TiPb Asks: Will the iPad 2 event also be the iOS 5 preview event?

Will the iPad 2 event also be the iOS 5 preview event? 2 years ago Apple did Macworld in January and the iPhone 3.0 (iOS 3) preview event in mid March. Last year Apple did the iPad event in late January an the iPhone 4.0 (iOS 4) preview in early April. This year the iPad 2 event is on March 2...

...so does that leave time for an iOS 5 event in April or will Apple have them share the spotlight next week?

If iPad 2 doesn't have a lot of new features and iOS 4.3 doesn't have any big surprises left maybe sharing the stage is a good thing. Otherwise it seems like Apple prefers to let their big product announcements get the individual attention they deserve.

We know you want everything and want it now but what do you think Apple will do? iPad 2 now and iOS 5 next month or everything on Wednesday?

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