Apple to ship three models of iPad 2 including CDMA support, anti-reflective screen?

TiPb iPad 2 Concept

According to unnamed sources in Taiwan there will be 3 different versions of the iPad 2 from Apple when it gets released in 2011, including the current Wi-Fi and UMTS 3G models, as well as a CDMA model for use with carriers like Verizon. According to DigiTimes:

Apple is expected to release three versions of iPad 2, supporting either or a combination of Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA, for 2011 with mass production to start as early as the later half of January.

According to the rumor, Apple will begin production of 500,000 to 530,000 units during the 2nd half of January, and is expected to produce a ratio of 3:4:3 (Wi-Fi, UMTS, CDMA respectively) as it appears that 60-65% of current iPad shipments have been 3G models.

In addition to added wireless functionality, it looks like the iPad 2 might get a few other minor upgrades including better smudge-resistant screens with an anti-reflective treatment. This should help the iPad 2 better compete with eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle.

Although these are just rumors for now, it would be pretty great to see a Verizon iPad 2 released in 2011 next to a Verizon iPhone, don't you think? Sound off in the comments below!


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Reader comments

Apple to ship three models of iPad 2 including CDMA support, anti-reflective screen?


If indeed there is a CDMA version of the iPad released next year, the moment you hear the announcement sell all your AT+T stock and buy heavily in Verizon. A CDMA iPad means Verizon iPhone is imminent, even if it's not announced at the same time.

I'd agree, a CDMA iPad would likely mean a Verizon iPhone. I don't know about selling AT&T stock tho - selling Google stock would be more like it.

Actually, my bet was Apple was going to use a dual GSM-CDMA chipset design for the iPad, allowing customers to freely move between Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, and the ROTW. A la carte data services. T-Mobile is well, hosed until either penta-band gets cheap or they go buy some spectrum.

Ditch the 16GB, start off with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, or just start off with 64GB and have 128GB on top.
Apple is about being simple. If having six models is "simple" then I think I'm in the wrong world

I think a big bet will be if Apple offers a 1st gen 16 GB WiFi model starting at $399 or $429. It would better if it was a defeatured 2nd gen 16 GB model (without some stuff). That'll further squeeze margin out of competitors.

@Shrike I agree a $399 iPad would squeeze their competitors as long as they don't use the 8GB model they use for the iPhone.

They already have 6 models. If they go with what is said above, they would potentially have 9 new models. 3 sizes w 3 different chipsets. 3*3=9. They'd also have the 6 legacy models, so then they'd potentially be stocking 15 models for a small amount of time at their stores. Unless they would only sell the WiFi models at the Apple store and have the chipset specific models through carriers.

I am hoping to see the WiFi-only model eliminated (product line consolidated) so that all models include 3G at the old WiFi-only prices. I would also like to see a single UMTS/CDMA model that in the U.S. could be used either on Verizon or AT&T on a month-to-month no-commitment basis. I know ... I'm dreaming...

I love the design of the original iPad. The screen is perfect. I hope the new design isn't too much like the iPod touch. Antireflective screen, ugh. 128g memory would be awesome. Oh, and change the mute button back to an orientation lock.

Yeah, I hope they use the iPod touch like lineup instead. The 8 GB iPod touch is basically the same as the others save the storage size. At $229, it has the same 960x640 screen, 2 cameras, same CPU/GPU, etc. A 16 GB WiFi only iPad 2 model at the $399 price point is definitely doable considering the 8 GB iPod touch.

Dyvim, I don't think you are dreaming. I think a consolidated line with all radios in every device makes the most sense. It doesn't seem very Apply to make people think about which version of radio they need when buying an iPad. I think your line on the prices - wifi+3G coming down to wifi-only prices is right on the money.

And what would I do with that CDMA chip when I go on vacation? Definitely would stick with the GSM.

First off people you can easily get a screen protector that is anti-Glare (smudging is inevitable nommatter what so stop crying about it. Have wipes in your pockets and stop whining.) that only cost 5-10$ for a pack of three on EBay. Secondly I think that VZW will be getting more of a 3G iPod touch and not an iPhone. I say this because simply put "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Apple is pulling in record numbers in with att so why should they change what works. Despite all of the crying the iPhone is still the G.P.O.A.T(Greatest Phone of All Time). For tmobile's network is not better than att but yet tmobile(Trash Mobile in these parts) customers still clammer to get a phone that's not offered by their carrier! I even had a tmobile rep try to sell me a phone when I showed him my iPhone he said "we support that too now".
I dnt care if vzw gets a iPhone but I doubt it to me a 3G iPod touch where you do not rely on wifi is more realistic.
Thirdly all of you who want an iPad with a rear facing camera just stop and think how idiotic you would look trying to take a pic with such a huge device. Front facing cam I can accept but a rear one? Come on!?

The apple ipad 2 will be great no matter what. They just better load it up with a bunch of stuff. And not wait till the 3 and 4th. Till we get stuff. Stuff meaning good stuff. lol

For the next iPad, I want a slight redesign (not like iPhone 3G to 3GS, where the design didn't change), more RAM, a FaceTime camera, and possibly a screen with higher pixel density. My iPhone 4 screen makes my iPad screen look outdated. Thank you, Steve.

I'm kinda glad I skipped the first generation iPad.. iAnything Generation 2 is ALWAYS better! Well.. lets see what happens in January. Exciting times!

We will know what most of the new competention will offer in Janauary. Could this affect iPad 2 in last minuet design changes? On major design, I would say no, but there is always room for minor tweaking. iPad 2 will be a great product. Start saving now.

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