iPad 2 case pops up at CES boasting a mock iPad 2

Looks like Engadget has discovered a mockup iPad 2 case at CES. The screen above also seems to contain a mock iPad 2 as well. As the iPad 2 announcement grows even closer, the normal mockups and leaks are ramping up. This case seems to fit in line with most of the others. It has camera cutouts in the front and back and a much larger speaker cut-out.

This case and mockup comes from Dexim. Besides having the mythical iPad 2 mockup, it looks like a pretty neat case concept in itself with a pretty ingenious design for a Bluetooth keyboard. It also confirms what all the rest have when it comes to size. The iPad 2 will most likely be slimmer than the current generation.

After the leaks with the iPhone 4, I'm still skeptical as to whether or not these case manufacturers had a way to get ahold of an early mockup. On the other hand, all these case leaks seem to be in agreement. What do you guys think? Hit Engadget's website via the link to see a few more images.


[via Engadget]

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CadillacE says:

Of course it will have a camera but the thing is, will people comfortable holding up a IPad for pics when they have a camera phone or camera?
Just make it faster, slimmer, have a SD slot and Flash ( with Steve's ego, most likely not) and I would be happy

Brian says:

Can't ever see an SD slot or Flash on the iPad. Wouldn't be very Apple-esque now would it.

Greg Foster says:

You can say no to both of those. Lol.

HaPi76 says:

Even if those new physical features look like safe bets, I'll still wait for the guy in the black turtleneck to put sneakers to the stage and tell me "iPad 2, with a slimmer & lighter design and FaceTime, it is even more magically amazingly magical"...
(Btw, first!)

Tyler says:

When is Apple going to announce the date of the January keynote? I'm so excited to see what's next.

jasonphil says:

I hope they announce something surprising. We can already assume it'll have the cameras and be thinner and whatever; I just hope they incorporate something no one was expecting!
But then again, maybe that kind of surprise can only be had at the iPhone announcements.

play says:

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