Dear Santa Jobs, all we want for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 is...?

Santa Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs were Santa and you were sitting down to write out your Christmas wish list for iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iOS 5, what would you ask for? Last year we got multitasking but the lack of notifications made us think we're still more naughty than nice. What about 2011?

If you heard a clatter and snuck down to Apple, and lo and behold you caught Santa Jobs with a bag full of features, and you had the chance to ask him for anything for iPad 2 or iPhone 5, what would it be?

Give us your list, TiPb community, and we'll check it twice!

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Dear Santa Jobs, all we want for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 is...?


I'm sorry, but if that's all iPhone 5 would be getting is these wishes, this will be the first iPhone upgrade I'm skipping.
Think bigger people

So ready for a 4.0" retina display. I don't want LTE until it's ready for prime time in terms of stability (3g/4g handoffs), battery life, and ubiquitous coverage.
In terms of software and OS, I think the biggest improvement to iOS is a more efficient notification system. It also wouldn't hurt if Apple allowed for basic information (missed calls, voicemail, calendar events) on the lock screen.
In the even bigger scope, iTunes cloud services would be nice just as long as we could still easily manage local content and have it transparent with items in the cloud.

iOS 5-
Better notification system, new "files" app that we are able to save files to from emails etc.
iPad- higher resolution screen, sd card to take advantage of "files" app for transfer of files
iPhone- 3.7-4 inch screen size, louder speakers all around.
These aren't the BIGGEST and craziest wishes but i think they are reasonable and would be absolutely amazing

Mutitouch based tabs I safari and on homescreen if you swipe with two fingers to the left, a place where you can see all your information quick will pop up like rss feeds or thing like plush. Maybe if it worked how plus news does.

Iphone 5: 1080p video cam and 1080p display. 128gigs of storage. Double battery life. Rectal thermometer. HDMI output. Additional memory card slot. Holographic projector. Rectal thermometer. Integrated Taser security feature. Fixed proximity sensor. No antenna issues. An last but not least, a rectal thermometer.

iphone :
4"+ retina display
microsd port
Wireless sync from itune
Landscape stereo speaker
native support for More media format (MKV and other)
ipad :
USB port for connecting extarnal storage AND/OR microsd port
Retina display
iTune :
Multi-computer sync
Sync over the internet
App store :
A "Not apple approved" section where app that go beyond approved api are availlable for free. People would be warned when downloading and using those apps. This would be a nice laboratory for the apple R&D

A heavy revision of the iOS software please! Since they aren't going to give us Jailbreak-esque abilities, how about just taking some of the best ideas in the jailbreak community and buying them out, and incorporating them into the software.

  • BiteSMS functionality replacing the current messaging apps.
  • A pared down version of Winterboard that allows people some theming of the icons and adding things like a fifth icon to the dock.
  • SBSettings pull-down with Apple-approved toggles.

These are all things that people jailbreak just to have, and I think apple could easily incorporate them in their own, apple/lock-down way.
Outside of that, just some serious robust media stuff on the phone, so it can really replace the computer on the road. Over the Air syncing of iTunes, the ability for the iPod application to actually know what your damn podcasts subscriptions are, and be able to update without having to manually check each one! Even WiFi only this would be an extremely welcome feature. The ability to play what's on your computer directly to your iphone over your wifi network (like Airplay, but going from your itunes to your phone).
The feature I want from Santa Jobs more than anything is just the ability to have the passcode-lock disable when you're on your home network. What a joy that would be. I think that their "lock ringtone volume" addition in the latest OS was a very small but extremely smart idea that alleviates some massive annoyance for heavy-headphone users.

I want more customization like themes and built-in HDR for iPod Touch 4 in iOS 5 or iOS4.3.Please ... :))

Simple really but bigger folders would be nice.
Think I speak to everyone when I say a decent notification system too.

I would just like to see the air print work on a few printers. We have all kinds at work and home. HP, OKI, Samsung, Lexmark. Non are recognized with the 4.2 upgrade for the iPad or iPhone. What's the point of having it if it doesn't work?

-Better notification system
-A quick reply for texting so you dont have to interrupt what you are doing to reply
-Thumb slide texting like the android.

android-ish notification screen. customizable themes. over the air syncing.
simple and sweet.

--- iPhone ---
- iPhone 4 is carried over for another year (white and black).
- No hardware changes except for CDMA.
- No Verizon iPhone; probably goes to Sprint.
- New iOS update that adds a lot of functionality to iPhone 4 devices; moderate improvements for 3GS. No improvements for 3G.
--- iPad ---
- iOS update (like iPhone 4)
- front-facing camera for facetime.
- no USB port
Quote me because this is what will happen. For the sake of entertainment, here is what WON'T happen and why:

  • NO new iPhone hardware (Apple can't keep up with Google so why bother? The difference is in the OS, which Apple will iterate).
  • NO Verizon iPhone. Verizon has too many restrictions and proprietary packaging. Apple won't allow it. Verizon won't bend to meet Apple's demands. Plus they burned Steve in the past. Therefore no Verizon iPhone.
  • No USB on iPad. It brings the device too close to a netbook. Besides, Apple would rather sell it's proprietary doch accessory connectors.

I wish 1. for bluetooth pairing with photo kiosks, and 2. that this wish wouldn't keep disappearing. kthxbai.

Slide out qwerty keyboard, better battery life, xenon flash, camera shutter side button, lock in either portrait or landscape, camera effects, status led like on blackberry,

iPhone 5:
Two size: 3" and 3,8
32 or 64 gigas
Processor A5 faster X2
NFC with new functionality to use it
30% more batteries
Better Camera (8 MP)
1080P videos
Better Flash
No Antenna issues
Build with Liquid Metal
Better Multitasking system (no home button)
Better Notification system
Better Voice control system.
Air print for all printers.
With that, it will be by far the best possible smartphone.
Today, there aren't any Android Phone with Display at Retina resolution, there aren't any android phone with a longer batterie, there aren't any Android Phone with the same level of build, there aren't any Android phone who can play at Infinity Blade or Real Racing 2, or Galaxy on fire 2...
So, iPhone5 will be the best possible far ;)
And please, no thumb slide texting (ala Android) and no "myspace" customization. This is an iPhone, not a piece of tunning...

This is very small, but a big deal for me. The ability to attach a photo in the mail app without having to go into the pictures first. Should have been on iOS 3.

The hardware will evolve and improve, if only to keep ahead of the opposition. However the software/firmware is important too and affects those of us on two year contracts with iPhone 4s who are not likely to upgrade before 2012.
The big deal for me which stops me from loving the iPad (and to a lesser extent the iPhone 4) more than I do is Apple's handling of text editing in iOS.
I have it from the developer of an app (Reunion for iPad) that it isn't possible to edit rich text on an iPad because there is no API allowing this. The result is that I can view records in Reunion on my iPad and iPhone but if the record has any rich text in it, editing it is a complete nightmare so essentially Reunion for iPad is, for me, a read only application instead of the handy, in the field front end for the more powerful desktop application I use at home. So I still either have to write notes on a piece of paper and transcribe them when I am home or take my MacBook Pro and perch it beside the film reader when looking at microfilmed documents.
The same sort of problem occurs when I take notes at a meeting. I have a notes template in Word with standard meeting headings for each item in the meeting, arranged as a list with item 1 part a subsection i and so on. Put that into the Pages app, change anything (eg put in some content) and it chews up the whole list structure and spits it out - it is completely unusable. The Documents to Go app works a bit better but still can't do the job properly. Result - I take the MacBook Pro to the meeting and leave the iPad at home. Then I write the draft minutes at the meeting on the laptop, edit them on the train home and email them to the committee using my iPhone as a tethered modem. Thank you, Three UK, for giving us tethering for no additional charge, unlike O2 from whom I migrated when I upgraded from an iPhone 3G.
For goodness sake, I have a 3G iPad with a perfectly usable onscreen keyboard and the option of an iPad keyboard dock, and I can't use it for a straightforward task like this?
If I go on a journey (typically three hours each way) where I don't want to bother with text entry, the iPad is the business and can keep me occupied and interested the whole way there and back, reading, surfing, emailing, listening to music and watching videos, all with a realistic battery life compared with the MacBook Pro, which needs a battery change half way.
So I don't really care what happens to the hardware until the software catches up with the real world.

In iOS 5 I want a android like notification bar that you pull down and lock screen notification list. iPad 2 I want a front facing camera longer battery life and a faster processor. iPhone 5 I want verizon.

Multitasking that isn't a joke.
4.3 inch retina screen.
Non-wifi dependent Facetime.
Unobtrusive notifications.
New UI.

How cool would it be if you could go sit on Steve Jobs lap and tell him what you want for Christmas? Wait that sounds wrong. Um... Hey look there's a dog outside! Merry Christmas TIPB peeps! Bye!

Sbsettings like notifications. 3G FaceTime, more ram on the iPad and one more thing... Whatever that is.

Dear Steve Jobs I would like that Iphone 5 has>>>> 768 Ram, Real Multitasking,OS 5,8mp camera with 1080p HD recording,64 GB of storage,Facetime over 3g or 4g,1.5 ghz processor (Apple B5 Chip),New design without the stupids issues,another botton for multitasking, removable battery and Verizon Network.

Give me a screen (the size of the Evo, maybe) and more personalization options (w/o having to jailbreak) and it would be PERFECT!

I'm actually in the market for a new cell phone next year with my contract running out in the Summer. And the iPad is very tempting, and maybe even a new desktop. So here goes:
iPhone 5: dual-core Cortex-A9 at 1GHz, 512 MB RAM, PowerVR SGX554 MP GPU, HSPA+, 64 GB storage, Light Peak interface (it can be the same dock interface, but with LightPeak signaling), 3.8" Retina Display, autofocus zoom and image stabilization camera, capacitive screen with pressure sensitivity, 720p AirPlay, louder speaker, 12 hours of battery life.
iPad 2: 1 lb weight, 128 GB storage, same iPhone 5 CPU+GPU, pentaband HSPA and CDMA wireless, 2048x1536 9.7" screen, 12 hours of battery life.
Oh and a pony.
Man, setting ourselves up for an expectations failure.

Software side of the coin for iPhone:
-turn off or adjust battery warning dialog
-more customization of ringtones/audio
-ability to check multiple apps to download at once instead of one at a time or Update All
-updating an app doesn't take you out of the app store and to the screen it resides on (if either of the above two were implemented I'd be satisfied)
-Facetime over 3G or LTE (probably more of a carrier issue)
-Allow more customization overall (doubtful)
Hardware side of the coin for iPhone 5:
-even better cameras on front and back
-more internal storage
-faster processor/more RAM (always gotta ask for that!)
-removable battery that doesn't compromise the design. It's ridiculous that you must send your phone back for ~$80 to get a replacement, or pry it open yourself.
-Verizon/CDMA phone
IMO, it's a great phone right now, but these updates and modifications would make it the perfect phone. I'm testing out a BB Torch right now, and it's a joke compared to my 3rd generation iPod touch.

Wifi sync faster so my ipad and 3gs can keep up wity IOS 4 i mean the ipad was basically like ,y 3gs very fast very snappy 'settings'options there ipod there messages ther not having to wait 10 seconds before the built-in apps actually work 128gb both android lock option w/o jailbreak themes mor powerful multitasking the ipad to have more near mac specs then just speed speed UI. Something for the ipad more
Ike publisher (pages/numbers update or new app) notification history i know that maked no sense which is why is shall never happen but i want this

So, I didn't feel like reading through the comments, but here is what I want to see:
Apple, please set the bar once again. You once had it so high other manufacturers and networks were sweating. While reinventing the smartphone may not seems as obtainable as it once was. Wow me please. I don't want a 1ghz processor, I want more. I don't want 64GB, I want more. I don't want 8 megapixels, I want more. Screen size isn't as much of an issue as long as everything looks amazing. Sure, a 4.3" screen may be fun to look at but quality not quantity is what I want my screen to have. Convience is key, but with privacy and personalization. Millions upon millions of iPhones out there. Let me make it mine. Total customization. Text tones, icons, alert tones, all without the need to jailbreak. My list can go on and on.
To Steve: we want it to just work. we want more. we want individuality. set the bar, set it high and we will once again be happy for another year. ooooh, and start working with the carriers. I'd rather pay full price for a phone and less month to month. It's getting a little expensive to carry the iPhone in my pocket. much longer and the inconvenience of carrying multiple devices will out weight the convenience of one really expensive monthly bill.
iPad: I will leave that to the other comments.
Happy Christmas!

  1. windows itunes version that is not lathargic
  2. Folder Fricken monitering. Make it simple, in the background, and easy. It should just do it.

Really is that so hard?

I Love the iphone but would love a UI change. I have no idea what or how, but I would just like a over haul.

iOS 5:
Better notifications. This is the top of my list.
Social network integration into contacts. I'm jealous of my WebOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 friends for this.
Widgets on the homescreen or somewhere convenient.
Wireless syncing
Updated Weather app.
A YouTube app that doesn't suck. I currently use YouTube's GREAT mobile site.
An Apple BBM-type service would be nice...
A UI/GUI overhaul. I'm tired of the current look; it's great, but it is time for a change.
iPad 2:
faster processor
Retina Display
Better look to the hardware
Slightly smaller for easier portability

T mobile has improved. I had them and had good coverage. I only left them due to the lack of the iPhone. I have tested all the network speeds in the bay area in California and t mobile had the best speeds. Att quality and speed is declining due to billions of iPhones in the area.

I must be the only one that thinks the notifications are perfect and much better than android and web OS, for one notifications are ment to be intrusive the idea is stop what you are doing and do what pops-up, ok I understand sonepeople (selfish nerds)
Android norificans suck because of the fallowing reasons one the bar at the top does bot give any information it only says new email not good for anything second when we use are phones are hands are on the lower half of the phone and to check for the notification you need to constantly go to the top to do so that is a fail in ui design
Web OS also sucks because 3.5 inches is small even smaller is palms phones
What happens when you get a notification it shrinks your small screen and makes it smaller who really wants that. I would love love to get a smaller screen when I am playing a game or browsing the web. And the bigger fail of web OS is what is the natural action of someone do when they get the notification on the bottom the screen? The answer is , flix it away ask yor self what us the point of that if you flix it away with out even reading it?
My solutions one kill two birds with one stone widgets that display that information use then if you want or fast app swtcher widget swip left and what do you see your notafactions.
Possible solution that would not works
Lifestreem from the notion ( apple first attempt at touch)
Lockinfo will never happen
Why apple made the louckscreen so that you could never go into the phone without unlocking it
Also it looks away to much like windows mobile and Symbian s60 mobile OS that even the operators have killed, why the hill would Apple bring them back from the died.
If I do not get widgets and better notifications (so the tech geeks and nerds can stop complaining) then I would be really pissed off.

BoOoO!!! I love my iPhone 4 and loving my iPad I got today. If Apple keeps coming out with new devices every year then there going to lose a lot of people because it's to hard trying to keep up with them. They need to have longer life spans! Buying a new device every year is getting old fast. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you enjoy your Holiday weekend.

IPS screen perhaps in multiple size offerings, I'll take a 4.3" a la Evo or even a 4.5" with Gorilla Glass, dual camera flashes and a better antennae design. Better notifications system with an LED and customizations throughout including widgets and larger folder capacities plus real multi-tasking. For the spec slore in me dual core CPU's with a high end GPU, perhaps Samsung's forthcoming Orion which should allow for full 1080p recording and playback; 1.5-2 GB RAM; 128GB+ ROM and maybe even expandable through microsdhc; better rear and front facing cameras without the WiFi limit for FFC; HDMI out; Adobe Flash option for the browser; larger battery; louder speakers and a partridge in a pear tree.

  1. For iOS 5, all I want is a notification system worthy of iOS. It currently is the worst part of the OS and needs to improve dramatically. I don't want "Android style"; I want something much better. Come on, Apple. Reinvent.
  2. Minor, but still, I'd like to be able to subscribe to podcasts on an iOS device
  3. For iPad, I want the mute switch to return to being an orientation lock. That's much more functional for the iPad.
  4. Overall, I want the iPad to move more in the direction of being a stand-alone computer. Now, it seems more like a peripheral. That would involve;
    a. I want the ability to download items from Safari directly to the device.
    b. I want the SDK to include more robust tools for apps to talk to each other.
    c. I want a better file management system, allowing apps to view and share documents.
    d. Safari needs to utilize extensions. So much of computer functionality today happens in the browser. Mobile Safari needs to allow some kind of 3rd-party extension integration.

Santa Jobs, you get me these things, and I will be very happy. Even one or two of these would be nice.

For the next Ipad 2 or 3 & iphone 5, i want : Double the resolution of current iPad with Retina Display. 5 or 8MP Double front facing camera with 3D capabilities & with 1080p HD recording, A15 MP equivalent processor with multicore (at least 2 GHz speed), 1 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, Advanced PowerVR SGX5xx, HD SD card slot, Light Peak port, Slimmer & lighter weight (around 1 lb), extra side button for multitasking function, better & powerful iOS 5 with advanced text and graphic handling capabilities, mage stabilization camera, capacitive screen with pressure sensitivity, 720p AirPlay, louder speaker, 24 hours of battery life, built-in 3.5G or LTE (4G), built-in RFID processor & etc. For iOS 5, i want better files or folders manager, better UI, very sophisticated wordprocessor / spreadsheet / presentation softwares from Apple (at least equivalent to the desktop version. And we know Apple can do it better than what we think...

I wish there was a way to minimize the keyboard in the messaging app. Come on, Apple, even BlackBerry is ahead of you on this!

  1. Adobe Flash
  2. Real Multi-tasking
  3. Usability enhancements
    -- Nofitications
    -- Not having to go into Settings app to update an apps settings [a consistant way across all apps to update settings]

Bigger iPhone? Why so it can't fit in your pocket? No way. Notifications are good enough. I don't see a problem at all, but I havent seen android stuff yet because none of my friends have one. Hummmm wonder why (sucks). If it looks fancier I guess it's cool.

As I don't have anything to comment on the iPad (I don't own one) I will make this strictly an iPhone 5 post.
It should have the option to turn on unobtrusive notifications (I think someone said that), it should have a powerful camera, bigger screen without becoming to chunky, faster chip and an option to put it on silent (no vibration), and finally, REAL multi-tasking. I'd be more than surprised if Apple did all of that though.

I'm easy, go with
CDMA compatibility. I refuse (as with many people) to go with AT&T.
Keep flash away. It kills processor and battery life.
WIFI sync
Free Find My iPhone for all, including macs

IPhone 5:
- Better notifications system. Doesn't have to be like Android but make it better than it is now.
- Customizable sounds and alerts like text tones and e-mail tones etc...
- Widgets. Perhaps when you double click the home button for the fast app switcher your widgets can be in the blank space that is currently unused?
- 4" retina display
- 64gb of storage and a micro sd card slot. A lot of these games take up a lot of space. My 32 gigs just doesn't cut it anymore. Not sure even 64gb will be sufficient. Micro sd would solve the space issue.
- Better maps andweather applications. These are due for an update.
- Verizon
- 8mp camera that captures 1080p
- The cloud. Streaming all my music and video from the cloud would give me lots of room for my apps.
- Airplay from any app
- API to allow free texting apps to give us in app texting throughout the OS. sorry I'm not paying 20 bucks for texting when I can get it free.
- Gaming controller accessory. I hate in game controls that make you use a control stick and buttons on the screen. Give us a case that has a built in battery like the mophie juice pack but with controls on the side and I'll be a happy iOS gamer. Gaming is big on iOS and I want physical controls.
- Better voice controls that work throughout the OS
- More customization. I don't care about changing the look of app icons but what about the color of the menu, keyboard and other things?
- A different wallpaper for every screen. Wouldn't be cool swiping through your apps seeing a different wallpaper for every screen? Would be really awesome if you had a panorama. Either that or the ability to randomize wallpaper so that everytime you unlock your screen a different wallpaper shows up based on a preselected set of wallpapers.
- Louder speaker
- Better everything :p

In iOS 5 I want a android like notification bar that you pull down and lock screen notification list and custom ringtones on the phone like from your iPod music with trim like with video edit . iPad 2 I want a front facing camera, Retaia display and a faster processor. iPhone 5 I want more carriers for U.S.
Thanks love the show :)

For iphone 5 bigger screen, more battery life and 128 GB
For ipad 2 less weight more storage (256 GB)better speakers and more battery life

For iPhone 5, bigger storage up to 64 GB, no antennagate and (hopefully) rounded edges for better handling.
For iPad 2, a higher display resolution and a FaceTime camera seem to be sure. Refinements on battery life and weight as well as the design are possible.
For iOS 5, they have to add a new notification system. The 'inventor' of webOS's went back to Apple as Senior User Interface Designer ( - so why not. Wireless iTunes sync and system integration of social networks would be nice as well.

For iPhone 5:
Larger screen: This is something that makes me hesitant about the iPhone now-a-days. 3.5" is a good size, but 3.7" or 4" is much better.
A better camera: As a hugely consumer device, the iPhone should have a better camera, in my opinion. The one on the iPhone 4 is not bad, however.
A plastic or redesigned back: I absolutely loathe the new glass back. I despise it so much that this one feature makes me glad that I didn't buy an iPhone 4.
True multitasking: Almost everyone recognizes the fact that the iPhone does faux multitasking. It is not actually multitasking, and I want real multitasking. Fast app switching is a good addition, but it is just a cover-up for what it really should be and seems more like a smoke and mirrors act for something that should have been 2 years ago.
Better folder use: I really dislike how the folders are used. I don't like that the folders stay up after I open the app. That's my main disagreement. It's not vital because I can simply choose not to use the folders.
Better notifications: I don't like the notifications at all either. I would also like to be able to respond to text messages from whatever app I'm in. There are plenty of ways to improve this (refer to webOS).
Better e-mail: Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but every time I send an e-mail from my iPod Touch it is sent from the same or main e-mail address. I'm not sure why this is happening or how to change it, but it's really frustrating. There have been many times where I've started a conversation with a teacher from my MacBook and then I respond to them from a different e-mail address.
Customization: This is what I want the most. I want widgets, themes, text tones, e-mail tones, and other such customizable options. This is an area where Apple is REALLY (emphasis on the "really" :) ) lacking. These things alone would make iOS5 absolutely incredible. Widgets are very useful, and I have them on my MacBook so I think I should be able to have them on my iPhone/iPod. I would like to be able to change the size of the app icons and be able to put my widgets on the home screens.
iPad 2:
I don't really care at all. It will never be as useful as or replace my iPod Touch & MacBook combo. I honestly think it's a waste of money and development time all the way through.

Hardware: I wan't a iPhone with better GPU so there will be more powerfull game engine arrive at app store, dualcore @1GHz Procie to match the Graphic, and longer battery life.
Retina display and the screen size are good enough. No need for extra size so it keeps fit in my pocket.
Software: I want notifications bar and a fast push notification. Not a pull to refresh things.
And I wish the iPhone will not going be more expensive with all the wishes here. Lol.

  • 8mp camera (LED flash + xenon) with hardware image stabilization
  • 64 GB option
  • 4G / HSPA support
  • Dual-core at 1.2Ghz
  • 640 or 768MB RAM
  • 3.7' screen (retains form factor)
  • Super OLED retina display
  • latest bluetooth
  • USB 3 compatibility
  • biometric security
  • intuitive charging
  • RFID (oooh eWallet, Mastercard Paypass)
  • loud speaker or two, for stereo sound
  • physical switch button like the mute one to turn on/off wifi
  • mini-HDMI out
  • dual mini-SIM slots
  • FM tuner (streaming isn't a solution, data roaming prices kill that)
  • built-in IR/RF transmitter
  • lock screen widgets / notifications (includes weather, calendar, time, calendar events)
  • ability to close all open apps at once
  • open full functionality in bluetooth (contact, ringtone, picture sharing)
  • fluid app icons (weather icon displays temperature based on GEO location)
  • update stock apps (weather a'la HTC)
  • text/mms message custom ringtone option (it's here, but it sucks)
  • enhance voice control (app launch, hands free texting)
  • ability to create ring tones from owned MP3s (native app?)
  • increase download limit to 50mb
  • profile rings (loud, quiet, meeting, calendar events)
  • facetime over 3G/4G
  • Apple GPS solution because it obviously limits what TomTom / Navigon can do
  • hand writing input (bring by a capacitive stylus maybe?)
  • ability for 3rd party game enclosures with physical buttons

Dude the one on my iPhone 4 works just get 4.2.1 although jail-breaking is a problem on that version I think its worth it.

iPhone 5 Wishlist
Better notifications or a devoted pull down like android
Easier access to network settings - Something like sbsettings
Lock screen Calendar/today screen similar to crackberries
BIGGER SCREEN - Steve Jobs said that there is not a market for big screen phones but this is huge as the iOS platform is taking over the gaming world. We need something like the EVO or the DroidX ASAP. This would make game playing AMAZING. only thing that would suck is that developers would have to make games in both screen dimensions which is why I feel that they held off on changing screen size. I also feel that they held off on changing the screen size because the phone would not fit in any third party hardware like stereo docks etc...OH WELL... BRING ON THE 4.3 IN SCREEN.
Make your own text alerts.
Wireless sync to iTunes
Apple App that makes your iphone a Magic Track Pad
For the iPad I would like to see most of thing things up top but I would really like apple do something similar to the technology of the Kinect for Xbox 360. The camera should be able to detect and read gestures from a far. That would be CRAZY!!

iphone 5
.... go wireless crazy
1- QIK wirless charge
2- wifi sync
3- improved bluetooth headphone options (bluetooth 3 + more protocols support )
since we r wirless ,, (NO OPENINGS )
and since we have no openings ,, ( WATER RESISTANT )
also ,, gorrilla front , and the new metal they made on the back (UNBREAKABLE )
but also ,, GOOD ICHAT APP (think about it only thing nice about blackberry is bbm ) and the bad notification leads to noo good chat app on ios
cameras ,, duuuh
all what i wanted before but we should keep the oppening ,, ipad is more productive ,, so wee need the cables (sadly )

Improved notification system, homescreen widgets, wireless syncing, better homescreen ( something we can have without jailbreaking) even better multitasking... The app switcher feels kind of old, can be more polished...(can we utilize more swipe gestures?)

1) Storage! 128GB iphone and 512GB iPad (ideally also SD slot)
2) stream iTunes shared libraries from Mac/PC (ideally, set up any iOS device as done for previous generation AppleTV)
3) OS X file management: finder for iOS (to move files between devices/Mac wireless)
4) facetime on iPad (front-camera)
5) access from iPhoto to manage photos (drag photos from iPhoto library to device without the need to create albums then sync those from iTunes) AND iPhoto sharing on device that can be seen from iPhoto running on Mac/PC.

1) All devices: "Disallow in-app purchases" device setting, so it would be safe to let someone else use the device for a little bit without worrying they will drain your bank account when playing a game.
2) iPod Touch: Internal GPS so it is more useful in the car.
3) iPod Touch: Higher resolution camera for reasonable quality pictures, and macro lens for reading UPC codes when shopping.
4) iPhone/iPod Touch: Ability to run iPad applications with on-the-fly resolution downgrade from 1024x768 to 960x640.

5) All devices: Ability to use the Maps app off-line, or caching of a much larger geographic area.
6) All devices: Ability in the Maps app after I have gotten driving directions, to drag part of the route from one road to another in case I wanted to go a different way or pass thorough a different area.

I want to developp apps right on my iPad, to havé a wifi sync and Steve, please, find a GREAT idea, like you did with the iPhone or iPad.
Merry christmas

We need a bigger SCREEN!!! 32" at LEAST!!! SO I CAN PLAY GAMES!!! sheesh people. apple made a big screen iphone, its called the IPAD.

I want the ipad to have a unibody design i love the current look and feel but if tje back could have more grip and they could make it unibody ie; remove the black puss between the bezel and back as it is incredibly unerving i keep thinking im going to mess it up im going to push the screen through the rest of the ipad and it just like it is very vunerable and it just doesnt feel nice on it like at all unibody + speed, game center sync more RAM more text-editing publisher like things on ipad WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY more printers for airprint

iPhone 5:
I'd like the front facing camera to be higher quality/resolution and I wouldn't mind a flash for it.
I'd like an SD slot (or at least make the camera kit work).
More memory at a better price; $100 more for an extra 16GB is way too much.
I want a hardware button for the camera!!!
iPad 2:
Front and back cameras. Higher resolution screen. I'll buy with those features.
A little lighter too. GPS standard. What the heck, make it a phone too.
iPad 2b:
I'd like a smaller version.
OS updates:
I want to see my PUSH history.
A most used preferences menu. (The old iPods let you design the main menu). I need easier access to BlueTooth, brightness and a few other things.
Folders in folders.
An "if found please return to" icon on the lock screen; people can't return it if they don't know it's yours.
Shortcuts for paste-ing that I can define; like my name, e-mail, phone, and other things I type over and over.
Shortcuts for the calendar: I've got a dozen different people/things that I do all the time, I want a there to be a default appointment name / location, alarms (if it's across town I need an hour alarm, if across the hall I need a 5 minute alarm).

iPhone 5: Bigger GB's (64+), USB 3.0, removable storage, steal SBsettings from Jailbreak, put something on the spotlight page for god's sake, make all apps that don't actually multitask just close and not go into the app switcher. Search in page for safari, Home page in safari, full screen safari, a useful lock screen (again steal from lockinfo), put the battery percentage number in the batter icon (on the status bar), add swipe gestures for the ipod app, allow all calendar apps to display the date on their icon, ALLOW MORE APPS PER FOLDER & FOLDERS IN FOLDERS (IT WORKS FOR FOLDER ENHANCER (Jailbreak)).

I would like the official Apple iPad camera connection kit (USB drive adapter and SD card adapter) for my iPad to also work on my iPod Touch.

1) Have an expose like multitasking screen to replace the bar.
2) move the widgets from the multitasking bar to a new home page (like spotlight)
3) An FM Radio
4) Folders in Folders
5) Notifications by swiping down on the status bar and itll come down. You'll also be able to reply to a text/email in the notification screen and you exit it by swiping up.
6) Ability to set a home page in Safari
7) Tabs in Safari
8) Lock Screen Notifications.
9) Documents on home screen. Click on document and it acts like folders with a choice of apps to open it with.
10)Backup in-App purchases on iTunes account as well as saved games. (on Cloud)
11) iOS 5 messenger ( like blackberry messenger)
12) Sync to more than one online calender
13) Themes in Clock and Notes with more fonts than just 3 in notes.
14) Weather icon to show live temperature and icon for current weather in your area. Icon (snow icon for snow etc)
15) Add Black/White, Sepia to iPhone Camera.
16) Basic Photo Editor in Photo app.

The main thing I'd like to see is widgets on the home screen. At a glance I'd like to see.
1) Current Weather(weatherbug widget like on Android)
2) Sports Scores(Sports Tap like on Android)
3) Calendar Widget(like calendar pad on Android)
4) Nicer Clock widget
5) Flash(yes many websites work w/out flash but many still need it)
Notice a trend. Never had an iPhone but do have an iPod Touch and an iPad. I also own an Android OS(2.2) the one thing that I think that I miss is the most is the updates of the widgets. The iPad in particular would be great for this. RSS feeds, weather, etc. Maybe widgets exist already but I haven't seen them.

Please create a button in the app switcher to Close All Apps, so it's not necessary to manually close each one.
Deliver on white iPhone (finally), better design & reception so that the device becomes a reliable phone, and more GBs. And generally, do what you say you're going to do - the first time - so I can respect your integrity as a company again.

Hey Santa Steve,
How about some universal drivers to allow me to print to the LaserJet I have on my home network? PCL and PS have been out for a while. You may have noticed people use them a lot on your bigger boxes, you know, the one's called Mac?
Definitely need a biger screen on the iPhone, but I suspect that's coming already for iPhone 5, along with the software button overlay.
I still want a MicroSD slot, but I'd settle for 64GB. Also, how about finally letting go of the dock slot and bringing out the soon-to-be mandated Euro-spec microUSB connector?
The iPad needs cameras (duh). MicroSD, MicroUSB, ditto. A form factor more like the iPhone in design (lose the soap dish back).
How about a stylus? That would come in handy.
Lastly, it definitely needs more storage. 16GB or 64GB is ridiculous. We should have at least 256GB.
For a first-gen try, the iPad is pretty good, be we all know you can and will do better!

iPhone 5 : mainly 64GB. It's the main reason why I did NOT upgrade. Hopefully continuing improvents on battery life and signal strength. Larger external speakers and include a secondary mic which is located away from the external speaker that becomes active during speaker mode and a primary one at the bottom somewhere. More RAM. We got everything we need like camera , new design blah blah.

I have wanted for a very long time to be able to copy and paste calendar entries. Please Mr Jobs.

Verizon iPhone with dual core processors and 128gb ram
iPad 2 with the same, as well as with all of the other rumored components.

  1. Dual Core Orion based processor... don't call it the A5 if you buy it directly from Samsung.
  2. Options in form - an iPhone with a slide out keyboard that has good clicky keys. Also a 4.3 inch option.
  3. Better notifications - this is a MUST. Maybe use a combination of the WebOS and Android notification system.
  4. Evolve app switching... make a fast switcher more like the Dock on Mac OS X.
  5. Sideloading options - have an option to easily sideload apps without having to jailbreak.
  6. LTE - which make it obvious that Verizon should be the lead carrier. LTE probably won't be ready on the AT&T sinking ship anytime soon. Dual core makes the battery life feasible for LTE.

iPad... all those apply there too. I'd hold off on an iPad release until you could get Dual Core and LTE on it.

God..Where do I start?
*Air Sync
NO More tethered iTunes sync. Also, make iTunes syncing optional. It's 2010. Why do I have to sync something with a cable?????
I want anroid style notifications that do not interrupt what I'm doing. That pop-up panel is annoying and VERY Windows 95. Get. Rid. Of. It. Please.
Just to compete with android, no other reason.
*Bigger screen.
I'm over this screen size. Make two models, one with current screensize, and one 4.3 inches.
*Game Sync for Game Center
Seems like such an obvious additon.
*MobileMe Backup
Please allow for over the air back up to Mobile Me over wifi. That would be awesome. I want it to back up everything, similar to Time Machine in Mac OS X.
*Dual Core
Again, an obvious addition.
I want to be able to set ringtones or sounds for any type of alert. IM, Text, Email, you name it, I want to set and control what sound it makes.

  • Option to erase 1 call at a time from Recent Calls List
  • Shopping Cart option (at least for the App Store. Ordering an app and have to go back in to get something else is a total PITA!)
  • Ability to create albums in the Photos app without having to plug into a computer!
  • The option to view the HomeScreen in either portrait or landscape mode!
  • Ability to delete native apps that we don't use (Stocks, etc)

And my personal Top 2:

  1. Better Push, espeically for Email! (ex CrackBerry user!)
  2. Notifications!!! (Better system in general, possibly keep the pop-up window, but if it's dismissed, put a mini icon in the status bar...)

No more FaceTime. Integrate it with iChat.
On the second-gen iPad, add cameras to the front and back and let us use Kinect style motion gestures with it.
On iOS5, get rid of push notifications and rework the system. Also add a new app guideline saying that you can't make popup boxes asking to rate the game. Those are annoying as f***.

iOS messenger. I'm not sure why there hasn't been more press on this. Whenever I ask blackberry users why in the world they like blackberry so much they reply with "BBM". Deductive reasoning leads me to assume iOS users would enjoy it as well.

AirPlay to fully stream developer apps screens to Apple TV2 not just video and audio. Will make a giant leap for gaming and sales presentations, and just imagine the iPhone or iPad with it's gyroscope as a game controller for your Apple TV. It would be plane silly if they don't.

All of the above ideas are great and I'd like to see them integrated into new products, but here are a few different ones I'd like to see:
Ability to turn off all radios (wifi, cellular, bluetooth, etc.) EXCEPT GPS for off-road, no-coverage area navigation (like most national parks)
Firewire interface
BACK TO MY MAC support for remote file retrieval, remote control
Also, let's think about dual rear-facing cameras for 3D pics.