Three Mobile UK reveals iPad prices

Three Mobile UK, just like T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have released their subsidised iPad prices.

Also like Orange, Three UK are offering the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models of the device at subsidised

  • 16GB - £199
  • 32GB - £249
  • 64GB - £349

The monthly plan is £25/24 months for 15GB of data a month.

However if you don't want to be stuck with Three Mobile for 2 years you can stick with SIM-only Contracts, with the iPad costing its regular £529, £599, £699:

1 Month contract.

  • 1GB - £7.50/month
  • 10GB - £15/month

Pay As You Go.

  • 1GB - £10/30 days
  • 3GB - £20/3 months

So with these new Three contracts, anymore UK buyers wanting to get a iPad 3G? Do you think subsidised iPads will come to other countries too?

[Three UK]

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Reader comments

Three Mobile UK reveals iPad prices


Forget the title! Did I read that right? 10 GIGS of data for $24 bucks a month on contract?!?! We gotta start making some noise in the US so we can get those prices here!

Here in Sweden I pay 15USD/month for unlimited data with my iphone and an additional 5 USD for a extrasim for iPad. All on Telenor.

Being a Three UK Customer I got the text to tell me about the new subsidies 2 months after getting my iPad, it is a bittersweet feeling as sometimes 3G would be nice, but is not essential for what I do and that price is not bad, however Apple's product timelines indicate iPad 2 is around the corner and tied to an iPad which is almost out of date for 2 years is a horrifying thought. It may get a lit of customers though with iPad at the top of teens wish lists