First look: Dead Space for iPhone, Dead Space HD for iPad

Dead Space from Electronic Arts is set to hit the US iTunes App Store sometime later today in both iPhone and iPad versions. TiPb got a sneak preview so let's just give you the goods right now. If you couldn't guess from the title it's a space survival/horror shooter with absolutely gorgeous graphics and even better sound and atmosphere. The mood is just perfect and transitions from casual, almost monotonous getting-to-know-the-controls early missions to OMFG-what's-eating-my-face action with heart-stopping abruptness.

Controls are about as good as can be expected for a mulitouch device though I did once in a while have trouble picking something up as opposed to shooting. If you're familiar with other first-person shooters on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you'll feel right at home.

Dead Space isn't on rails; you walk where you want to walk, blast what you want to blast. You do have a guidance mechanism to show you the way, however, which minimizes the frustration of truly open environments.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, it's not a universal app so you can buy it just for iPhone/iPod touch (and framed on iPad) or you can buy Dead Space HD for the big screen iPad experience. (When you do buy Dead Space for iPhone or iPad and register the game, you'll get a special unlock for Dead Space 2 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.)

Unfortunately, like most other separate iPhone/iPad games, there's no way to sync progress between platforms so if you get pretty far on the iPhone on the bus, you probably won't want to switch to the iPad and keep going on the sofa. Pity.

Overall Dead Space reaffirms that we've just entered the next great generation of iOS gaming. It looks great, it sounds great, and it's a ton of fun.

Video up top and screen shots after the break. If you check it out, let us know what you think.

[Dead Space iTunes link - $6.99]

[Dead Space HD iTunes link - $9.99]

First look: Dead Space for iPhone, Dead Space HD for iPad

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First look: Dead Space for iPhone, Dead Space HD for iPad


really super, I will also download it Ronie . For details on this and on iPhone,iPod,iPad,Apple,Android and Jailbreak visit www enews plus .com Thank

Looks great. One question though. Is this a remake of the first Dead Space or a completely new story line? I'm presuming it couldn't be the entire game but perhaps key parts to it. I've played the first one and loved it and wouldn't mind picking this up I just don't want to retread the same game over.

Is the unlock for consoles time limited? I'm planning on getting ds2 for my xbox 360 soon

Maybe I'm old but the controls don't look very controllable. What do think about the possibility of using a game pad like the PS3 wireless controller (bluetooth) or equivalent? This would take gaming to the next level on the iPad. Could you imagine Uncharted on the iPad!

It's an original iOS exclusive storyline. It tales place after Dead Space 1 and just before Dead Space 2. The Devs commented that the ending of the iOS version is literraly a direct crossover to the beginning of the new Dead Space 2 on home consoles!
By the way, I'm only just starting out on this but I'm seriously thinking that this may well wrestle the title of "best iOS game" from the likes of infinity blade, rage or real racing 2. The graphics are simply stunning, the sound atmospheric and brooding, finally the controls are intuitive and unobtrusive. There's a genuine atmosphere created in this game which just isn't present in titles like NOVA 2, they seem soulless by comparison.
I know £3.99 and £5.99 are considered premium in terms of app store pricing structure, but if ever a game deserved it it's this. I for one am more than happy to pay a little more for a lot better. In fairness the bang for buck ratio when compared to home console pricing is through the roof!

Well its the same game! There shouldn't be multiples of the same game. Example: Regular version, HD iPhone version, iPad version, free version, paid version... Dammit! Why can't developers create on version of the app. They can use in app purchase to unlock more than a trial, or apple could implement a return system like android. It gets annoying. You would expect a company as large as EA to actually take the time to think about this.