SHAtter bootrom exploit possibly leaked, what it means for jailbreakers

The SHAtter exploit found by pod2g appears to have been leaked. Who leaked it and for what reason is still unclear. What is clear is that Apple will certainly find a way to patch the hardware if it did in fact leak. When Limera1n was released, it kept the SHAtter bootrom exploit safe for future jailbreaks as it would require a complete hardware revision to be done by Apple.

SHAtter basically used a hardware exploit in the A4 series of devices (iPhone 4, iPad, AppleTV 2nd generation, and iPod Touch 4G). You can bet Apple will make a hardware revision to patch SHAtter. It seems there is some drama between some members of the jailbreak community over who actually "leaked" the SHAtter exploit.

@P0isixninja of the Chronic Dev Team is pointing a blame finger to @Musclenerd. As Musclenerd concentrates on unlocks, it seems unreasonable to think he'd leak an exploit he would need in order to create an unlock. Click through for a response to the drama from @comex, who claims if it doesn't stop, he'll just e-mail the exploit directly to Apple. Not good news for the jailbreak community.

The part of Comex's tweet that got me was where he said (the real) SHAtter. Digging further into Twitter shows that maybe a fake exploit was leaked on purpose. We'll update when we know more.

What are you guys' thoughts? It's been a crazy evening for jailbreakers. First Comex stated the Christmas untethered deadline would be missed, and now a leaked exploit. Lend us your thoughts in the comments!

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SHAtter bootrom exploit possibly leaked, what it means for jailbreakers


This does speak to the ages of the fellows doing this work. They're obviously young and trying to get recognition rather than working for the betterment of the community.

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"For the betterment of the community?"
What an entitled putz of a statement. Who is this "community" - Apple, who would prosecute them if they could? Users, who take the fruits of their labor and use it, and offering snarky comments like this 500x more than a PayPal donation. To be clear: they owe you nothing. They owe this so-called "community" nothing. Their motivations are their own, and you should be grateful they give you, for free, some pretty damn high quality fruits of their labor. You don't like their "motivation" for giving something away? Dust off your C for Dummies book, then, and get to work. For the good of the community, of course.

This reminds me of what went down between one of my friends and I a few days ago.
Actually, replace "SHAtter" with "email" and "leaked" with "forged," and it's pretty much exactly the same. sigh

This is sad. Let's hope that it we lose SHAtter, somebody else is gonna come along (looking for recognition) and figure something out. If not, then we'll all be stuck with a stock iOS.

I got a really good idea. How about just leaving the freakin phone alone and use it, instead of sitting around in a room like a lab rabbit eating cheetos and pop tarts trying to ruin a perfectly good phone.

It stands to reason that, someday, Apple will finally patch everything up. If the fools of the scene drop the ball and ruin things ahead of time, then there we go. I'll miss the freedom, but not the drama.

It's only a matter of time. Apple must be working on killing jailbreaking once and for all. Removing the public jailbreak detection API is a clear signal that Apple doesn't need 3rd party jailbreak detection any more.

If too many people start jailbreaking, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple implemented a zero tolerance strategy. You get one checksum wrong and boom: bricked forever, no support, enjoy your Apple paperweight.
Ironic isn't it. The more popular jailbreaking becomes, the more likely it is that Apple will take drastic steps to stop it.

@ Websyndicate - Oopsie daisy. Did I say something that scared you a little? Maybe jailbreakers should go underground so Apple won't find out about their exploits, and thus won't be able to patch them. The first rule of Fight Club and all that.
But no, that wouldn't be fun, would it? You couldn't come to pro-apple forums like this one and whine about Apple's curation. You have something to prove, and you want as many people to know it as possible. Jailbreaking in secret would just be no fun. I understand completely.

@ TIPB thanks for publishing something that would be best kept on the low.
@SockRolid - Jailbreaking is legal and apple are becoming less strict about it as time goes on. The day they decide to brick jailbroken iPhones they will not only lose masses of customers to Android but also have lawsuits piled on them.

I am guessing there would be A LOT of loss money to many developers if a jailbreak is not developed for 4.2.1. Cydia would be like a moth that dies because it got too close to the heat of the light.
It is all about the money. No level-headed person is going to ruin making money to argue and fight.

I agree with raptor. A locked phone is unacceptable in my opinion. I paid full price for it and I expect to be able to use it with what ever carrier I choose to use in the world. If my phone were to get locked, I would switch to an Android phone the next day. Right now, the only app not duplicated in android is Jeppesen Sanderson. I am sure Jobs likes our money as well. I chose a different path in life than programming and very much appreciate those who figured out how to jailbreak these phones. I would not be an Apple customer if there was no Jailbreak and Unlock. Mr. Jobs should have them on his payrole, as he has made Billions off customers like me.

@soky you are ignorant, it is fully legal WE OWN OUR PHONES and if Apple tried to do anything it would be lawsuits galore. check your facts before posting garbage.

The kids really are kids I know a couple of these devs areless than 18. The maturity level of these devs are juvenile... I wish a new group of mature devs could emerge from the upcoming end of this group.

All the mature devs have grown out of this childish programming/hacking and moved on to better things, like working for Apple.
Granted, some of these kids are talented. One day they will grow out of this and become real devs and then they will be replaced by another batch of young kids and the cycle will continue.
Apple will find and patch this exploit, they probably already know about it, and then one of these kids will find a new exploit and the cycle will repeat itself.

All I care about at the end of the day is me, and I'm tired of being on a tethered JB. Everyone spouting about "the greater good", GIVE ME A BREAK. When it comes down to it, we'll all look out for our own asses.
That being said, where can I get this leak?

So I bought an ip4 with high hopes. I had nothing before and nothing now.
Whatever happens, happens. If not very soon, I'll sell the ip4 and get something from T-Mobile, my carrier. At least I'll be able to make calls,'s a phone.
All the work that has been done is deeply appreciated. Whatever is done in the future, if it is, will also be appreciated.
I guess priorities are different with with younger folks.
There's a shadow over my holiday. Maybe it's time to get off this merry go round.

I agree. If nothing happens (unlock/UT JB) Cydia will wither and blow away in the wind.
Then the ANDROID will have won !

Every one seems to have forgotten - its just a phone! its not nuclear weapons we are dealing with - its just a freakin phone!

The more stories I see about jailbreaking, the less respect I have for their community. Lots of kids with entitlement issues.

For what it's worth, the more adventerous among us have already jailbroken our 4.2.1 devices. We're just tired of being tethered.
Cydia isn't in danger.

Umm I'm pretty grateful that all these people make jailbreak for free and take their own time out of this, heck if i had the money to donate i would. But it kind of ticks me off when they promise something and they dont give it. I guess older people would be more mature about these kind of things, but who am i to say because im really young too. all i can really say that its pathetic that people that smart can argue and make mistakes that stupid. I just wish that the untethered jailbreak or at least a jailbreak that would jailbreak my ipod gets released before Christmas.

May the blessings of the holiday season touch your heart and warm your soul. Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all. Whatever the season means to you and the God you believe in, bless each and every one .

I have been the recipient of the good works of the Dev Team since the introduction of iPhone, Their good work needs to be rewarded,I hope there will be a solution to this soon so as to expidite any new exploits that are needed by the "comunity"(we need them)