TiPb TV 11: What do we want for iPhone and iPad in 2011?

2010 is over, 2011 is upon us, and there's just a few things we want from Apple and Steve Jobs when it comes to iPhone and iPad next year. Hardware, software, features, services, as wonderful as our current devices are, there's still room for improvement and that's topic for this episode of our video show, TiPb TV!

Whether it's reducing the iPad bezel, adding one (or more!) cameras, or improving the memory, Rene and I expect a lot for iPad 2. Likewise I'm tired of the glass back on my iPhone already and want something sleeker, slimmer, and yes -- way more futuristic for iPhone 5. We also want iTunes.com, a Files app for iOS 5, and several things they could straight out steal from Jailbreak like BiteSMS, theming, and LockInfo.

Demanding enough? Hit the video above and watch along for more, then tell us what you want in the comments!

TiPb TV 11: What do we want for iPhone and iPad in 2011?

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TiPb TV 11: What do we want for iPhone and iPad in 2011?


I'd like to see flash as standard on the iPads. Won't take much to do but such a big difference to the user interface.

I would like to have a lighter, easier to hold iPad. Also have the ability to have facetime on it so I can facetime.

I'd love to see iPad2 with a front facing camera, retina display, 1080p video playback. I'm not too worried about flash.

Well I don't have an iPad... yet, so my wish list will only relate to iPhone.
-White iPhone, that would be nice if it'll ever happpen
-I'd like the storage capacity to be higher. 16/32GB is alot, but I was expecting with iPhone 4 to have those numbers jump to 32/64GB. Although I don't expect iPhone 5 to have that capacity level yet, just due to SSD's haven't really dropped enough in price to make it worth while for Apple.
-I'm going to agree with Georgia on texting. I'd like to reply to a text without having to close an app and go to my texting app. Also, I'd like for texting to be a little more advanced. I think it sparked a topic on here once, but stealing some RIM texting feature would be nice, but highly unlikely.
-Facetime over 3G, I'm not sure if thats an Apple issue or AT&T issue
-Again I agree with Georgia on customization
-That $999 "I am rich" app with the glowing red diamond, I'd love that back. (kidding ha)
-I'm not sure how many people use it, but I have a awful time trying to connect my VPN for work. I'd like Apple to make some changes with its VPN protocol
-Antennagate, enough said
-And iPhone to go to Verizon, I doubt I'll switch, but that only means my friends will now buy the iPhone

That "lock screen info" app shown towards the end, does that really exist for the iP? and if so, I'm assuming throw JB? If so, I will really consider JBing my phone.

i would like the see a live weather app like the one HTC and windows 7 uses. would also rather have live tiles like the one the windows 7 has. the static images that the iphone uses is so boring, not all the apps have to have it and if they did it can be option to turn on/off.
The BIGGEST thing i would like to see in the iphone 5 and ipad 2 is a non mechanical home button. Switch to touch or capitative. this would stream line the products even more and plus one less thing to break. i have seen so many posts about dust and dirt getting stuck in the home button that one click registers as two and vise versa.
also agree with Georgia about all the sms and customizations.

I would like on the iphone to see The home screen in landscape & Be able to delete music you can delete movies tv shows & apps why not songs.

edit track tags on the iPhone & iPad it would be so much easier then sitting at your pc doing it on iTunes.

flash,dual core processors,facial recognition, bigger screen,bigger battery,kick stand, voice to text on the keyboard, all for iphones

Actually Apple is ahead of the curve by supporting the adoption of HTML 5. Flash is antiquated, bloated and has never been optimized to the point of running efficiently on ANY computing device, especially on mobiles.
Just because Flash runs on Android, doesn't mean it runs well. It's still a mediocre experience no matter how one tries to spin it.
No thanks.

@carlos maggard. in all honesty flash is really not needed. i currently own an iphone 4 and have the new nexus s for work. flash is not all that it cracks up to be...
@ mustafa just get a laptop....

My cellphone is my laptop, within 5 years our phones will be as powerful as our laptops.

Great video. Keep it up!
I'd like two things:

  1. Pages on iPhone for editing my Pages docs on iDisk.
  2. Multi-core iPad 2 to get those idiotic RIM CEOS to S.T.F.U.

Don't count on it. Apple has not been consilitory to all user/owner requests. THAT is how Apple rolls.

I do think Apple picks their battles from a strategic stand point, in other words, things we want and things we get are more than likely decided based upon which will give them the biggest bang for their buck (development time and money). Taking into consideration the competition, what is on the market and where Apple would like to take their products they decide on which features to develop and which to ether leave for later as add on enhancements or to third party developers via apps. It seems they do not want to just throw money at the issue and just hire teams of developers to turn out ever feature available just to keep up with what others are doing at the cost of their overall goals design philosophy.

@mustafa i understand, im just concerned that so many people want laptop features in a mobile phone and the biggest problem i see is the battery power. i apologize if i sounded rude about getting a laptop as i didn't mean it to sound that way... but i do see your point

A user-accessible true file system so I can delete that ungodly PoS pseudo-virus iTunes off my system.
Baring that? For Apple to finally make iTunes at least semi-stable on Windows platforms.
Oh, and while I'm wishing for the impossible, for Apple to open up hardware video playback so VLC can access it and we can stop having to transcode everything because Apples PoS player only speaks one format.

@JNGold i agree about the flash.. i have it on the nexus s and its not all that great, and it does slow down the phone, plus the games in flash are horrible

1080p video recording. But since Steve Jobs seems to have jumped on the 720p bandwagon, I don't see that happening.

I'm actually in the market for a new cell phone (contract is running out), possibly a slate tablet and possibly a desktop computer. And a DLSR maybe! So, Apple could sell my an iPhone 5, iPad 2, iMac, and an iDSLR if they were A+ devices. ;)

  1. IPhone 5: uni-core 1.6 GHz Cortex A9, PowerVR SGX 554 MP, 1 GB RAM, 64 GB storage. I'm indifferent about the other stuff. Fully expect iPhone 4 form factor with Retina Display. The dual-core is really just tech masterbation right now. What, 99.9% of code for mobiles is single threaded and the use case for multiple cores is basically zero. A faster Hz single core will be so much more beneficial than dual core. Multicore for the GPU on the other hand, bring it on. Oh, and another hour of battery life. A 4 inch 3:2 screen is likely too big for me. Maybe 3.8 inch if they can maintain the width.
  2. iPad 2: see iPhone 4 wished for sys specs and up to 128 GB. The number one thing though is that I wish it will be 1 lb and 10 mm thin. The screen should be less glarey. Pretty tall order there.
  3. IOS 5. Don't care for notifications. The current system is more than adequate for me. My wishlist is instantaneous responsiveness. No lags, no stutters, feel like I'm moving paper or objects on the screen not sending it commands. That should be the number priority above all other things. Maybe the only thing fancy I'd like to see is lockscreen glancible info. I'll have to think hard about the other fancy stuff. More interapp communication, faceless background services, but that kind of stuff increases risks all around.

And the home button has to stay mechanical. It'll just be crazy for it to be capacitive. I'd rather they just get rid of it and do something onscreen than employ a capacitive button.
Lastly, the text entry boxes that blog software uses for mobiles, even desktops, should be bigger. For instances, this text entry box is a mere 4.5 lines tall. It could be twice that.

I agree with a lot of the things you guys were saying, about the iPad and the files app for iPhone. However I disagree that they would not make a smaller iPad. I think it will work, especially since they know how to pack more pixels into a small area. It'll probably be a little bit more portable as well. Over some vietnamese food earlier tonight , some friends and I were talking about the iPhone and most of us agree that it looks too fragile and doesn't feel good in the hand ( unless you have a bumper on it. I still have my 3GS and most of us agree that it feels much better in the hand. They should make the back of something else...

I would love to see smart card and RFID integrated into the handset with logical control. This would be features that would appeal to both the individual user and enterprise client through supplying a means for commuters to pay for mass transit or any other case/card related walkup purchases, providing an alternate means to physical access cards for building security access and or logical access onto corporate networks.
Some discussing during this past this year seem to indicate that this is at least being thought of, one that comes to mind was a post I remember seeing some place discussing a test using an RFID equipped i-Phone for New York subway access. Couple that with a broader concept of the Starbucks app which allow users to have a way to pre load funds and use their i-device to pay for products in stores can come in quite handy.

I know this is a small thing, but I want the ability to have the "hours left" on battery instead of the percentage. Just like the MacBook. Just a small thing...

I want a notch smaller version of iPhone, like a BB Bold form factor. Fits perfectly in palm and so pocketable. Yes, it defeats the advantage of perfect rendering of web site etc, but I can sacrifice the screen real estate a bit in order for a more compact size. To compensate for battery size, add some thickness. IP4 is too thin with too many hard edges, making it rather uncomfy to hod in palm. Take the last row of icons on home screen and you get a perfect size.

Wow ... 2 directions:
1. I've seem to notice that folks want the iPhone 5 to be smaller yet.
Well, that puts them late in the market for 4G ... why?
The 4G Phys are kind of large from a iPhone application ... that is
in part why the Verizon iPhone has no 4G ... it is questionable
if the fab size for the 4G phys will be in a form factor small enough
for a shrunken iPhone 5.

  1. I kind of want the iPhone 5 to be slightly bigger ... true HD and 4G.
    I am still in the market for the iPhone 5 ... but still contemplating
    the Android.
  2. I am excited for the iPad 2 ... if size is shrunk, then all or most
    of the display surface is used for HD ... meaning no or very little
    border. The other issue is HD ... the pixel size and scaling will be
    mucked-up if they do HD ... a quandary.
  3. On the iPad 2 ... 2 cameras, Retina is nice, but actually it may
    be a conflict if they do HD on it. Apple markets a more "creative"
    ability on the iPad 2 ... akin to its Macs ... they have to shake
    the "iPhone-ish" application/limitations and presentation.
    Additionally, dual-core cpu and beefy gpu ... True multitasking
    since the CPU power would be greater ... allow adobe
    Flash to operate on it.

I really like the iPad ... a bold move that has the potential to
swipe out the "netbook".