TiPb Store: We have iPod Nano watch straps, baby! [Sponsored]

The iMore Store has the coolest iPod nano watch straps, including the Griffin Wristlet for iPod nano, the Giffin Aerosport for iPod nano, and the Griffin Slap for iPod nano. So if you just got a hot new iPod nano for Christmas and want to wear it as a super sweet watch, take a look and order away!

The Griffin Slap for iPod nano are cool, fun, multi-color slap bracelets straight from the 80's that Griffin has brought back with a vengeance for the tech of 2010. They are easy to put on your wrist, just hit them against your wrist and they wrap perfectly around your arm. [iMore Store link].

The Griffin wristlet for the iPod nano fits around your wrist with tough stretchy silicon then protects and covers the iPod nano. You can still access all of the controls and it even has a back slit allows access to the iPod Nanos clip. [iMore Store]

The Griffin AeroSport watch strap for the iPod nano is the perfect gift for every athlete and fits almost any wrist size. It is made of lycra so will be comfortable while you work out [Store Link].

Do any of these tempt you? Send us some pictures if you pick one up!

Sponsored by the TiPb iPod nano accessory store

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TiPb Store: We have iPod Nano watch straps, baby! [Sponsored]


I have ordered all three actually and the tic tok but I have to say these are a much better price and the aero sport strap really rocks. Just saying.

Georgia Kitty-Kat, if I were locked into Verizon and were forced to settle for some random junky Android phone, I'd be all over the iPod nano with a wriststrap. But that's in an alternate universe that I'm glad I'm not in. Still love the nano watch concept though.

lunatik is the werd. Can't wait for mine to come. It is so cool that I bought in even though I don't even have a Nano and I don't have plans to buy one!

I bought the griffin black.. it is sooo uncomfortable lame pop watch.. I was on a quest to find a decent nano band and finally found iCuff. I bought the woody edition, leather band that looks like wood with design on it. check em out at icuff.com