Saucepans and Stew Pots: Study Says Consumers Ditched Treos for iPhones. Sorry, Palm

Alas, poor Palm. You just can't seem to get a break these days, can you? First came that whole embarrassing Foleo fiasco (or Foolio as I like to call it), an ordeal not to be repeated. Then your long overdue Palm OS replacement gets pushed back, twice, not to appear for another 18 months. Now comes this latest report, certain to deliver yet another vigorous blow to the nuts.

The bean counters at NPD Group, who watch consumer buying habits like the Chinese Secret Police, have determined that a very large percentage of early iPhone owners migrated from Smartphones, particularly the Palm Treo and T-Mobile Sidekick. In fact, the study shows that consumers were ten times more likely to have abandoned a Treo in favor of iPhone. Which totally has me laughing my ass off at the numbskulls who so adamantly asserted that iPhone will NEVER attract Smartphone users, in a vein effort to write off any threat. Fear the fruit, boys. Fear the fruit.

Four years ago the Treo represented the pinnacle of mobile computing design and innovation. Today, it's the Amish horse and buggy of Smartphones. Carriers may just as well give them away as Christmas ornaments for subscribers to hang on their trees. Nobody wants one.


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Reader comments

Saucepans and Stew Pots: Study Says Consumers Ditched Treos for iPhones. Sorry, Palm


Hey Kent,
Ill raise my hand, I switched from a Treo to the iPhone. The best change I ever did.

holy crap I gave my treo 2 years ago and went to a berry- then went from the berry to the iPhone-

I'll definitely be getting an iPhone once its out here in Asia. And guess what i'm using now...yup, a Treo!
"Today, it’s the Amish horse and buggy of Smartphones."
Lol! That's funny! :-)

I never could carry a Treo. Too bulky.
In other news, my iPhone battery has given up and wants me to pull the plug. Figures I'd get the freak battery that only lasts 3 months and 16 days.
I mean, I'm sure it'll last longer, but only if I charge it every 6 hours.

i came over from the blackberry camp. so far no regrets, but i won't bash the 'berry, its a damn fine device as well.

I know I just barely got rid of my 680 on eBay for a decent buck. Today I'm sure I would have lost my shorts on the deal.

I got a Treo 680 last Christmas and dumped it for an iPhone. Even though the Treo did things the iPhone can't, I wouldn't go back. I love my iPhone.

Lets see. Im using an 3 years old Palm Zire 72 as GPS solution (with an external bluetooth GPS receiver), have Bluetooth A2DP (iPhone, dont know what the heck is this), a lot of games, I can see a lot of video files encoded in with a lot of codecs (not only .MOV), I can edit Word and Excel documents, I can see PDFs, I can NAVIGATE to internet (and not that tiny litle browser what iPhone have), chat with my friends (real chat and not via sms) and also a lot more things. And if there is something that is missing you have a lot of useful and REAL SDKs (not iPhones web based useless development invironment) whith who you can develop your needed app to use OFFLINE (without the need to have a conection to internet to use a notepad aplication). To swith to iPhone? Whell, I dont think so.

i got the iPhone because win mobile interface seems so overloaded. There are like 6things on the screen at once, the iPhone has like 2 and in little colorful icons. But yes, i had to avoid update 1.1.1

Upgrade path:
Newton 100>Newton 130>Various Palm Pilots>Various Cliés>Treo 650(excellent)>Treo 680(terrible)>iPhone 8GB
which is the best so far.
The Newt OS was a work of genius, way ahead of its time - and sadly way ahead of a processor that could run it at a decent speed.
The Palm OS which was once the best thing since any kind of bread is now a horrible unsupported mess. Happy to see the back of it...

you don't like iPhone? Think yours is better and iPhone is crap? Then get the hell outta an iPhone blog and go back to your palm blog dipwad! You think you found someplace to come drop your wounded bull$hit about your dying phone and disparage the iPhone then go find someplace else boy, your trolling crap couldn't fall on more deaf ears.
When you're old enough to get a job kid and buy your own phone rather than have your mommy & daddy give you their hand-me-downs, and after a year or so when you've saved enough french fry money to buy a phone come back and tell us which phone you bought. And then disappear again.
Nothing like an ignorant basher finding a blog for a phone they don't own to come and reassure themselves that since they can't afford the blog phone they have the best piece o' crap they can afford.
Now back to bashing Steve for the next item on the agenda.

I can NAVIGATE to internet (and not that tiny litle browser what iPhone have),

What exactly are you referring to when you say NAVIGATE? You find it easier to tap on the browser icon or what? Because your implication that Palm's Blazer browser is somehow magically superior to Safari is laughable at best and fallacious at worst. That's like comparing a motorized wheelchair to a Lexus luxury sedan.
Palm's web browser, much like the operating system it runs on, is a toy that is best summarized in two words: Fisher Price. Now run along and play with your toy. There's a good boy.

You need to address him properly or the SP (Steve Police) will be paying you a visit. It's "The Steve."
-- Mikie

I had been planning to wait until there was a 3G iPhone, but I was having so much trouble with my Treo 700p (Verizon) after a recent update, that I chucked it and bought an iPhone. I love the iPhone, but I do miss (a) copy and paste and (b) the ability to search contacts, events, etc. for text. You'd think those would be easy additions for the iPhone.

I am actually doing this, lol. I have a 700wx with Sprint and my contract ends in a week so I am going to go get the iphone yay!. I have been reading about them and looking at accessories. I found this site:
Seems like they have decent prices anyone used them before?