirlGina says:

I would love all new features! I'm directionally challenged! Seriously I would love a good GPS app. Maybe I wouldn't be afraid to venture out to new places. Thanks for the opportunity!

ScottUrman says:

Definitely the iOS4 multitasking, that's my favorite. Live realtime traffic would be a close second. Pick me!

Scootinater says:

Life time traffic updates would be awesome, plus the nice multi-tasking!

Cornbo says:

Definitely the shared points of interest! Can't wait to put that to use with my family.

msgetf says:

Really interested in the multitasking and the ability for the program to continually run in the background.

Dan McKinnis says:

The multitasking function is awesome

Hugh says:

For me, being a courier, the best two are the multitasking support and the real time traffic. Those are absolutely huge for me. I've been wanting to try this app, so come on give me the chance!

Dementius says:

Free traffic updates/rerouting

Rajiv Varma says:

I Love the new ios 4.0 support! Thank goodness for the multitasking.

Spencer says:

I love the inclusion of location based deals. As a poor college student, finding ways to save money is always a good thing. With Magellan, it would really help me find the cheapest places to find food!

Eric says:

Free real-time traffic information. You have to pay for it on other GPS apps. Coupons is cool add-on since I do like to save money.

sdakidd says:

I love the lifetime traffic updates! thats amazing. thats one thing that alot of gps programs lack, and we all hate traffic! lol this update looks awesome (as always Chad).

leepgirl says:

For me the best new feature is the traffic updates. No more getting stuck in traffic in an area I'm completely unfamiliar with! Way to you Magellan!

DVDBob says:

I like the premise of lifetime traffic...could've saved me a few hours just the other day. :)

nephipower says:

It would be great to have real time traffic reports!

Eli says:

Multitasking is always key in my book, especially when phone calls or txt interrupt what your doing.

Connie says:

Traffic updates for life is the best feature!

tnations says:

iOS 4.0 support is a must-have.

Steve says:

the lifetime life traffic option would be my fav feature to get around rushhour gridlock

John says:

I'm definitely thinking multi-tasking, it would be a great addition.

Sentenial says:

I love the free for life traffic updates! Probably the best, since all other decent apps that cost $40+ make you pay per month! Best Nav app in the App Store!

cbm says:

Avoiding traffic snarls tops my list.

Penny_Case says:

I don't have $40 for App so I don't know all the features but what I have read from your blog, I would say that ---> Location-based offers and coupons – First branded GPS App to provide relevant offers on-screen while you route to your destination. Users can re-route to the sponsoring store’s location or save promotional coupons for redemption at a later time. Thats sick because if your diving and you want a bite to eat or coffee it will give u a coupon, hot awesome!

Bob says:

Really looking forward to the real-time traffic.

Carson Lee says:

Multitasking!!! Points of interest also!

Andrew says:

Definitely Real Time Traffic. Commute to work is a chore and this would obviously alleviate the stress.

Danny2582 says:

I like the fact of location based coupons etc. from stores and re routing option to them. I do alot of driving for work and theres many times id like to stop for a coffee , gas, or a store or to and dont know where there located

Derick says:

Multitasking. I can do other stuff while navigating...but not while driving, of course!

Jbbarrette says:

Multi-tasking for the win!

Phil W says:

I definitely like the real time traffic addition, very handy. I'd love to give it a try with a free promo code :)

GrandmaBetty says:

Loving the real time traffic!!

tennenho says:

Traffic. And of course ios4 support, or it wouldn't do me any good.

meholley says:

Lifetime traffic info for free is the bomb.
Or as Chad would say simply awesome,

tyrran says:

Holy crap, the real time traffic update Is incredible! On my drive into Boston, I have radio traffic that is, at best, infrequent. An awesome updated app will finally let me decide if the Pike is worth it or I can chance 495. I want it please!

Dean says:

Having multi-tasking for a navigation app is absolutely critical.

Bill says:

Realtime traffic and the coupons sounds like great features

deception says:

I like the life-time real-time traffic information and the multitasking.

jukie says:

Definitely the promotions. I would find this useful in my travel.

India says:

I like the location based coupon offers.

Michael says:

I love the traffic live updates, to avoid those pesky time wasting roads (not to mention the stress that comes from a 2 hour traffic jam).

Cliff Hollis says:

No question coupons all the way!!!

Regul8tR says:

LifeTime real-time traffic information!
The other two "big navigation apps" offer paid traffic only. And its only valid one-year at a time. That Magellen offers Free LifeTime Traffic is a huge plus over their competitors.
My favorite feature by far - Go Magellen!

Marc says:

Real time traffic def

pbertling says:

Overall, the total package is well worth the purchase. However, I'm going to say that I love the coupons and promotions, so that when I see the traffic in real-time and know I don't want to drive, I can pull over for a a free cup of joe or other something else. Oh, the multi-tasking is nice, too!

Man says:

Free lifetime traffic is the best feature for this update. It would help me alot in southern california for my commute to work. The traffic is horrible here.

SeT says:

I like the hot dog.
"Computer... where the hot dogs?"

Tommy says:

Real time traffic for sure!

a1by says:

c'mon I need a new direction in my life hopefully Magellan will help

Jeffrey F Steigelman says:

The lifetime traffic is killer. Always helpful to know when traffic is an issue to get where your going.

Jake says:

iOS 4.0 support – Multitasking capabilities
What the point without it.

Julio Barajas says:

My favorite feature is the sharing points of interest. That's awesome because with all the social networking going on, this is an obvious and great addition and will be I think the most used feature for the app, at least for me it will. Thanks TiPb!!!!

toddfsu says:

"Location-based offers and coupons " very cool idea.

Brian says:

I like real time traffic the best.

Trickyd80 says:

I like the real time traffic. It'll be good for getting around the city.

CoolBreeze says:

Real time traffic definitely helps in LA traffic!!!

BeyondtheTech says:

Reliable realtime traffic. Best feature on navigation systems ever.

Jim H says:

Real time traffic. Coupons/ads not so much.

VIP Law says:

I really like the real-time traffic! That will make my commute dramatically smoother!

Olivia Tejeda says:

LifeTime traffic info., definitely, lifetime traffic info.
Although, being a fan of Yelp and UrbanSpoon, I like the shared POI, too!

Larry says:

Real time traffic? For life!? That sounds awesome!

rich47 says:

Real-time traffic is great to have. My regular route to work can get trafficky, so it's good to have suggestions on other routes.

jasezero says:

Real time traffic is a really nice feature!

dondondon says:

Lifetime real-time traffic updates. Those are always helpful when driving around. (oh this app for free, too)

Jindofox says:

The real-time traffic is the most compelling feature for me. This looks like a good gps app and I hope i win!

Chris W says:

The traffic feature for sure! Traffic is always a problem in Seattle, I think I need this app to steer clear of it!

Johnny j. says:

LifeTime real-time traffic information sounds great to me.

PeteNormal says:

Multitasking. Really needed for any nav app

brandx21 says:

coupons deals alright!!!!

Totalimmortal363 says:

Oh Georgia!! iOS 4 Multitasking support is the best!!!!
Owwwwwwwwwww!!!! Wolf call babe!!!!

tan le says:

real time traffic and multi feature sound like a winner

James says:

Real Time Traffic! If I can avoid the congestion, I will!

Fafafoooey says:

I would love to try this one for the real-time traffic information. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

spanishcop says:

Real time traffic is going to be fantastic. Our old gps system quit on us. I would love to get this for my wife and I with the free promo please :D.

Logan says:

I like how it has free traffic, and not an add on subscription. Makes life easy! I'd love to try it out.

dloveprod says:

Real time traffic updates

afwriter says:

Real-time traffic updates. In Philadelphia, especially with the bridges in and out of town on the East side -- that would be a godsend.

redbeard says:

I'm liking that it has lifetime live traffic info!

velvetelvis says:

I like the whole package. I'm driving all over the west coast for my job and have been using mapquest. Is good, but is missing features. Ie: total distance left & time left till destination.

Dvo says:

The real traffic feature is pretty nice.

djayme7 says:

multitasking all the way!

Nathan says:

Real time traffic, that's awesome!

Joe McG says:

I really like the new multitasking. Cool beans!!!!

Mike Seitz says:

Best feature - iOS 4 support, as this brings both a great nav PLUS the knowledge that multitasking is on the way.

Mark says:

Would love this app. The traffic info is key, especially in the traffic jam that is Atlanta.


I like the location based offers and coupons. What a great idea!!

Jamie says:

The real time traffic!! This can be very useful when going to work!!

iNitvizn says:

Real time traffic! I travel all the time for work and avoiding congestion, especially in unfamiliar areas, would be fantastic!

jimmers says:

The location based offers and coupons is a great feature and so is the Life time traffic reports. Overall it looks like a great app -- one that I'd be happy to win a promo code for :)

Ken says:

Multitasking and traffic!!

scabbard says:

Of course the most useful feature will be the multitasking to make it a usable app.

Phage says:

Wow, I would love to try this one out!!

Joe G says:

1) I love the new backgrounding feature. I can use this foe my daily commute! It'll help me be much more productive.

Chad Beasley says:

I'm liking the live traffic option!

Mikey says:

Lifetime realtime traffic is great, but if I win this for free that is even better

Joshua says:

I really like the coupon feature. Seems to go above what I get with Navigon there!

Eric says:

Gimme gimme gimme!!!! I would love to compare this to Navigon.

Steve Roach says:

Real time traffic. Would be nice to know when and where to go when there is a traffic tieup!

Chris Lyon says:

I actually like the coupon feature too. Unique!

danmcg says:

I dig the coupons! Only reason I use Foursquare. :)

D. Russell says:

I could sure use the Avoid Traffic feature here in Seattle.

Bill T says:

I've been waiting for multitasking support. That has got to be my favorite new feature!

samha75 says:

LifeTime real-time traffic is probably the best!!!

andyallen1 says:

Coupons is cool but has to be free live traffic. Awesome!

Rick Dolbin says:

would be my first GPS app, interested to compare to Maps..

ken says:

LifeTime real-time traffic.
If its good, its worth buying just for that.

ebedoun says:

Would love the coupon feature. I'm always looking for a deal!
Speaking of a deal. would LOVE to get a copy of Magellan RoadMate!!!

MadPriest says:

The real time traffic is the best one

Dan A. says:

i like the Multi-tasking and real-time traffic! Great Features!!!

musichighc_2 says:

Real time traffic all I can say is yes yes yes!!!!!

Mike says:

Real time traffic sounds great!

J. Wagner says:

Love that it's iOS 4 compatible.

Cool Cat says:

Of the newly added features the traffic included for free is definitely the most useful! Other nav apps charge extra for such services which has led to me going back to the regular old Maps app for my day-to-day navigating and traffic check.

Jmairs says:

UI is much more compelling then my Tom Tom. Love real time traffic the best out of all the goodies.

Tom says:

Multitasking capabilities is what caught my attention.

Mike says:

Real-time traffic is awesome!

pilotnh says:

For me it has to be real time traffic!

jmonte345 says:

I like the multitasking capabilities the best.

S Yoon says:

I really like the multi-tasking support.

James says:

Real time traffic does it for me.

Zach says:

I work with adults with developmental disabilities and using the gps to find a nearby starbucks offering coupons would give me the caffeine boost I need to get my morning going!!

Novy says:

Definitely the real time traffic!!!

John says:

The ability to share POI's will be great! Road trips in caravans and scavenger hunts in the future

Simon says:

Shared POI looks like the feature I would get the most out of.

Michael Faga says:

Multitasking is a great new feature. This means now you can mount your iPhone in your car use your nav program, listen to the talk radio on your radio app and take phone calls all on one devise at the same time.

shinseiromeo says:

The Lifetime traffic update feature rocks!

Slickvic621 says:

Real time traffic for sure. I'm really hoping the Magellan app is solid, as I own three of the four big maps on-device players (Navigon, copilot, and Sygic aura) and all fall short in one way or another. Here's to hoping to win one that's worth it!

ericvn says:

Hoping to win a code. Look forward to the LifeTime real-time traffic information.

Jason Tsay says:

I like iOS 4 support. After all, everything is better with multitasking.

gibhyder says:

I really like the lifetime real traffic information. really helps to avoid traffic especially when there is an accident and unexpected congestion.

Skidds says:

Because of my roadrage issues, I would go with the real-time traffic

Jmd0116 says:

I actually am excited about the location coupons. Hope I get to try it out.

leadbyxampl says:

Lifetime real-time traffic

Batutang Lumuluha says:

what could be more important than real-time traffic? Pointing you to the right direction is one thing, getting there on time is another. Thank you Magellan for updating your app.

Sameer says:

Multitasking support is the best feature

jason says:

movies, movies, movies, so i can program and drive it to the nearest theater. that's what i'm talkin about baby!

Dyvim says:

Multitasking is essential for iPhone GPS. would love to compare with navigon.

Shay Matthews says:

I like the real-time traffic

Rev. Jeff Lucas says:

I would have to say real-time traffic update will serve me best. My pastoral duties require quick response to those in need. I can't afford to get stuck in traffic while my parishioner is in crisis.

jrhall says:

I like the iOS 4 capabilities.

mikelisse says:

i like the location based coupon system. couldn't find any other gps that could locate local businesses so well.

Katie Hartsell says:

I think the multitasking will be a huge improvement! There is a lot to love in this app. Hope I win!

Ben says:

Love the traffic info.

Brandon says:

Obviously the multitasking is the big plus here.

Guacho says:

Real time traffic , it gets pretty crazy here in Miami...

Chris says:


Rafael says:

I love the real time traffic feature Its free tired of the crappy google map app which needs an update for route alternatives on traffic this app will really help me skip traffic when I'm heading to work or stop me from getting late.

Jeff Higgins says:

I'm fairly certain that Magellan was the name of the falsified source in Green Zone...

ren says:

Multi tasking is nice, but that's easy now. I like being able to know what's around me when I'm in a new place. So location based services are my pick.

Jason says:

I like the idea of being able to multitask while using it


Real Time Traffic is huge for me. But being able fast app switch while still navigating is awesome.

Tom says:

Real time traffic and multi-tasking?? I want it!!

andsoitgoes says:

Location based offers for the savings win!!!
Oh if only I'd realized I was getting an iPhone and I would never have even looked at a stand alone gps!

Murali says:

Real-time traffic information and the fact that there is no additional charge for this feature!

vinny says:

real time traffic for $free.99 of course!

Brian says:

Multitasking is it for me.

Rolf says:

The freedom to be able to go anywhere at a moments notice is what makes me dig this app, and it's from a trusted GPS brand already. I love the idea of stripping away another device and putting it on my phone.
I was actually about to buy a similar app on Saturday. My girlfriend and I were taking a trip to Atlantic city. I found it curious that there were so many brands that I hadn't heard of. Unfortunately, my girlfriend wouldn't let me get it.

Nevin ":-)" Liber says:

Real TIme Traffic. It's the compelling reason (for me) to get GPS software. I need to know the best route!

Gabe says:

Realtime traffic, no vehicle navigation anything should be without real time traffic.