Setback of the iSuperClones: HTC Touch HD NOT Coming to the US?

WMExperts just relayed the following: looks like HTC won't be releasing the Touch HD in the US. What kind of illogical, inexplicable, incomprehensible BS is this?

sad news, US. we looked into it- by the time we could bring Touch HD to the states, it would be old news. we do have other cool stuff coming

Shenanigans, we call! They have like 37 other Touch sub-brands landing on earth (and who knows what other planets!), and this was the one device we hoped would really push Apple -- in its biggest market -- to ramp up the screen size and media playback abilities of the iPhone for rev 3.

Memo to HTC brain-trust: next time build a world phone from the get go, b'okay?

Now excuse us as we go talk Dieter out of burning his Diamond in protest...

Rene Ritchie

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Jeremy says:

That's pretty sad... I feel the same way. Looking so forward to this device. Oh well, life goes on...

Kevin Michaluk says:

That sadness also works for the thousands of AT&T customers still waiting to get their hands on the BlackBerry Bold.

nycstefano says:

Up until this announcement I was praising HTC now I am cursing them :( The World's Biggest sell phone market, is locked out of the worlds most promising phone. What the hell were they thing?? Is their target market for selling these phones Switzerland? Now there's a hot cell phone market.

E-Bot says:

have you actually watched the videos about this phone? I don't get the big deal with it. The ui was still scroll laggy. And im talking about the first official review that the germans did on the thing. Other than the screen really what was so special? Still the iphone ui is unbeatable. lets not forget multitouch. Who wants to press the phone like his smashed up NES controller. Let the hey apple fanboy comments begin. BTW the only apple product ive ever owned is the iphone 3g, i really hate apple. Minus Shuffle puck.

jzajzz says:

Multitouch?? what's the big deal about Multitouch? .. I don't have an IPhone but I have an Ipod touch .. I 've used my friends Iphone to browse the Web.. MULTITOUCH IS ANNOYING to zoom in and out.. you accidentally press links that you don't want to ..and you have to wait for the slow AT and T 3g network to load so you can go back and try to zoom in again... .
Certain Iphone innovations are great.. but MULTITOUCH IS STUPID .. thanks... I"m just tired of ppl asking if this phone or that phone got multitouch .. my response is usually I"m glad it doesn't..

Rick says:

UI is EVERYTHING! And the iPhone still takes the cake.

mr. Hi-Definition says:

That's not what I heard from my internal sources at Sprint Corporate. I am quoting January 09' on Sprint. Just watch and see...

frog says:

UI on HTC smartphones is very laggy. They also have alot of faults.

iphonemilk says:

How could you hate Multi touch? it's amazing??
it's impossible for me to count how many times i've used it for web zooming in and out and also pictures.
if you're accidently pressing stuff you don't need to then i think you need to learn how to web surf.
Honestly multi touch alone is a huge feature for me. Well.. of course i web surf a lot.

AnteL0pe says:

agree with @iPhoneMilk. Claiming the use of multi-touch for browsing is a problem? Thats just silliness, it's a huge part of what makes browsing the net on the iPhone better than any other device out there.

john says:

Maybe apple payed HTC to not to release the touch hd in the us because it is too much of a competition against the iPhone.

Mark says:

Just passing by here, but I thought I'd ask why HTC's devices are being called iClones? HTC came up with the idea of a touchphone first (the HTC Touch). The iPhone came out very soon after, so both Apple and HTC seem to have had the same idea, independently. Of course, similar devices made by other companies are iClones and/or TouchClones in my opinion.

Jack says:

The HTC Touch HD is an amazing phone, weve had it in the office, its due for release tomorrow actually, friday the 14th...

Jenna says:

Hey dont worry guys !! this mobile is so amazing and great that i would move to UK to use it !
HTC have done so well in creating this mobile. I think this is a new revolution in touch screen mobiles and HTC just keep getting better and better. i read this blog also and i found out quite alot of info i didnt know courtesy of

max danger says:

screw htc I am not going to buy anything from them in a long time and will get a Iphone because of this BS.

Mia says:

What's the best phone coming out? Need to have 2 corp emails and personal email as well. I'm thinking Iphone or the Instinct which much less than the iphone. Hoping to see some new phones on the market NOW!!!

karen mobiles says:

Bit of a bizarre decision isn't it!

cheap mobile phones says:

what a great disappointment… was really looking forward to it..thanks for providing great information.The ui was still scroll laggy. And im talking about the first official review that the germans did on the thing. Other than the screen really what was so special? Still the iphone ui is unbeatable.UI is EVERYTHING! And the iPhone still takes the cake.