TellMe Voice Recognition App Coming to iPhone


Although Microsoft themselves haven't deigned to design applications for the iPhone directly (yet!), that doesn't mean their various subsidiaries and hangers-on aren't eyeing the platform. We already told you about the first zany Microsoft-tech to hit the iPhone, the Olympic-version of the Zumobi tiled-content application. Now Gizmodo brings word of another Microsoft-related company coming to the iPhone: TellMe.

TellMe is a more direct Microsoft subsidiary than Zumobi and it's essentially a voice recognition company whose technology is already used by Microsoft in various applications (notably for mobile users, on their excellent Live Search app for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices). They also have a stand-alone BlackBerry app that enables localized search. The basic premise is that you talk at your phone, your voice gets transmitted to the TellMe servers for very quick and very intelligent voice recognition and parsing, and finally those servers send your phone the information you asked for. All in all, it's a pretty sweet system long as you have unlimited data.

Our hope / assumption is we'll see some voice recognition software that will not only handle local search (and integrate with Google Maps) but will also manage to search contacts. Pretty Please?

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Dieter Bohn

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TellMe Voice Recognition App Coming to iPhone


after you answer a call it pops up on the touch screen. No brainer. Must not own one

Well I dont know about maps integration but as far as contacts and voice dialing I'm beta testing an app right now that does this. It works really well and is actually really convenient apple should have made the entire OS voice controlled that would have been awesome!
Iphone play Weezer red album...Iphone whats the weather like in new york...Iphone google search iphoneblog come on that would ROCK