NBA Jam for iPhone slam dunks its way into the App Store!

NBA Jam for iPhone slam dunks its way into the App Store!

NBA Jam by EA Sports has made its way into the App Store and onto iPhone and iPod touch! If you are wondering whether this the same game that you -- and everyone else -- loved to play on SNES, the answer is yes! EA Sports has brought back the action-packed in-your-face NBA thriller!

The game is just as fun as it way years ago and includes all of the current NBA teams, and they are filled with some current stars as well as stars from yesteryears. You have to beat challenges to unlock certain older players but it is fun enough to make it worth your while. Also available are in-app purchases that will allow you to gain access to even more items in the game. So far after a short time with the game it seems as if it is spot on with the SNES version and the controls are easy to use and the action is non-stop. So what are you waiting for? Check out the video and screenshots after the break, then go get your dunk on and then come tell us your thoughts on the iPhone version in the comments below!

[ $4.99 - iTunes Link ]

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Reader comments

NBA Jam for iPhone slam dunks its way into the App Store!


This is pretty awesome!!! I suggest making the quarters shorter in the settings tho to make it go quicker, so many teams to beat!!

WOW, this brings back memories! Must buy, in fact I just did, alreayd beat those Lakers too....Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously got the iPhone app, but put it on my iPad. At x2, it isn't bad quality at all, very playable! go for it, forget the HD version!

This game is all sorts of greatness. I was a little worried the controls would be horrible, but this is probably the first iPhone game with virtual joysticks that I can really get into. Kudos EA.

First game i was willing to spend $5 on. Well worth it. The game handles really well, the graphics are great,and is an overall great experience.
I wonder if they will ever be able to get Tecmo Super Bowl on the iphone (without Jailbreaking).

OMG!! If they brought that back that would be a gift to all the 80's baby's out there. I loved that game as well.

I used to love playing NBA Jam on my SNES way back when. I've been playing it on my Droid X on an emulator. Good times.