Summer Glau and iPhone 4 in Esquire

Summer Glau and iPhone 4 in Esquire

Summer Glau did a swimsuit photo shoot for Esquire and in the companion video, busts out an iPhone 4 to take some front-facing pics and to answer a call. We don't post a lot of celebrity iPhone sightings here on TiPb because, frankly, there are far too many to post (and we don't have CrackBerry's eagle eye for them anyway) but when that celebrity is also from Firefly and Terminator... well, that too much geekdom to pass up.

Check out the (Flash! Blame Esquire! Get Skyfire!) video after the break!

[Esquire, thanks browncoat!]

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Reader comments

Summer Glau and iPhone 4 in Esquire


Nice body, sexy feet (although not in that particular shot..odd), but the face is a little underwhelming. Not that I'd say no....

:shock: Sexy feet? There's a half-naked young woman, and you notice a pair of sand-incrusted feet?

Uh no. You're thinking Eliza Dushku. Summer was in firefly, the movie Serenity and Sarah Conner chronicles. She also had a guest appearance in Big Bang Theory.

Agree that Jewel Staite is super cute. I think Lena Headey is hot when she's not grunged out like she was in Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Actually I watched the last 2 episodes of firefly plus movie serenity just last night....awesome. She was also in the 4400.

Yep, she's been in Terminator, 4400, Dollhouse and Firefly. I've seen them all (not for her though). When it comes to sci-fi hotties, Laura Vandervoort from V and Smalville is the queen!

I always used to think she was weird looking (partly because of her firefly role) but man she's startin to look pretty damn good.

Nice, just the video i needed to see, a hot nerd girl named summer, on the beach. While its snowing outside and cold as heck.
This is why I cant wait for "summer" to come again.
I love it when it warm outside, I hate the winter, I love the summer.

PLUS they need to put out one more season of Sarah Connor Chronicles, I really enjoyed that show.
Chrome-Artie FTW !! hahahah.
Plus the singer chick from Garbage, she was cool too.

Can you imagine this same video with a huge 5" Android plastic phone? Boner killer...

Pretty girl, yes, would never deny her in real life yes. But among celebs... she's really not something I am impressed by. There are FAR more better looking females out there.

after scrolling past this picture for the last couple of days I have finally looked down to her feet and they seem to be filthy... argh I hate filthy feet.....

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