Verizon: Mandatory face-to face training Jan 25 to Feb 4... for iPhone?


Verizon is having another one of their mandatory face-to-face training sessions for an "iconic pre-order", this one scheduled for January 25 to February 4, 2011, and it could just be for the Verizon iPhone. That's what many seem to believe, at least.

An alternative could be the Android-powered Thunderbolt, but we're being told February is blackout month for Verizon which has not been the case before.

This source has been good to SPE in the past but if there's anything we've learned from years and years of rumors -- we'll believe the Verizon iPhone is here when Steve Jobs holds it up, and/or it goes live on Apple.

Still, it jives with reports of Apple employees getting blacked out during a similar period and seriously, the amount of rumors coalescing around early February 2011 sure are interesting.

What do you think, has the go order been given?

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Reader comments

Verizon: Mandatory face-to face training Jan 25 to Feb 4... for iPhone?


Sounds great, although I'm going to be pissed if the Verizon version doesn't have the death grip.

And meanwhile, the sane among us will be happy that Apple is learning from past design mistakes, and refining their technology with each iteration.

YO, how much money you are getting for to put this rumors..
I'M still saying verizon don't deserve the iPhone.. they suck. and again, the iPhone will be Like a Ferrari in Cuba. won't be a highway where you can ride it. same is verizon. remember, TALK, TEXT and SURF INTERNET at SAME TIME.. whoever switch will regret it..
att is not perfect but i least we know it.

yo mama is so dumb, she does not know which country is which....
so which is it? I think yesterday you said Haiti and today Cuba. So what other countries are you going to drag in and say that's a Ferrari in (insert random country). let me guess, Chile tomorrow?

cuba, haiti, venezuela, ecuador. peru. nicaragua bolivia, some others, SAME S..t. third world countries boy..

You should really consider reading what you write before you post it on this blog. First off, your grammar and overall language usage is difficult to read at best. Secondly, there is no need to insult any persons heritage. Regardless of the "third-world" status that you are talking about, there is no need to insult people who either live there, or are from there that is just ignorant. I am not saying this from that point of view as I am born and raised here, but to have such a closed mind makes you seem like a 10 year old ignorant child.
Oh, and I am sure there are people in the "third-world" countries (at least one or two) who have a Ferrari and I would bet they have found ways to push them to speeds faster than you've driven.
Basically, have some respect, and stay on topic and not aggressive. Discussion threads are much more enjoyable to read for everyone.
Oh, and to get on topic - I am not sure the validity of the rumors, but a release can do nothing but help the iPhone community as a whole so hopefully these are true!!!

Yeah boy, this looks like it's really happening. At least, SOMETHING is happening; where there is smoke there is fire, and there has been ALOT of smoke on the calendar in early Feb '11.

I don't care. I'm sticking with AT&T. I am always browsing the internet while talking with people (looking for addresses, phone numbers, prices etc.).

AT&T has the lowest customer satisfaction rate of any cell phone must be the only one who is actually happy with their service.

the sheep will believe anything, on and that meaning you ashley.
I tell you what , i switched from BB and verizon to ATT and the iphone , ill never go back.

I am. It depends on the personal experiences you have to make a choice. Locally, poorly staffed verizon stores compound average customer service. My local AT&T store has always gone out of their way to help when needed. Good luck to you if you choose Verizon. I am staying with AT&T.

I can't wait for the iPhone on Verizon to become a reality. Not because I wish to switch (I don't) - just so I don't have to read any more rumors about it. Oh, and offloading some of AT&T's network demand when a certain percentage of customers jump ship to Verizon will be a nice bonus!

I'm with Dyvim.
I will stick with AT&T a while longer (It'll have to be a while longer now that my wife and I upgraded to the iPhone 4.) My guess is that the exodus of AT&T users to Verizon will ease the network and/or the competition will be enough pressure on AT&T to improve their network. I was on Verizon before and liked their coverage but hated their customer service.

Good thing then that one would deal with Apple instead of Verizon. I have never once called AT&T in the three years I've had my phone. I went into a store once to get a replacement SIM card, but that was it.

Verizon, in their major press event yesterday, pegged the Thunderbolt release in Q2, IIRC. So no, I don't think that training would be it.

Got to love how some are treating jobs like hes a god.
I believe it. I mean use common sense people!Why are we having all these back to back rumors? 3-4 each week! that should tell you something!

Yes, by not clicking on the article title and then reading it, and then commenting on it. Just scroll past it. Pretty simple.

Verizon is throwing all of their weight behind android and the Droid brand. It doesn't make a lot of sense for them to suddenly offer the iPhone. I mean, it could happen, but then why advertise android so aggressively and adopt so many devices this year (per CES)?

Simple answer is Verizon is like every company...they want money. The iPhone would make them boat loads more than they already are making.

A carrier is nothing without phones to sell.
Verizon has an impressive array of phones already... and the iPhone would sell phenomenally well too.
Apple sells the iPhone on up to 5 carriers in other countries... why is going to 2 carriers in Apple's home country such a shocker?

Fine, you don't care. But there are a lot more people that do care and Apple is very interested in selling them iPhones.
yo mamma,
Good for you, stick with AT&T. Apple really only cares about the huge increase in users they will get on Verizon, not the ones that are going to simply switch from AT&T to Verizon. They want the people that will never leave Verizon for whatever reason. Plus the whole talk/text/browse issue goes away when they turn over the LTE iPhone on Verizon about a year or two later. So it's time to sell them the iPhone CDMA now so they can then also sell them them the iPhone LTE later. Verizon doesn't deserve the iPhone, that really has to be one of the most ridiculous statements.
Personally, I wouldn't use any phone on AT&T. Their coverage and service is not as good, I get a better discount from Verizon and the Global pricing options from AT&T are lousy. I'm not running out to buy the iPhone on Verizon when it becomes available, but I know a LOT of people who are. Maybe I will when there is an LTE iPhone that I can use globally on Verizon.

I hope this is true. Why would Steve announce a phone on another plan When he already introduced the phone? Its the same phone, right?

Just think how much better At&t service is gonna get when people start switching. Have friends that work for Verizon that talk mad smack about the iPhone, I bet they will get one.

Yea, my wife and I both work for Verizon and all the reps have been trash talking it since it came out. You know which phones they don't talk about? The ones that aren't a threat. I've owned an iPhone and it's the best phone I've ever had. It's going to be funny when all these Verizon reps suddenly have to start selling this "horrible" phone that doesn't even do MMS. (yes, I know it does mms now. you'd be surprised how many vzw reps don't)

can we please stop with these damn roumors please? can we just wait for an official announcement. this is just plain old the iPhone going to verizon is the unicorn of mobile devices. please I beg of you to stop with the roumors, I love this site but my god I'm of seeing this dumb roumor. yes we all know eventually that it will be on all carriers so get over it and wait for an official announcement. wait did I keep repeating myself in this? oh it's kinda like all these roumors very repetitive!!!!!

If this is accurate, that means they will start PRE ORDERS after Feb 4, which likely means another month before the phones will be in customer's hands. Just saying.

this verizon iphone rumor is getting old. i rather hear something more practical like untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 already and im happy.

I know isn't that funny. The iPhone is such a self explanatory. What training is reason needed? "How to touch the screen" training? Ridiculous

I agree with yomama...The Verizon "3G experience" is not exactly like AT&T's. Everyone that I know who has Verizon in L.A. says the "ultimate" network gets between 500-1,700kbps.
That's great but we all know that there won't be a "4G" iPhone on ANY carrier until 2012, so I'll continue cruising on my HSPA iPhone at 4-6Mbps. Anything less will not feel right anymore after you have that experience consistently every day for 5 months now. :D

What do I think? I think we agreed most of us were tired of these damn Verizon rumors and your time would be better spent telling us about some magical new apps we didn't know about. Please shut up about this until Steve stands and tells us all about it. Thanks.

There is, of course, a small chance that Google is re-releasing Nexus One. Because most of the world doesn't remember it anyway, and they sold so few that they need to try and make some of their development costs back. It's possible.

All I care abut is AT&T offering lower plans once this happens. I've got 4,000 rollover minutes I'll never use, while not being able to even send a text without paying more money?
It's criminal.

tell them you are going to cancel your service unless you get a 450 min plan , they will put you on that for 20 bucks a month less , 5000 nights/weekends.

I probably wont leave att either because I dont have any problems. I just want VZ to get the iPhone because then we can shut down the all the hype of Android.
Preperation i relives the pain and discomfort associated with Hemorr-droids.

HAHAHA!!! Thats REALLY creative j crain, but if iPhone really WAS all that, Android would have been shut down a loooong time ago! LOL Different phone for a different (more advanced) user, I guess. :)

OK, on another thread here it was stated that there are no black out date for either Verizon or Apple. Just more rumors of the mythical Verizon iPhone, which is the dream of a small group who are Verizon fanboys. Sorry, I just don't see it until there is real proof.

You always hear how much better the service on AT&T will be when many switch to verizon. Something to think about. Service may be better, but AT&T will loose money in data fees, not to mention loss of iPhone sales. So will the customers who stayed, find their data plans getting mire expensive? They have to make the money up somewhere. Either data, or minuets. I may be way off the mark, but never know.

Hello 2 all,I have had verizon 4 over ten years and never had any problems! My cellphone works everywhere even in the middle of dinner in the middle of the atlantic ocean. Other carriers around me were shocked. Don't u think a major carrier would test thei cdma on their network prior 2 making any major decisions. We know 4 sure at and t didn't. Let's wait for an announcement b4 making speculations!