Woman Sues Apple for 1 Million Dollars Over "Unfair" iPhone Price Cut, Repeal of Nerd Tax


Who can put a price on pain and suffering? Your attorney can, of course... to the total sum of a cool 1 Million dollars. Dongmei Li of Queens, New York (I didn't know people living in Queens could afford iPhones) claims that Apple's dramatic iPhone price cut is a flagrant violation of consumer price discrimination laws. Her suit alleges that the price cut hurts early adopters by deflating the iPhone's resale value. I call that the price of early adoption, but apparently it is grounds for litigation. Who knew?

So let me get this straight... if I walk into Wal-Mart and buy a head of lettuce, which then subsequently drops in price by 20 cents after I leave the store, I can then sue Wal-Mart for damages? Hot damn! I'm going to start watching for those falling prices and little yellow smiley faces.



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Kurt says:

On behalf of all Queens residents with iPhones... That stings.
But not as bad as the Mets.

Joe Wang says:

(I didn’t know people living in Queens could afford iPhones)
By far The most Ignorant statement I've read online in a long time. I suggest you do research on Queens, which by far contains the most diverse of cultures in the world.
As a resident of Queens I own an iPhone, and am outraged at that statement. Stop remembering Queens as the neighborhood from "Coming to America". I demand an apology for all Queens residents!
But I do agree sueing over a price drop is a bit excessive.

Dudley Statires says:

I don't understand how i found your blog since i was searching information regarding politics, but anyway, i had an excellent time reading it, thanks!