No BBC event for iPad 2 -- It's an Apple press event in UK

Apple holding iPad 2 event on March 2

Following up the story of the BBC holding an event at the same time as the iPad 2 launch, The BBC contacted TiPb and told us that they do not have an event planned for March 2. However, they did confirm that Apple has booked a studio within the BBC Television Center for its own press event.

So can expect some interaction between the US and UK at the launch event? Phil Schiller and Stephen Fry on iPad FaceTime perhaps?

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No BBC event for iPad 2 -- It's an Apple press event in UK


Stephen Fry is in the US at the moment, on Sunday he took part in a production of Othelo in Klingon!
Not sure if he'll be back in the UK by Wednesday, keep an eye on his twitter feed!

Oh, he landed back in the UK this am!
Looking forward to this, any links or ideas where we'll be able to view it in the UK???

Calm down; Apple has used the BBC studios before to host an invitation only event that basically is a sattelite feed from the US and nothing more. Invited are key partners, major dealers/distributors and selected press…