Free Wallpaper Friday: The "What You Get" Edition


This is the first weekly wallpaper installment I've publishing without having first tested them on my own iPhone, because I seem to be ahem iPhoneless at the moment. So this week's gallery is a "What you get" release. I hope they look good. If you don't like them, keep your receipt and I will refund your... wait, what the hell am I saying? They're free!

tiger-mask.jpg summer-field.jpg red-wallpaper.jpg eye-glasses.jpg cocktails.jpg blue-sky-grass.jpg beach-grass.jpg asian-abstract.jpg

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Reader comments

Free Wallpaper Friday: The "What You Get" Edition


What's with the vapid looking chick with glasses? I really want to look at someone I don't even know every time I fire up my iphone? Hell, I don't even want to look at pics of people I *do* know. Weird man, weird.

Months ago I nic named my iPhone Izzy, The pic with the girl at least gives me a face to go with the name....

That chic as you call her is my spy. Someone has to keep an eye on you guys, and that wallpaper is the ultimate in spyware technology; the all seeing eye of Kent.

Please tell where did you get that jobs-goofy-posture.jpg photo. I really want it bigger size to put on my desktop screen.)