Leopard Watch: Apple Lets Cat Out of the Bag October 26


Mark your calendars, Apple fanboys. A certain feline themed operating system is ready to pounce on Macs everywhere, as its appointed date with destiny draws nigh. Sources have pinned October 26 as the date Apple will officially launch OSX (10.5) Leopard. Every Mac rumor site from here to Nepal is claiming confirmation by "sources." Yeah, sources. I have mine too and they prove every bit as reliable as a magic 8 ball. The thing I love about Mac rumor sites is that when one reports a rumor, it sets off a chain reaction of counter-confirmations; as if they can somehow collectively will the rumor into fact by supporting one another's claim. You'd be better off consulting the giant clown head at McDonald's; it won't give you an answer but it will take your order.

I have to say, so far Leopard hasn't knocked my socks off. I look forward to its arrival but I won't be standing in line outside of an Apple store on the day of its arrival, as I did for iPhone. Still, I saved Leopard a seat on my hard drive partition should it come round. Hey it can't be any worse than Vista, right? Ah, Vista. Leopard may purr, but Vista is the real pussy.


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Leopard Watch: Apple Lets Cat Out of the Bag October 26


Look, when Apple announced that they would have to move Leopard back to October, I set 10/31/07 on my calendar as the day Leopard would be released.
Every product announcement that I have followed have been near the end of the month of the release month.
I don't need any "inside" sources to figure this out. ;)

WTF. You snagged this from TidBITS. :-) And isn't it Jerk Off In The Box that has the giant clown head?