Apple announce 12 days of Christmas, free downloads for the UK

Apple has launched its 12 days of Christmas promotion in the UK, an iTunes offer where Apple gives away a different free download each day. The download can be a song, music video, app, book, TV episode or even a complete film.

The promotion starts on December 26th and runs for 12 days. Each free gift will only be available for 24 hours. Apple also has a dedicated 12 days of Christmas app that is available today so you won’t miss any of the give aways that start on the 26th. The app is a universal binary, so is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad.

No news on availability in other countries yet but we are sure it will be coming soon!

[iTunes Link]


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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

Avenged110 says:

Why not available in the us, that's bs. I want free stuff too....

Grant says:

An Apple lesson in how to piss off entire countries!

Trevor says:

So why is the twelve days of Xmas AFTER the 25th???? Do they not understand traditionally it's before Xmas that you do this...

Donny says:
The Twelve Days of Christmas are the festive days beginning Christmas Day (25 December).

deviladv says:

If you want free apps in the US, try,,, or many of the other free app distributors out there that already do this. No need to whine about not getting free stuff.
Oh and something happened to Donny's link but just in case anyone needs it, you can copy and paste this:
In the US, thanks to sleazy marketers and advertisers, the twelve days of Christmas has erroneously described as the 12 days before Christmas, when in every Christian sect it's the 12 days after. The marketers simply want to get everyone excited about buying stuff for Christmas so they run specials and badly title them "12 days of christmas shopping spectacular" or something else equally awful to entice buyers to come into the store. Don't believe it.

Alan says:

This app was great last year, hopefully i dont have the freebies already lol
I wonder if they will do different things for the ipad. mmmm, we can only wish!

Christian Borgen says:

It´s available in Norway too :)

Dobert says:

UK, Nowray, when Apple is going to notice iUsers in Poland... :(

Jeff Higgins says:

Considering the United States' behavior (as revealed by Wikileaks) I'd say they don't deserve free products from Apple. :)

richchestmat#IM says:

There's a bunch of things that the US gets that we don't in the UK. Netflix for example. So we get this and you don't. That's the end of the story.

DP says:

@Dobert - All the Polish users are in England anyways! ;-)

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