iPad 2 to ship by the end of February 2011?

Digitimes is claiming that the Foxconn Electronics plant in Shenzhen will start shipping iPad 2 in 100 days. They claim initial shipments should reach 400,000 - 600,000 units. The rumor comes from Taiwan based component makers but has not been confirmed in any way by Foxconn.

The sources claim that the iPad 2 will ship by the end of February 2011. Apple had planned to start mass manufacturing of the iPad 2 in January however the device’s firmware is still in the testing stage and this has now been delayed by Apple.

Apple tend to keep device releases to a set yearly schedule. We know the iPhone tends to be released in June, new iPod devices in September and if last year is a basis, iPad 2 would be released in April. This would give Apple plenty of time to build up a substantial inventory to satisfy what will surely be a huge demand.

This time we will see current iPad users upgrading to more advanced hardware as well as others potential users who have held off buying the first generation iPad, finally taking the plunge.

We've already begun to imagine what new features iPad 2 will boast. I'm expecting an announcement in January, I can’t wait, what about you?


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iPad 2 to ship by the end of February 2011?


I sold my ipad a few months ago because I never used it much since having my iphone 4. I have to say I do miss it. Bring on the ipad 2!

Please stop teasing! I am waiting for iPad Part Deux that will hopefully boast a faster processor and more memory. Please don't make us wait until April!

I am ok with my existing iPad (for now). I spend a lot of money on Apple equipment this year (iPhone 4, iMac 21.5, iPad, and an Apple TV). At this point, the iPad 2 would have to be significantly more improved for me to jump ship. I would rather update my iPhone to the next gen.

I would like to think (highly doubt it) that Apple will treat the launch-day purchasers of iPad 1.0 any differently. We should get a discount on iPad 2.0 to upgrade. Won't happen.

I was actually going to go grab an iPad this week. But,all this news of the iPad 2 has been killing me. Now, i'm thinking i'll just have to wait for the iPad2. If it comes out February that'll be an added bonus.

That's early and makes absolutely no sense. Apple releases products based on buying practices,
iPods - September/Holiday Season
iPads - April/Graduation
iPhones - The majority of upgrades to cellphone contracts occur in the summer and the holidays. It also coincides with their developer conference.
iMacs/Macbooks - Fall/again Holidays
So no there is absolutely no reason to sell a product in a month where people are paying their bills off from the holidays. I understand january maybe but Feb and Mar are dead months for consumer products.

@ Bryan
It's shipping from Foxconn in Feb...not to consumers in Feb.
"Note that this doesn't mean that the second generation iPad will ship to consumers in February since Apple would be stockpiling units ahead of a global launch in April, according to DigiTimes. The original iPad was announced in January and began US shipments in April."

@Bryan.. As someone that is in retail, I have to disagree... February is when tax refunds come back... people spend those with no regrets, because they feel as if it's free money... Being in college, I get an extra 1000 bucks, because school is cool. no lie. thats what they said when I filled last year..That being said.. iPad 2 in February would be amazing for me, and the thousands others looking forward to getting back a tax refund :-D

Even if they ship that early, I do not believe apple will release the iPad 2, until they fully test all aspects of the device. It will still be April. I can wait. Been waiting since the first iPad came out. I can wait a few more months.

@mrtomd LOL, you're insane if you think that. Try not being so cheap man, upgrade, lol you're nuts...

It'll be April when they hit shelves, but the thought of an iPad 2 has been in my mind since iPad 1 announced. Getting hard to wait much longer.