Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the Verizon iPhone 4 either

duct tape on an iPhone 4 to prevent antenna problems

Consumer Reports appears to still be ranting about the reception issues on the iPhone 4, this time they're targeting the Verizon iPhone 4 and excluding it from their list of recommended smartphones.

For that reason, we are not including the Verizon iPhone 4 in our list of recommended smart phones, despite its high ranking in our Ratings. Although Apple no longer offers a free case to buyers of the iPhone 4, as it did for a time after the problem was first discovered on the AT&T version, the company has said in the past that it will consider requests for a free case from customers who buy the phone and subsequently experience reception problems.

Consumer Reports helped set off Antennagate when the AT&T iPhone 4 was originally released. After their initial review of the iPhone 4, Consumer Reports claimed they couldn't recommend the iPhone 4 due to the antenna issues.

I don't know about any of you but the reception problems didn't ever affect me personally. Maybe because I always use cases or bumpers. (Who doesn't put a case on a phone as expensive as the iPhone?) I guess I'm not quite sure why Consumer Reports is still ranting about the issues. Millions of iPhones later, people still want them. All phones have signal attenuation issues when held, not just the iPhone. Is it just me or is Consumer Reports making mountains out of mole hills? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the Verizon iPhone 4 either


lol CR is just trying to stay relevant...
Antenna issues on the Verizon iPhone is complete bs. I've tried it on four separate Verizon iPhones with varying signal strengths and it failed to happen. (Yes, I was holding it 'wrong') The only way you can get any sort of attenuation is if you awkwardly manage to completely cover the phone with your hands, which is not that easy btw, which, hmmm, funny what happens to all phones.... Just sayin'

i agree, i think its just them trying to make a point.
they`d ave been better off saying they wouldnt reccomend it as the new iPhone5 is only a few months away, that would of been alot more relevant imo

Well, good for you, but I for one have had major reception problems with my iPhone 4, which drops calls almost every day, in places where my Nokia never gave me any problems. Most of my co-workers have Androids on the same network and never have reception problems or dropped calls. It is a great hand computer, wonderful at that, but by far the worst phone I ever had.

the reception problems are real and continue in low signal areas. i go into 'searching' then 'no service' but i've learned to not hold it "wrong" since i hate cases. it's such an awesome portable computer that i deal with the phone issues. the design flaw wont be repeated in iphone5 i hope.

"All phones have signal attenuation when held.." wow, hell if you're not an Apple apologist. Look, the f*cked up alright? Admit it. Yes all phones have some degree of signal attenuation when held but not when touched with one finger. THAT's the argument that everyone who complains about this problem is talking about mmmk?

Nobody cares about consumer reports. With or without the "recommendation" from them the iPhone 4 is going to continue to sell. Eff CR!

Unless Apple is paying you to pretend publicly that "nobody cares about consumer reports," grow up and STOP IT. The bottom line is that Apple made a decent product with FLAWS. iPhone 4 is NOT perfect, and the sooner you simply accept that and start THINKING for yourself instead of being an Apple troll, the better off you'll be.

Excellently put Jason. Yes we have to accept that the iPhone 4 has a flaw. Some of us are able to deal with it. Others don't. Just on this board is one person who doesn't put a case on their iPhone 4. I didn't put a case on my original iPhone but I did for this one and got it for free.
Consumer reports has a target audience and it's not the people on this blog. I like their car reviews because I'm not a car person. I admit their computer and phone reviews are lacking to me because I know more than their average consumer but that's because those articles are not for me.
CR is nonbiased and nonprofit. This blog is tied to a store that makes money off of iPhone accessories. I'm not accusing anyone of anything but please don't start attacking CR just because you don't agree with them. Nonprofit is good.

Well put! However, people (including CR evaluators) are not free from personal bias. It would seem that they will not recommend this phone without a major redesign (example: Apple gave away cases to alleviate the problem and still CR would not recommend them). This despite the fact it had the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any of their other smart phones. Granted some will find this flaw a major problem and return it, but most haven't. CR seems to have weighted this con over all the other pros where as the majority it's users have not.
I guess if this affected me without me trying to have this affect me, I would understand CR's point. But anecdotally I've not seen this to be a real world problem.

Jason, how about taking your own advice. CR is a business also. They make money on subscription not advertisements. CR has used questionable testing methods in the past. CR make mistakes also not just Apple so get real and don't think that CR is perfect either. You are really buying CR advertisements.

By having an external antenna Apple has created a problem. Attenuation happens, but there are two types in the case of the iPhone 4. The normal attenuation (death grip) and also a new kind (death touch) where all one has to do is bridge the antenna with a finger. CR is calling them out on this, and I think it will (hopefully already has) prompt Apple to tweak the design so that a bridging of the two antenna is impossible.

I agree. It is a design flaw that needs to be corrected. It isn't a problem for everyone, and there's a workaround with a case, but to deny it exists or conflate it with a "death grip" is disingenuous. Sure, the iPhone 4 is a great device and they're selling like hotcakes, but the flaw is still there.

My iPhone has better reception than my blackberry - both on AT&T. Does CR recommend the blackberry bold? Isn't CR written for old people that don't kn

You must be the one person that has this problem. My wife and a few friends all have Iphone (3gs and 4's) and they all have signal issues where my torch has none. Even my galaxy S has better signal then there iphone.
on a separate note everyone is quick to blame a network for weak signal and dropped calls when it is clearly the device and the way it is made/designed.

I've learned people only use that term when they have no argument. Say something constructive or not at all.
I've had my fair share of complaints about apple products. I just didn't personally experience this issue. I jailbreak because apples proprietary system irritates me. But yes, I'm a fangirl, If u say so (that's sarcasm in case you didnt pick up on that).

Who doesn't use a case with their iPhone? Me. I do keep it in a sleeve when I'm not using it, but when I want to make a call or whatever, that thing is getting naked quick. I know I'm not the only one, or they wouldn't sell sleeves.
I'm particularly amused by arguments (like the one in the article) that go something like "I don't have a 'death grip' problem, therefore the problem doesn't exist". Also: you might want to look up the definition of "ranting". Hint: discussing a problem isn't it.

I said I didn't and I never said no one else did. I think it was exaggerated. Yes. I'll make you a deal, I'll go look up the definition to ranting while you actually read my article instead of putting words in my mouth.

I've got to disagree with you. The meat of your point seemed to be here:
"I guess I’m not quite sure why Consumer Reports is still ranting about the issues. Millions of iPhones later, people still want them. All phones have signal attenuation issues when held, not just the iPhone. Is it just me or is Consumer Reports making mountains out of mole hills?"
You say, from the beginning that CR is "ranting" instead of acknowledging any testing that they have done or the experiences of the many people whose iPhone 4 experiences differ from yours. That doesn't come across as reasoned or unbiased.
You say you don't know why CR is "ranting" about the issue, then follow that up by saying that millions of people still want it, as if the latter negates the former.
Saying that all phones have attenuation issues completely grounds the claims of bias that are implied with "fan___" labels because the clear implication is that Apple's reception issues are not exceptional at all, despite the evidence to the contrary.
And the questions, at the end don't mitigate the bias of the article, at all, because that's how TiPb rolls - end the write-up with a question that prompts discussion.
Some expect more reasoned consideration from journalistic sources, including blogs on TiPb's level. Whenever this sort of point is raised in the comments section and they're met with the Lind of resistance that you've offered here, it seems to be saying that we are holding TiPb to too high of a standard and, therefore, we should expect bias and fanboy- and fangirlism.
That may be a fair argument considering the real world business interests of this blog and its sister-sites, but it is hard to know which we should expect. Bias, objectivity, or both.
I guess either or both could be valid, but don't be surprised when you're called on it.

I gave my opinion. I never once said no one experienced the issue. I still stand by the fact that people exaggerate the severity. That's my opinion. I'm entitled to it.

Anytime you have to be this belligerent while defending an article in response to a well written posting it should be your first clue that you are on the wrong track.
If your only reply is to toss your nose in the air, sniff, and stomp off, why post at all?

@icebike - or maybe i stand by my opinion. i asked for others as well. my opinion isn't wavering on this. come on, i head up the jailbreak section. i have plenty of gripes with apple and their proprietary OS and their lack of customization. i'm far from a fan girl. i've owned android devices, blackberries, you name it. i'm far from biased. i don't buy a product because it has an apple on it. i buy a product for the experience. is the iPhone experience perfect for me? no. i jailbreak for a reason. but android and blackberry weren't perfect either. i prefer iOS, even with its issues. Last time I checked I was entitled to my own opinions as well. this is certainly no exception. I have no issues with reception (except for AT&T's lack of 3G in our area currently, but that's everyone, not just iPhone users).
If that makes me rude, sorry. I didn't know I had to bend my opinion to agree with everyone else's.

i havent lost reception on my verizon iPhone since the day i received it. Every time i make a phone call it always has service no matter how i hold it. CR is talking stupid well if anything the iPhone 5 is soon to launch in a couple of months and well see how that does.

Let it go Consumer Reports. Put a bumper on it and be done with it. It is a problem but not worth skipping the phone entirely. There are other reasons for that. Lol

It shouldn't NEED a bumper in order to function. If its as easy as "shutup and put a bumper on it" the why didn't they build a bumper around the phone? Or include one in the box at least? How about the people who don't want to uglify their sleek looking phone with an ugly bumper?

"Who doesn’t put a case on a phone as expensive as the iPhone?" I guess you'd have to be an idiot or some kind of nut to not use a case, which TiPB conveniently happens to sell. Nice.

it amazes me how a complete design flaw is overlooked by your site because you "should" use a case, or because it is an apple product. Apple made a mistake and consumer reports is 100% correct in not recommending the iPhone as a cell phone. it is a great mobile computer, but it is a horrible cell phone.

I realize that these forums bring out strong emotions, but calling the Verizon iPhone a "horrible cell phone" is an exaggeration. It has a design issue that can effect the signal strength and that really isn't good. In an area of weaker signal it could lead to call issues. However, there is a solution in that almost any case will mitigate the problem. I'm pretty sure the design will be changed on the iPhone 5, but I'm pretty sure the majority of owners use a case.
Now compare this to something like an Android like the Incredible or Droid. Out of the box they come with batteries that struggle to make it through the day unless you turn off WiFi, bluetooth, and use a task killer. Does that make them "horrible?" I had to spend an extra $50 to get a Seidio extended battery for my Incredible to make it through the day (in addition to my case), so having to get a case for the iPhone is better than a battery and a case for the Incredible.

Two people can go to the same restaurant and have to different experiences: one good and one bad. The one with the good experience will go back, the one with the bad experience will not. Such is the way of life, even with the iPhone. Me, I'm sticking with my iPhone 4.

Sure, there's a flaw; but it's a small one thats easy to avoid. I think CR is really just trying to get ratings and attention.

Many of friends and family have upgrade to Verizon iPhones. Each of us have a different case configuration (bumpers, cases, no case). So far, no one has reported a dropped call of any kind.

Please dont insult your readers by saying that all phones lose reception if you cover the antenna. Ofcourse they do. The issue with some iPhone 4s is that they completely lose connection with the network when it is touched with one finger in one specific spot. It is a real problem. It doesn't make the phone completely unuseable but please don't act like you don't know what all the fuss is about

When you write an article like this one it is insulting to people with a brain. You are acting like they are wrong just because millions of iPhones have been sold. I guess if a product sells millions of units there cannot possibly be any issues.
I have an iPhone 4 and I have the issue, but it is not a deal breaker for me.

You just hit the point my friend. You still purchased it. The issue was exaggerated. I stand by that claim.
I never said it doesn't exist. I said it was exaggerated, which it was. And still is. They've sold millions of phones and I don't see millions of ppl returning them, do you?

It's not's a legitimate issue. The reason why they've sold millions of phones is that enough people don't think something like this is a dealbreaker. Don't mean this problem doesn't exist.

first off i love my ip4. that out of the way i agree with cr's decision. they are rating the iphone as a phone, and not as all of the other great things it is. i cant not recommend my iphone as a phone. its a terrible phone. its a great everything else but a terrible phone.

I've never had the antenna problem. I've used my phone with and without a case. And yes! My iPhone has a better signal everywhere I go than my blackberry bold did. Grip any phone the wrong way and you lose bars. It's been proven. Fortunately for me never developed the habit of having sex with my phone and totally covering it like I wanted to hump it! CR is on some BS! They get money to do these things! Believe it or not!

Can I just point something out, every phone has a spot where you can block signal, its just a little easier on the iphone 4. I've done the death grip on the iphone nobody holds that phone like that. And I'm not even an iphone fanboy, I'm webos all the way, but even the pre has a death grip, but just like the iphone nobodys had legitimate troubles with it, people just like to b**** and moan.

Well this got my curiosity, I have never tried to replicate this death touch or grip or whatever anyone calls it.
I have always used a case and where I am on 3G I get 3 bars pretty consistently. I am in a location that doesn't have that great a signal, well compared to my previous home which I always had 5 bars.
Well after 10 or so minutes of fighting with the case. I tried and tried and could not lose signal. I wrapped by hands round the antenna and still got my 3 bars. I put my fingers on each of the points that the antenna is separated by a black line. Still got three bars.
A friend with a GSM model says that he has never had the problem either, neither here or in the UK.
It's not a case of defending Apple. I preordered the Verizon Iphone because of a single banking application which, when I preordered, was only available on the iphone. Once I had already ordered the case and other bits and pieces to go with the Iphone the bank suddenly announced they had an Android version now available and I would have happily went with an Android based phone.
Consumer reports are entitled to their opinion and if they want to not recommend a product then sure go ahead and not recommend it. I don't rely on others to make a decision for me.
I didn't buy a case because I worried about the attenuation issue, I bought a case because I didn't want to damage the rear of the phone when I put it down by scratching it. For the same reason I bought screen protects, regardless of how terrible I am at getting those things to go on straight and it does take me 3 protectors to get one in place.
By the way my Blackberry Storm had far more issues with Attenuation with it's internal antenna. It always got low signal when I was holding it to make a call and lost 3G when I was downloading and had to start a download and then sit it down until it finished the download or it would stop.
If I was as upset as some of the people on here seem to be about the iphone and it's death touch issues then I would have switched to a different phone and paid full price for it.

So because the AT&T iPhone set off the antennafate issue they're also extending that to the verizon version ? Afterall , apple did change the antenna for the CDMA.

Consumer Reports has been a dieing company for some time now. The only time anyone hears about them at all is when it involved "iPhone", "antenna" and a phone carrier. It's all publicity.
Apple has already addressed this. We need to stop enabling the media about a problem that does not even exists!
Here is my proof that the iPhone 4 antenna issue isn't an issue;

So I am guessing because it hasn't happened to you then it is just a false publicity stunt?
Well does that mean because I live in a house that there must not be any homeless people in the world and if there are, they are just doing it for the attention?

i have to say, i recently jail-broke my iPhone 4 and am loving it ! i can't imagine switching to another phone.

Geez, I thought they fixed it. Wish this report was out sooner, it would have saved me problems. Now im stuck on verizon with a phone that can barely keep reception.

The problem is they made the antenna with no insulation. If you grasp an uninsulated antenna, that affects it much more than if you grasp a phone with an internal antenna you're not touching directly. When you touch the conductor, you change its capacitance. If there's insulation, you create a capacitive coupling but don't change the capacitance of the antenna itself.

I used to agree that people who don't use cases on these expensive phones must be nuts, but cases often come with their own headaches.
I have had as much damage and inconvenience with cases as without them. I'm sure that depends on the case, but you get me.
Now, people who put their phones in their pockets and purses, along with their keys, pockets knives, and spare change,... That I don't understand.
The right pouch and careful handling go a long way (like not putting the phone in your lap while driving, which often leads to getting out of the car and watching as your phone falls to the parking lot or driveway.)

"Who doesn't put a case on a smartphone as expensive as the iPhone?"
Me. I have never put a case on any of my phones until I got the iPhone 4. And then I HAD to put a case on it for it to function correctly. It wouldn't have been so bad if that area wasn't so easy to touch, but it was. My hand always ended up there.
Despite not using cases on my phones, all of them are in perfect condition when I sell them.

I have come over from the BB Tour and I have to say that the phone quality and reception on my IPhone are even better than they were on the Tour.
Honestly, I am so happy to have a Verizon IPhone, and have zero complaints (well, except for the lack of profiles).
Happy happy!

Consumer Reports has extremely high credibility and an impressive long-term track record. There one of the few objective sources we have. They don't sell adds or receive free products, but house notable expertise and focus on objectivity. Nobody's perfect, but if your knowledgeable and rational it's very difficult to fault Consumer Reports. They do a very good job of what they do. And they're clearly not Apple haters by any stretch.
And some just have difficulty acknowledging that, though they're awesome in so many ways, Apple isn't perfect either. None of my family's iPhones have gotten as good of reception as other phones on the same network, though we still love the iPhone.
By the way, Consumer Reports is not alone in their assessment.

I'm sorry, but I can't take your opinion seriously when your grammar is so terrible... Seriously. There = they're, your = you're. I had to read your comment twice to understand some of your sentences.

I know I tried this when I had my Droid Incredible, it lost one bar at best. Now that I have my iphone 4, not only do I lose several bars, but i lose my 3G connection. Now that I have a case on it, there is no longer a problem BUT STILL.
The problem STILL REMAINS.

On another note, I reread your article. You are making mountains into mole hills.
The problem exists, just because you yourself hasn't dealt with it doesn't mean there isn't a problem here. Just like since you have a job, house and food, does that mean that there is not homeless or starving people in the world?
I agree with everyone on here and I think you are too quick to rant about a negative story affecting an iProduct. I stand behind consumer reports because they took the BS feedback and still said LOOK, THE PHONE HAS ISSUES SO WE DON'T RECOMMEND IT TO CUSTOMERS. Your article on Tipb is doing the opposite, You are recommending it and shooting down any false claims regarding this phone because you happen to own a case on yours.
I understand this is a blog, but if you want to write journalism you need to be less bias than this article. Approach a story with an open mind and not a defensive one revolving around your bumpered phone.

Wow, that's a little hostile. I stated my opinion and then asked for others. I said "I think" it's exaggerated. Which I do. I don't hold my phone in a way (bumper or not) that ever causes me to drop a call or have an issue with not receiving signal strength.
I voiced my opinion. I was not trying to be biased in any way. Which is why I asked for other opinions. I don't personally believe Consumer Reports is very reliable. They issued a great opinion of the iPhone 4 when it came out, then retracted it because of the antenna issues, which is fine, but why didn't they complete their testing before issuing an opinion? That to me is unreliable right there. I've had issues with reviews of other products they did as well, not even Apple related. I've just never found their opinions to be very subjective. That's just my experience.
I'd think if the reception issues were as bad as some say they are, they'd return the phone. Or that Apple would have a higher return rate than they do. I'm looking at facts. Apparently the issue isn't bad enough to make thousands of people return the phone. So to me, yes it's exaggerated. I never said it wasn't there.

Looking at the units sold by both carriers, who really cares what CR thinks, or recommends. I used to respect their work, but lately they have been way off mark on products.

This is exactly my issue with them. I used to read their site on an almost daily basis and always read their reviews before purchasing an expensive device or electronic item.
lately, it just seems they're copying others opinions or retracting statements left and right because they didn't "thoroughly" test or decided to open their mouths before actually testing (this was the case with their initial review with the iPhone 4, they retracted their good review to include the antenna issue only AFTER other sites pointed it out)... to me, that isn't reliable.
They went from being credible to not so much to me anymore. I've switched to reading CNet or other sites for reviews before buying my products. I'm just not too keen on their opinion anymore.

Around July 2010 CR mad this statement on their site. The consumer watchdog group posted a story on its Web site acknowledging that if the iPhone 4 is held in a certain way, signal loss may result. However, it also said the loss is nothing different than you get from any other phone on the market today. So should they just say all smart phones are not recommended??

I agree - I also feel it's exaggerated. What people commenting are ignorantly overlooking is that something can exist AND be exaggerated. Yes, the issue exists. BUT - it's existed for quite some time and it doesn't seem to be affecting people enough that they return the phone more times than they do not. CR is treating it like it's a huge deal, and really, it's not. I have had zero problems with my VeriPhone, and I've tried to replicate it to no avail. My friend who has an AT&T iPhone has the issue. I just CANNOT see something that doesn't happen to everyone AND has been discussed to death as a big issue in comparison to things like pathetic battery life and an unusable browser that other phones have. I'd much rather have the antenna issue (though I don't even have that).
The effect of the antenna issue is, in my opinion, definitely exaggerated.

I've never used a case, nor have I had the problem because I don't touch the antenna.
I know people like to poke fun at the "you're holding it wrong", but if you put your finger over the mic, you won't be heard. You'll be holding it wrong. If you put your finger over the speaker, you won't hear sound. You'll be holding it wrong. If you put your finger over the lens you can't shoot any photos or video. You'll be holding it wrong.
So, why do some people insist on being able to place their fingers over the antenna?

I really could not agree more. I don't cup my phone (case or not) to where I'm covering the break. Sometimes my hand may come in contact with it, but I've never dropped a call because of it. Do my bars fluctuate, sure do. But it's never caused an issue with data speed or signal when making a call, so I'm ok.
People are acting like I'm pretending the issue doesn't exist, and I never said that. I simply said I think the issue is over-exaggerated.

Consumer Reports probably has a place and relevance in today's world, but what exactly that is is unclear to me. It certainly is not the same relevance it was five to fifteen years ago when the internet and public scrutiny was not as prominent as they are today.
Personally, CR has become less and less influential over the last few years. One reason is that I can never find products that they review (is that a time lag?). Another reason is that CR has become part of the problem. A point in fact is their constant bombardment of advertising to me, with monthly and even often reminders to renew when I just recently renewed my subscription. I've returned their renewal notices addressed specifically to the CR President, asking him to save our trees.
As far as the Verizon iPhone goes, their review and recommendations of it hold no credence. The Verizon iPhone has performed flawlessly for me and was well worth the price I paid for it; and I am not one who uses a mobile device very frequently.
My last contact with CR was a phone call to their subscription services department, asking them to cancel not my original subscription, but another one they signed me up for without my consent. Needless to say, for CR it has come full cycle, where the critiquor has become the critiqued.

I had this issue with my At&t iphone when i had one but for the brief time i had a Veriphone, i couldn't actually replicate it.
I don't see it as a big of a deal. i now own a mytouch 4g as one of my devices I use and when I hold it and cover the top left, it loses wi-fi signal which in turns loses signal for calls because i am connected to wifi calling.
It happens with all phones & its not that big of a deal(in my opinion)

Two things
- All phone DON'T have signal issues when held ... SO STOP LYING ..
Evo doesn't .. .even the Iphone 3GS doesn't
- I never get a case for smartphone.. I get a belt clip.. What's the point of raving about you having the thinnest smartphone if you're gonna put a case on it. I can understand why girls don't get belt clips but every guy should have one. That's why Iphone screens get scratched all the time.. too many people put phones in their pocket it's not safe. GET A BELT CLIP

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but belt clips rank fairly low on the fashion list. I've yet to see one myself that doesn't make you look older than you are.
Also, a lot of people don't tuck in every shirt they wear... Belt clips will look REALLY dumb in that scenario.

Yes, I'm lying when signal attenuation was demonstrated to exist on several phones at Apple's press conference. Actually, I WAS able to product attenuation on the Evo, and the 3GS. The bars dropped when you cover the back of the phone with your hand. Does this happen on the 4? Sure. It happens with every phone. have I ever dropped a call due to the bars dropping when I cover the gap? No.
Have I dropped a call based on AT&T's pathetic existence in my county? Sure have! But that's not the phone, it's a network issue. The iPhone isn't the only phone with the issue. They're in the process of lighting up HSPA+ in my area and my phone consistently goes from edge to 3G to gprs. it's maddening but it's everyone's phones not just the iPhone (that's my area of course, not everyone's). But when I'm in a strong signal coverage area, do my bars fluctuate when that spot is covered, sure. Does it affect call quality or drop the call? No. That was my point.

I haven't had a issue with Verizon iPhone 4 yet. Yes, I have a case. But, as the article says, why wouldn't you on this type of phone? Actually, I just switched from the Storm 2 and this is much better.

I stopped paying attention to Consumer Reports years ago because I found them to be a joke when it comes to some of these categories like electronics and cars. In the last article of theirs I read back in the late 90s, they would also have you believe a Toyota Camry is an overall better car than a BMW 3-Series, without making basic distinctions between strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of the two products, like performance, reliability, safety, etc.

Exactly. They seem to care about the issues they personally care about. Nothing further. They aren't interested in what consumers want anymore. Which is a review comparison and looking at big contenders as a whole. They don't take into account that what they think is important may not be what is important to everyone. I stopped reading when they had blatantly false facts about television technology on their site almost daily. They were rating tvs in a way that made me think someone was surely paying them to weigh in a certain way. That isn't good for consumers at all.

CR's compass is off and has been off on so many products for so many years. They are a minor blip on the radar screen at best.

I have never had a dropped call on my Verizon ip4. That's been my experience. Loving the phone so far and I don't miss the constant and involuntary rebooting my bb bold kept doing at least twice a day. I am ready and willing to buy ip5 if it has a bigger screen...