Revenge of the iPhone: Veency for Jailbreak

So yesterday Chad put Jaadu and Mocha VNC through a no-holds-barred round of App vs. App for the title of best solution for controlling your PC via the iPhone. Well, the iPhone won't let those big bully PCs have all the fun!

ReadWriteWeb brings word of Veency, a solution that let's your iPhone via the PC!

Developed by Jay Freeman, the creator of the Cydia and Cycorder apps, Veency is a free app that allows iPhone owners to remotely control their iPhone from the comfort of your PC or Mac desktop via a VNC client. Some of the neat things you can do with Veency are: Launch applications on your iPhone, Reply to emails, text messages, and more, Rearrange icons, Lock/Unlock your iPhone, Browse through Photos and Contacts

So, anyone itching to get their remote iPhone access on?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Revenge of the iPhone: Veency for Jailbreak


The question is why? Seriously, I do not see any reason to install this app, but one - I can remotely operate my iphone - but what for? Spending this time to develop some copy & paste solution would be much more useful.

Now I can put my phone in a good reception area while on my computer and respond to my SMS! Awesome.

Marcin: perhaps you want to test something on the iPhone while using your PC and not having to switch between the two? PocketController for Windows Mobile has been around for years and does exactly that; it's basically Remote Desktop for your WM device.

I'm sorry but you guys are sad... you have to get this from another blog?
Do you guys have a jailbroken phone? Are you doing your homework? Looking at these new apps as they become available?
I've been playing with this app since it came out and it's great...
Why don't you look at all the apps on Cydia and come back with a comprehensive list and reviews of them?
I keep coming here thinking I'm going to read something new and I am constantly disappointed.

I know I'm looking for a program to do app reviews while recording the iphone screen. Would make great video reviews. But you can't do game reviews with this as it will not record in 3d.