Poll: What do you expect to see during the Verizon iPhone announcement?

What will we see during the Verizon iPhone announcement event? Just a regular old iPhone but with a CDMA radio? A white iPhone? An LTE iPhone? A world iPhone? Steve Jobs on stage saying Apple is re-re-revolutionizing the Phone? Someone in New York City making a successful phone call?! (Ouch!)

Vote in the the poll up top and give us your full predictions below!

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Poll: What do you expect to see during the Verizon iPhone announcement?


The reader of this site I think have a thing against VerizonWireless getting the iPhone. Based on the differnet and the comments I wonder if VerizonWireless iPhone user will have a warm welcome.

Apple knows how to knock your socks off at an announcement thing like this.
On the other hand, Verizon knows how to be boring and expected at something like this.
So- which wins out? I would hope for something exciting, but I'm betting on just a CDMA iph4

Steve jobs "last year we gave you a retina display, a faster processor and a better camera. This year we will be giving you the best service you have ever had. One word to sum all this up, Magic!"

@#4: "On the other hand, Verizon knows how to be boring and expected at something like this."
It's Verizon's event. It's going to be a plain jane CDMA iphone, no LTE.
The more I read about the shootout between VZ and ATT, the less excited I get. ATT is fine where I live so I'm really not feeling it.
For me, the best outcome would be the option for a cheap early upgrade to an iPhone 4.

There will be widgets added and now you can customize your home screen!! Now at a glance you to can see what time it is, what is the weather forecast, and if your football/baseball/basketball team won last night! Maybe even see if your Apple or MS stock went up or down :-)

Wow! The day is finally here. It's gonna be almost sad after the announcement, as we won't be able to speculate anymore.
I do think theres a chance iPhone 5 has LTE which is pretty exciting...

Everyone wins!!!
Competition is how America stays ahead of the curve. It will keep the carriers in check with there data pricing. And AT&T network will work better once Verizon shakes AT&T customers free.

There is no way there will be a white iPhone exclusive to Verizon. This would not only piss off customers on AT&T who wanted a white iPhone and now can't get it because it's exclusive to Verizon but it would piss off AT&T because it would entice some people to jump ship just for the color. I doubt they will do LTE just because they stayed away from 3G until it was proven so why would they go with LTE when it isn't even in wide adoption, not the Apple way. I think there will be a white iPhone and it might coincide with the Verizon launch to use the hype but not exclusive to Verizon. It might be exclusive to the US??

@iPheuria: Do you really think users will be pissed off because of a color of the device? Seriously? And you think a company the size of AT&T will care what color the device is? Come on... Although I think you missed the boat on most of your comments, I completely agree that it would be surprising to see the iPhone being LTE for the reasons you listed, though we can all dream. At least make it a World Phone...
And finally, @ David: "Based on the differnet and the comments I wonder if VerizonWireless iPhone user will have a warm welcome." Who is going to "welcome" the iPhone VZW customer? Other VZW customers? Who gives a rip? Good for Apple for finally expanding to another carrier and giving those who have wanted the iPhone- but didn't have the service or refused to put up with AT&T's customer service- a chance to get their hands on the device.
I'm hoping Verizon did the right thing and really tested how taxing this device may be on their system so they don't have to fight the same PR mess that AT&T has. We are currently Alltel customers who will become AT&T customers "sometime" in the near future, though this date keeps getting moved back. I've tried to find out more information to compare my current plan with future options, but anyone I speak with at AT&T seems to send me to someone else. More proof that AT&T just can't deal with customers...

I don't see it possible that it would be LTE until next generation - and it would happen for both carriers.
Apple doesn't like early adoption (Remember 3G for the first iPhone?) and 4G just isn't that widespread yet.
Plus, if Verizon had the LTE iPhone, it would give them an advantage over AT&T for customers to go to Verizon instead of AT&T. AT&T would not be happy with Apple if that were to happen; it already sounds like some people are going to switch as it is.

If I remember right, AT&T talked about some 'other' technology - not LTE or 4G - during CES possibly? Sorry, I don't have it in front of me. Either way, it didn't sound like AT&T was interested in LTE.

Verizon will change their upgrade policy to 20 months and will stop offering their 12 month discounted upgrade option on January 16th. They will also not release the iPhone until 14 days after the new upgrade policy has been in effect to prevent returns of one year upgrade phones for the new iPhone. So the soonest the new iPhone will be available is January 31st. My guess is Feb 3rd.
The new Verizon iPhone will be just a CDMA phone and will not include 4G. It will have the revised frame we have been seeing pictures of which people are saying is the iPhone 5 but it is just a different antenna layout for the Verizon iPhone 4.
There will be no Apple announcements other than the Verizon iPhone being available. Apple will save any of their own announcements for an event put on by them later.
All of this is just a guess from the rumors I have heard and read.

Why are iPhone options the only options in this poll? You people are aware that there are Windows Phone 7 phones coming to Verizon around this time too, right?
I'm going to laugh my ass off if/when this announcement has NOTHING to do with the iPhone. Although I almost hope it is just so I don't have to keep seeing these stupid rumor articles.

Wow - are you behind the times. 10 minutes into the announcement and you are hoping it isn't about the iPhone? It's already been announced! Also, the topic is "Poll: What do you expect to see during the Verizon iPhone announcement?"
Pretty much says people aren't going to talk about a Windows device... Wow.

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