iPhone Dev Team Releases iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak, But Not for Bricks

Hey, want to void your warranty and turn your iPhone into an expensive paperweight with future firmware updates? If so, iPhone Dev Team has a hack for you. They've successfully managed to jailbreak factory fresh iPhones running firmware 1.1.1, enabling support for black market third party applications, and utilize non-AT&T SIM cards to roll your own network. However, no workaround solution has been found for previously unlocked, now bricked, iPhones updated to 1.1.1.

Yes, yes, it all sounds well and good, but given the fact iPhone Dev Team has yet to undo the catastrophic damage created by anySIM with Apple's new firmware, why would anyone place their trust in this process again? Trust me folks, if you value your iPhone, stay far away from Jailbreak or unlock software, in any form. You are playing with fire. These half-assed hacks are little more than Molotov cocktails ready to blow up in your face and brick your iPhone. But don't take my word for it. Just ask my previous iPhone, now serving as doorstop and makeshift kitchen utensil.


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Reader comments

iPhone Dev Team Releases iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak, But Not for Bricks


"once you hack it you’ll never go back to the dull apple jailed iphone"
Actually that's exactly what I did... I hacked the piss out of my 1.0.2 iphone, and when 1.1.1 came out I did a full restore and updated. I can't honestly say I miss the hacks in the slightest. I'm a casual user, and outside the cosmetic benefits (themes, moving icons around etc.) I found most of the vaunted 3rd party apps to be mediocre, buggy and unreliable. Certainly none of them came even close to adding genuine functionality to the phone IMO.
Then again, like I said, I'm a casual user. I don't even know what SSH means, but I'm sure if I did then I'd be missing apptapp something awful... right?

Technically, you're iPhone is a brick now, not because you hacked it, but because you unlocked it using anySIM. I hacked the hell out of my iPhone, sans unlocking and if I were put it back in jail and restore it using firmware 1.02, it would put it back to the way it was when I bought it. I could then update to 1.1.1 without any altercations.
You just happened to be impatient, like so many out there, and updated the second you saw an update was available despite being warned all over the place since firmware 1.01 was released weeks and weeks ago.
I understand your frustration, and perhaps hacking is playing with fire, but you can play with fire and not be burned if you're cautious.
That said, hack away! There ARE many opensource apps out there that I can't do without on my iPhone now. Fucking greedy Apple corporate strategies to milk consumers for every cent.
Apple's is more like that proverbial fire you spoke of than hacking is. Play with Apple and you could get burned. Then they become the abusive other you keep going back to despite the black eye and bruises.

Your iphone is a brick because you updated it too early.
Stop with psicologic terrorism, learn to wait

I read from other sources that the new hack will fix bricked phones. Since your phone is bricked, try it out and let us know. It should be around $60.

Hey man, I played with fire and it wasn't so bad.
I understand you were a bit... lets say inpatient. My rules for those updates is let the hackers try it out first, if they say good... then go ahead.
still got installer and no i didn't unlock my iPhone with anySIM cuz that sucks. I did it with SSH