Steve Jobs considering iPad 2 event appearance?

Steve Jobs considering iPad 2 event appearance?

Kara Swisher from Boom Town claims Steve Jobs is considering making an appearance at the iPad 2 launch event tomorrow:

According to several sources close to the situation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs–who is on a health-related leave from the company–is definitely considering an appearance at its big iPad 2 event tomorrow.

But the possibility–which would be a big sensation at the San Francisco gathering and has been subject to great speculation–is also just as definitely not confirmed as yet, stressed sources.

If Jobs does appear, it would be brief she says. iPad 2 will no doubt be the start of the show and while Phil Schiller, Tim Cook, Scott Forstall and the other execs will no doubt present it well, it would be great to see Steve Jobs introduce or cap off the event.

[Boom Town]

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Steve Jobs considering iPad 2 event appearance?


I wish Mr Jobs the best ! Hoping that he can battle this once again and hopefully be back where he belongs : Top Of The World With Apple!
Apple needs him and his vision.

It's so bizarre that they can have an event this size with so many people arranging to come to it and they don't even know what time to be there.

I can see a Facetime call. I think it would be odd if Steve actually came in on the job. Unless they want to announce him coming off his medical leave. Aren't there all sorts of funky stuff in re. people on medical leave coming back to work, but stay on medical leave?

We know it's 6pm GMT. The invite is on the web (including
I would like to see someone have a FaceTime call with Steve, that would be great. Probably at his fancy new house, in a black turtleneck'd, hospital gown. For comic value.

Yeah theyre definately gonna FaceTime Steve. That would be awesome. He is a great front man for apple as well as the boss. Hope he gets better.

Hey, wouldn't it be super cool if your wish came true and you coincidentally found your self on the same flight as Jobs when this happened? So much for your piss wish, troller.

Secret source confirms their will be FaceTime calling and the one more thing will be that the new iPad can FaceTime with multiple devices at once. FaceTime between Scott, Steve and someone from BBC event. Done.

These responses may be the most compelling argument ever to stop the comment option.
Except for the SJ response from iPad 3 ;)

I believe everyone should try out our new tablet based Android 3.0... Our competitors OS are not tablet optimized. Our Partners at Motorola have just released the xoom running 3.0 and encourage all of you to check it out.

I agree with you, Jd. I didn't know that the caliber of some of the people who comment here is so undeniably low. I hope the earth opens up below you and swallows you whole, only to fart you all out into the dead of space. I bet Steve Jobs has a telescope so he can have a look at the sh** that's floating around in space.

Why is everyone (including the Shareholders) so Jobs-focused?! The products count, and I'm sure Jobs' visions that made Apple products different and better than others are still very much included in their products. I don't care if he or anyone else presents them.

Do you know any other CEO who has such an amazing record of mainstreaming one new technology after another, creating one new market after another, for as long as, and for as much profit margin as Steve Jobs has?
Command line interface, graphical user interface, pixar animation studios, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, App store, iPad, etc. Etc.

I'll probably buy it regardless - but if Steve does the keynote, I feel compelled to buy :)

If this is to be Steve's final appearance, I hope he's the 'one more thing' with an iPad 2 controlled wheelchair. Pinch to ZOOOM...

I really like it when Jobs is at the wheel. But I do, I like all the executives at Apple. They all bring something different and have really interesting personalities to me. I'm just really interested in what they have qued up.

"definitely considering" appearing. Wow, what could be more definitive than that! I'll definitely consider watching, then. rolleyes