Want to win a free copy of Skyfire for iPhone or iPad? Enter now!

Skyfire Browser for iPad

Skyfire is the browser for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that does server-side transcoding, allowing you to watch a lot of the Flash videos that otherwise appear blank on your non-Flash supporting devices. We've posted on both Skyfire for iPhone and iPod touch, and Skyfire for iPad versions before but you know what's better than posting about them? Yup! Giving them away!

Skyfire is offering TiPb readers ten (10!) copies each of Skyfire for iPhone and iPod touch, and Skyfire for iPad and all you have to do to win one is leave a comment below and include #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone so we know which version you want to get! (Yes, you can include both if you're rocking both devices).

Also be sure to include a real email address. We won't make it public but Skyfire will need it to gift you your app!


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Oliverf says:

I'd love a copy for either device. Thanks.
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Paddy Clark says:

Nice prize guys... The iphone version would do just nicely..
Keep up the good work

Paddy Clark says:

Should read a little more closely.. :(

Troy says:

Either #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

tfa225 says:

I'd love it for #TiPbTeamiPhone

Yitz Brown says:

Skyfire's AWESOME! I have both devices, but I think it'll rock more for #TiPbTeamiPad Good luck everyone! :-)

Zaib says:

Hope i win

demolic says:

TiPbTeamiPad would be great!

iGatlex says:

wow fantastic :) TiPbTeamiPhone

Cooper says:

Sweet deal #TiPbTeamiPhone

Andre says:

I’d love a copy for either device. Thanks.
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Maddin says:

I'd love to enjoy Flash on my iPad or iPhone.
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Bogdan says:

The app is useful and it would be nice to win a copy! Thanks! #TiPbTeamiPhone

Filipe says:

TiPbTeamiPhone Thank u =)

JME says:

Oooohh Yeeaaaaah, I'd love a copy of Skyfire for my iPad !!! #TiPbTeamiPad

Sparry says:

TiPbTeamiPad would be nice:)

Matt Wyle says:

I’d love it for #TiPbTeamiPhone

Dan McKinnis says:

This would be great!

David says:


Christian says:

Nice :) Would sure love to win :) #TiPbTeamiPad

Filipe says:

Ok, here it is #TiPbTeamiPhone Thank U =)

MikeCTZA says:

Cool - I'd love to try it on my iPad !! #TiPbTeamiPad

dieselboy28 says:

I'd definitely like to have skyfire added to my collection of apps. #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

dgreening says:

I would love to have a copy for my iphone or ipad.

Sam Exel says:

TiPbTeamiPhone I would love to try this browser. I hear good things!

Deon says:

A copy of Skyfire would really rock! #TiPbTeamiPhone

MiguelGomes09 says:

TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone
I would love a copy for both.
BTW I love TiPb especially TiPbtv.

Torrens says:

It would be appreciated if you could give me a code of iPad or iPhone.
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Jerome says:

I would love to us it on my iPad. #TiPbTeamiPad

ronmcse says:

Wow Great Give Away!

Björn says:

I would certainly LOVE to have Skyfire on my iPhone...Giiiiimmmmmmeeeeee! Lol!

BLiNK says:

TiPbTeamiPhone for this kid! gracias!

ediskrad73 says:

TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

danH says:

Awesome giveaway. Keep up the good ork on TiPb.com! #TiPbTeamiPad

Edward says:

Would love to win a version for iPhone. Avid UK reader here. #TiPbTeamiPhone

Access Excess says:

I wouldn't mind trying Skyfire either. On either device.
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Stephen li says:

thank you for the offering.

lovejun says:

TiPbTeamiPad would be nice. thanks!

Roger uy says:

TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone I hope I get to win this

iMacKorea says:

I would love to test all! #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPad

Dustin says:

Been looking to get a copy of this for some time. Would love to win one!
Rocking both baby! #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

radko93 says:

TiPbTeamiPhone I will be happy when receive one code, it will be great promotion for TiPb and Skyfire (I own my own blog about iPhone) :)

loanhighknight says:

I've been DYING to try these out. And I'm on #TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

Rydog says:

Thanks for the offer!
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Ricky Olivarez says:

Would love to win! #tiPbTeamiPad

Adlin Azman says:

Awesome give-away.. #TiPbTeamiPhone please..!

Albert says:

I want to lit up my iphone SKY with FIRE... love to win an iPhone copy... Cheers

Mark says:

Sounds like it could be useful #TiPbTeamiPhone

Ephraim Kunz says:

I really want this, #TipbTeamiPhone.

drbill says:

ya skyfire could be great........#TiPbTeamiPad, #TiPbTeamiPhone

Christopher Falco says:

I'd love a copy! Please! :)
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Gusto77 says:

Keep good work guys!
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

dhut1832 says:

TiPbTeamiPhone - Would be really cool to give this a try and see how well the flash works. Thanks in advance!!

Ovidiu says:

Coolio ! :)

Richard Hanley says:

Sounds great, would love an iPhone version

Ven says:

SkyFire will rule them all! #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

filmore77 says:

I think if I got a copy, I'd be cooler, more hip and my wife would take me out for buffalo wild wings more. Please make me popular.

Kyle says:

I would love a copy of either one. ##TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Mathirush says:

TiPbTeamiPhone Skyfire is one good app and I would really like to see it on my iPod Touch.But can you consider posting giveaways about othere apps like Asphalt 5 etc ????

Canek says:

If I win a #TiPbTeamiPhone I will share it with all my friends! Thanks

okinawan says:

I like to use your app. Keep your works up.

Anthony R says:

I'd love to win. Thanks in advance... #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Sagar says:

TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Norm says:

Te ami, te ami!
TiPbTeamiPad - #TiPbTeamiPhone

Magnus says:

I would like to have a copy of #TiPbTeamiPad!
Thank you guys!

davec3275 says:

I'd love to win a copy!

Francois says:

I need this app to test it myself. Thx

Ken says:

I want an iPhone version...

Manos says:

would like to try this ! to check whether flash kills my iphone :) #TiPbTeamiPhone

Rich STeward says:

TiPbTeamiPad TiPbTeam iPhone Been using skyfire from Windows Mobile 6.1 its simply the best mobile /device browser!! Awesome work!!

Greg says:

I would like a copy of both.thx Guys

MooPenguin32 says:

I wouldn't mind winning a copy. #TiPbTeamiPad

Rena Ridzwan says:

TiPbTeamiPad pretty please..!

Laughton says:

I love you long time!

edbertin says:

Would like to know if service from Skyfire is better!!
Great job TiPb and Skyfire.
Want #TiPbTeamiPhone.

Matias says:

That's awesome!! I have it for iPhone and love skyfire. I want it for my iPad too!! Thanks!! #TiPbTeamiPad

jellyfish says:

me me choose me
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

napoleonsuarez#CB says:

Love the blog. Looking forward to trying the new app.

Mrtax2005 says:

I’d love a copy!
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

sean m says:

TiPbTeamiPhone Thanks!

Jason says:

Thanks for the continued giveaways!!

Melvyn says:

Count me in!
Rocking both iOS devices so....
TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

Harlan says:

Would love to try this bad boy out on the iPhone. Seems like the best browser out there.

Alli says:

TiPbTeamiPhone I still find it unfortunate that this app was free on WinMo, but costs on iOS.

MAGNUS says:

Sweet. I have both iPhone/Ipad but I would prefer the iPad version. Mmkaythanx!

robnaj says:

TiPbTeamiPad For the win I am using this app for the iPhone/iPod Touch a would love to use it on the iPad.

Matthew says:

TiPbTeamiPad Would love to give Skyfire a try!

MAGNUS says:

Crap!! I forgot the #TiPbTeamiPad. My apologies. I'm just excited to win. lol

jwavec says:

Need both badly!
TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

Darren says:

TiPbTeamiPhone Yes please!

radko93 says:

TiPbTeamiPhone waiting for the code! :)

Brandon says:

Would love to win Skyfire for my iPhone

Shian Yang says:

Great! I already use the Skyfire browser over the safari browser for my iPhone4. However, I would love to have the Skyfire browser for iPad for my new iPad! Thanks Tipb!

Dave says:


Hogan says:

This would be great!!

Crystal Pham says:

Would love this! #TiPbTeamiPhone

Darren says:

just in case . . . with the hashtag #TiPbTeamiPhone

rotembk says:

Already have the iPhone version so #TiPbTeamiPad here.

Scott says:

I would really appreciate a iPad copy!

Kenneth says:

Wow flash finally, and Facebook quickview? Them guys sure know what keeps us happy =)

riskybiz247 says:

Rene Ritchie Rocks!!! #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Pat2008 says:

Thanks guys!

DaveA says:


abalboa3 says:

Would love to have it on my iPad. Comes in handy on my iPhone. #TiPbTeamiPad

Genyam says:

I join the group of #TiPbTeamiPhone requestors :-)

halirob says:

dig it..... #TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

csullivan1980 says:

Cool give away, count me entered!

sumb0765 says:

I wanna win free version of #TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

MaxBurn says:

Would really like a copy for the #TiPbTeamiPad and I could sort of use one for the #TiPbTeamiPhone but I don't consider it as important.

MV says:

Desperately want Skyfire.

Ahmed Ghassan says:

Awesome !! Hope I Win :)
TiPbTeamiPad & #TiPbTeamiPhone ;)

Osumailguy says:

Either #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone would be fine ... both would be unbelievable!

timmy says:

TiPbTeamiPad tipb is great and no one

Claes says:

Hi! Cool I want a #TiPbTeamiPad!

Daniele says:

I whish I could win... thank you very much! #TiPbTeamiPhone

patrick chan says:

TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone. My friend said it really good but i don't have it.

Omar Grijalva says:

Hello, please send me some luck. TiPbTeamiPhone

Chris says:

Skyfire would be great to have as I'm expanding the capability of my new iPad!
TiPbTeamiPad for me!

Santi says:

Love it on my phone jus got an iPad hope Im lucky!!! #TiPbTeamiPad!!!!!

poly pang says:

TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone . I want a copy. thanks

bradld says:

I never win anything...

Tim says:

Thanks for the giveaway TiPb: #TiPbTeamiPad

Bob Brobst says:

Count me in.... #TiPbTeamiPhone

Csundby says:

I would love a copy of Skyfire! :D

Lorin says:

I'd like to use Skyfire on my iPad. #TiPbTeamiPad

Bhodson says:

I would like to see what it's all about! #TiPbTeamiPhone

jmleib says:

Would love to have #TiPbTeamiPhone!

Roberto says:

good stuff. #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Joe Blake says:

I would like to have an iPad copy!

Raul says:

Hope to get some of it :) #TiPbTeamiPhone

Edwin Techo says:

TiPbTeamiPhone & Skyfire rocks here in the Philippines, hope i win ;)

pink2 says:

Would love to try the iPhone version!! #TiPbTeamiPhone

Karl C says:

Just got an iPad, would love to try out Southparkstudios on it!

Mud says:

Awesome! Thanks TiPb!

Ahmad says:

TiPbTeamiPad Hope to win

Bryan Clark says:

I would love to give Skyfire a shot #TiPbTeamiPhone

Laelipoo says:

This is pretty awesome. Love to try it. #TiPbTeamiPhone

Tony says:

Oh that flash would appear on my IPhone!

mrtomd says:

TiPbTeamiPad all the way! WoooO!

Gary says:

Please make my iPhone what is supposed to be!

mrtomd says:

Let's Go #TiPbTeamiPad !

VIP Law says:

I would like the iPhone version!

Gary says:

Please make my iPhone what it was supposed to be #TiPbTeamiPhone!

Jake Libman says:

I would love a copy

NovaTornado says:

TiPbTeamiPhone for sure. :) Hope the browser is as slick as it looks.

Ben says:

I would love the ipad version

Sach says:

First time entering competition on TIPB as i never win, but hey worth a try!!!
Good luck to all!!

Chaim Zee says:

I would love the iPhone version!!

Gule says:

I want this :D #TiPbTeamiPhone

AJ says:

TiPbTeamiPhone - thanks!

Michael Snider says:

I would love to try it out on the iPad!

Cloud says:

TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

socal5vee says:

With a little Luck #TiPbTeamiPad !!!

Bluecanary says:

This app looks absolutely amazing! :D. I'd love a copy! :) #TiPbTeamiPhone

spelletier says:

I would like a copy.

spelletier says:

I would like a copy

R.Casimir says:

TiPbTeamiPad. Thanks a million!

Drew says:

I've been wanting to check this out for a while #TiPbTeamiPad

four4usc says:

I would love to have this app #TiPbTeamIPhone

spareshoota says:

TiPbTeamiPhone !!! I would love to be able to use flash on my iPhone!! It gets old having to wait to get to my PC to watch videos or view certain websites. Come on, Apple, get with the program!

Matt says:

Here we go #TiPbteamiPad, here we go.

rhruzek says:

I'd love to try out this one - I'm tired of not seeing flash on my iPhone.

Benny Ekelund says:

I would like the iPhone version!

Mosley says:

Please please please!

Ming says:

I wish i win too. I would like to play some flash video on my iPod and iPad. It will be great,isn't it. Anyway thanks. #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Faythebest says:

TiPbTeamiPhone tipb is the best !!!!

Cam Scott says:

I would love the skyfire app on my iPhone, I hear you can do flash video. #TiPbTeamiPhone

Cherice says:

Would love to try it! TiPbTeamiPad

Caspar says:

TiPbTeamiPad come over to Holland now!

Rgarza70 says:

I am happy to be here. Anal pleasures for everyone at TiPbTeamIphone.
go go go go disco disco disco disco

smokescreen220 says:

I'd love some flash video on my iphone!!

rajkumr says:

I wanna get my hands on #TiPbteamipad !!!
i gonna rock my friends!!!

Justin says:

This would be awesome #TiPbTeamiPhone

Conrad says:

Would love to have a copy. Thanks!!

Eric says:

TiPbTeamiPad. I've always been curious to try this.

Rob says:

Hook me up!

scottdoc718 says:

I'd like both:
TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

Lytle-Andrew says:

Christmas is over and you'll are still in the giving mood! Simply wonderful! :-D

Deyrkroz says:

I would really like to get a copy of SkyFire to my iPad, because when you are with friends or something like that people say "Haha iPad don't support flash, just wasting money on it", and the sadly it's that they are incorrect, iPad can support flash with SkyFire, at same that SkyFIre contain Multitasking, and other usueful tools for it, like Looking a awesome article of TipB and you wanna put it to facebook its quickly just drop it there and put accoment? Not like "Go to bit.ly blah blah blah...." "SkyFire it's the best app of Internet the exist to iPad and i really aprecciete if the Staff Of TipB can choose me for getting a copy i would REALLY use it for all, as work, as fun, as all
SkyFire & TipB = The best persons in the world, don't let them die, NEVER!
Thanks you for let me in!
Best Regards,

muydess says:

I need to see flash content on my iPad and iPhone:

Jim says:

Would luv a copy for the iPad. Thanks so much!

kalbopapi says:

Love it!! #TiPbTeamiPhone

willrobjr864 says:

Would like a copy for both my devices.
TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

Sven says:

I like both
TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

Arnab says:

Sent from my iPod touch.

Tyler says:

I would love to try this with my ipad and show it to all the other ipad users in the office. #TiPbTeamiPad.

Bmxbiker46 says:

I have been looking for a good browser for well over a year now. But nothing has seemed to beat safari?!? I would love to try SkyFire and watch flash videos on my iPhone!!! #TiPbTeamiPhone

Max says:

I would LOOOVE to get Skyfire on my iDevices!!

Raihan says:

Cool :)

pure_oxygen says:


aditya675 says:

Would love to own a copy! #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Mrcrader says:

I only have an iPhone 4. )-:

slicecom says:

I'd love the iPad version! :)

YT says:

Sign me up!
if i don't win, I might just buy the iPad version
TiPbTeamiPad / #TiPbTeamiPhone

Craig says:

TiPbTeamiPad I'd love to win a copy of this!

Christopher says:

Please, give me th iPad version. #TiPbTeamiPad

Mike Maglione says:

this is pretty sweet!

Randall says:

I would like a copy for my iPhone.

Bruce says:

Would love a copy of Skyfire for iPhone!!! #TiPbTeamiPhone

Lauren says:

I'd love to try either one or both!
TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

Makeda says:

Skyfire has fixes one of the iPhone 4's biggest let downs. Proving that the IOS platform is the best. Pitfalls are just pops for developer to do their thing. Eventually there is always an app for that!

Dario says:

Awesome. Hand me both. ^^
TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

ThatSkyFireGuy says:

Holy crap, I really love this app on my 'Droid, can't wait to see it on my #TiPbTeamiPhone!

Jay says:

I would love to stop using Safari.

Bob says:

A copy of Skyfire for my iPad would be wonderful. Then I could prove to people that flash does work in iPads. Some of my friends say they would not buy an iPad as flash will not work on them.

Ron Bishop says:

I would love, love, love to get a copy of Skyfire for my iPad!!!!

muaddip says:

TiPbTeamiPhone all the way baby!!

GeoffD says:

teamiPad and #teamiPhone 

Syamson says:

Pick mee pick meeeee :)

gvndeb60 says:

Would love it for my iPad!

Geo Coldz says:

W00t another giveaway!

Mason Foster says:

Awesome, count me in!

Matt says:

I like them both, thus far all other solutions didnt really make any inroads when it comes to showing flash videos. I only wonder though what will happen to the skyfire team if Adobe gets its house in order and delivers a flash integration that Steve Jobs approves of...

Reader says:

Uh, lets see if i can get em #TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

spthealien says:

I would like both, please. #TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

P says:

Oh great!! ##TiPbTeamiPad

Howard says:

Would be great to get a copy of this app.
#TiPbTeamiPad and #TiPbTeamiPhone

ewok2k says:

I'm rocking both devices, thanks!! #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

Mark Tesch says:

Awesome giveaway! Hope I get his for the iPad, that would complete the New Year! #TiPbTeamiPad