App Preview: Weightbot for the iPhone

Updated: Now available via the iTunes App Store

Want to get attention for your App? Innovative and drop dead gorgeous UI is one heckuva way to do it. Enter Weightbot from Tapbots. Killer mascot, even more interesting user experience. These are the kinds of high-polish Apps we've been waiting for (no pun intended!)

Anyone else pushing the iPhone envelope? Please let us know!

Thanks to Mark for sending this in!

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Reader comments

App Preview: Weightbot for the iPhone


this app is missing just one thing.It needs to be able to elektro shock me when ever I decide to be lazy..

looks good but is missing trend smoothing feautres such as 10 day moving averages that help you to see the overall trends of your gain or loss and ignore subtle fluctuations that are due almost entirely to fluctuations in water weight. Look into the old book "the hacker's diet" by the founder of autodesk to see what I mean. It's free on his website.

Thanks for the mention.
AGS: Due to limitations with the iPhone hardware, we weren't able to add that feature. :P
Brett: That's been a common request and we are working on it for a near future update (among a few other things).

Some apps I buy simply because of how gosh darn beautiful they are. This is one of them, however, I later find them useful and end up using them all the time. Well, I just bought it and love it. It's on the app store right now.

@Brett If you want a serious weight tracker that computes a moving average and allows you to export your data, you should check out FatWatch.