Twitter for iPhone updated, #dickbar still mandatory but slightly less intrusive

Twitter for iPhone has been updated so that the new #dickbar Quick Bar does not overlap tweets in your timeline. Twitter introduced this trending bar last week and users were immediately outraged by its intrusive behavior and the fact that it cannot be disabled. This update still does not allow the user to disable the Quick Bar, but at least it's not quite as intrusive.

Here's everything this update has to offer:

  • Fixes crashing some users have been seeing on launch and with location services
  • Updated Quick Bar default behavior to not overlap tweets in timeline
  • Security fixes
  • Improved performance for users with many accounts

After last week's update, did you switch Twitter clients because of the Quick Bar? If so, is this improvement enough to bring you back? Sound off in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Twitter for iPhone updated, #dickbar still mandatory but slightly less intrusive


I left for Osfoora. I will not e returning unless the quick bar is removed and twitlonger is returned. Even then, Osfoora will have to suck. Twitter blew it.

I might agree if every tweet was turning into a novel. But on occasion having this feature is very helpful and avoids annoying multi-tweets or abbreviating to absurdity, and makes things like reply threads much more useful.
Several clients, including Osfoora, continue to support Twitlonger. The only explanation I've seen about why Twitter removed support for it was to reduce their client feature sets to a lowest common denominator. Really? I guess that means we should all dump our smartyphones and use SMS? #FAIL

Because that's how they intend to make money. It's the equivalent of ads. I gave up on the Twitter app long ago. I use Twitterific on my iPhone and iPad.

And with the next update, they'll just go ahead and put the Quick Bar on your home screen and lock screen so you can NEVER get away from it! (sarcasm)
I didn't shop around for new Twitter apps, but count me in with those who had nothing good to say about the last update.

I switched back to the previous version after trying 3.3. I will download this new version on my iPhone. If I still can't use the app without inadvertently touching the Quick Bar, i will delete it from my iPhone and reinstall the old version from my computer.
I will then have the issue of being unable to simply hit "update all" to update all my apps. This is already an issue. To resolve it, I may have to remove the Twitter app completely and use a rival like TweetDeck.
I wouldn't mind a one touch access to trending topics when I want to see them. I would definitely want something this app does not readily provide - seeing my own retweets.
My advice to Twitter app developers - if you sacrifice usability, people will leave you in droves. Look what happened to your app store rating. There are plenty other Twitter apps out there. If you want people to use yours, make it the best, and don't stoop to littering the user interface with interaction traps.

Though I wish Twitter would provide the option of turning the quick bar off, this implementation is better than the first. Unfortunately for those that have a jailbroken iPhone and installed Twizzler, you will now be left with a blank space at the top of your Twitter timeline where the quick bar is supposed to be.
I tried other Twitter clients, but I ultimately leave unimpressed. I prefer Twitter because it does everything I want it to do and contains less bugs than other free Twitter iPhone apps.

I don't update without looking for reviews first, so I still run the old version and have no plans to update. Twitter isn't the only app that ruined a good app with intrusive ads; e.g. Bloomberg did too. Changing apps to get rid of the dickbar may be only a temporary reprieve though. According to a recent interview with the CEO, Twitter plan to slip ads directly into users' timelines soon. If so, that will be harder to get rid of.

I switched to Tweetcaster Pro. Only thing I miss is push notifications, which Boxcar is handling nicely.
I did like the official Twitter client but yeah, the quickbar's gotta go.

Even with the less intrusive #Dickbar, I have still ditched the app both on the iPhone and iPad for 1 primary reason, buggy DM read status indicators. It is beyond reason how this bug could live on in various iterations and updates.
I have tried a handful of Twitter clients on the iPhone and iPad. IMHO, Tweetlist on the iPhone is one of the nicest of the bunch. Osfoora HD on the iPad has done the job for a long time for my needs.
That being said, I have gone fully with Tweetings on all my iDevices (including my iMac) for one simple feature: TweetSync. I love being able to move from device to device and have my read tweets picked up so I don't have to mark tweets as read on the various devices that I tweet from.

Your comment about king standing bugs is a good one. At some point removing useful features and spamming users became mire important than responding to issue reports and /improving/ the product. Atebits... WHERE ARE YOU?

As soon as the #dickbar was put in place, I went back to using Echofon Pro. I forgot that I actually liked that one better because you can edit a RT.. Probably going to stick with that now...

I downloaded to the previous version, but then thought "why should I have to do this, and constantly see an update waiting???" so I trashed it. I went back to Echofon Pro. Screw Twitter (their app anyway).
Like the guy above said Fail + Fail. Two "wrongs" do not make a right!

I went back to TwitBird after this update. Sorry but until they give me an option to completely turn it off - I won't be using that app anymore. Cram your promoted sh*t down some else's throat - I don't want it.

The crashing was horrific as was the #dickbar. This update makes the app usable again and it's my primary Twitter client. Having the #dickbar being a setting to turn on or off would be nice, however.

In case anyone wants to know the improvements from 3.3 to 3.3.1:

  • "Less intrusive" #dickbar
  • Battery draining location services that cannot be disabled (on all the time, regardless of your setting)
  • In-app Instapaper support that doesn't work
  • Automated URL shortening that doesn't work until after your compose your tweet
  • User Manual/FAQ for 3.2 (e.g. how to use custom URL shortening API, etc.)

Pissed me off, so I reverted to the peviois version (3.2.2) and I'm fine with it. I like twitter app, but they kind of ruined it. Looks like 3.2.2 is the end of line for me...,

Not as bad as 3.3, but I'm still going to stay at 3.2.2 until it can be disabled. A good reason to update your apps through iTunes rather than on device (so that you can recover previous app versions from Trash or Time Machine when "upgrades" turn out to be "downgrades"- this isn't the first time).
If it's not disable-able soon, I'll just delete it and switch to Twitterific.

Sorry, Twitter. Between taking out several Tweetie features -- who /removes/ features?? -- and proving to act in ways that annoy users, I have moved on to another Twitter client (Osfoora) and am not coming back until you remedy the feature situation. Maybe never. You took a great product and ran it into the ground. Congrats!
As for trending topics, I can actually see them in Osfoora if I choose, in several different slices. Whenever I do so, though, I find them perfectly meaningless to my interests. Maybe before Twitter decides to shove this information into the face of every single user they should consider that it's not relevant or interesting for some? And by the sound of it "some" might actually be "most".

Well I like it. Okay not the dickbar but I do like the client and the I,provenance like username recognition and hashtag shortcuts. So there

Obviously, you haven't used the app since the update. Otherwise, you would have noticed some of the most important features (e.g. url shortening, instapaper) do not work any more. You also would have noticed location features were constantly switched on. I'm willing to bet the majority of unhappy users (including myself) didn't have any problem with 3.2.x.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Obviously you know what I have been using and not been using. It's a revelation to me to learn that I used Instapaper and turned off LBS. I must have dreamt all those tweets I send from the iPhone and iPad versions.
I like this client better than the others. So. There.

There are a lot of other issues. Why can't you set the nnumber of tweets to load? You have no options when compared to echofon or the other clients!!!!!

You know, I don't care what's trending often, and if I do, I'll do a search. I don't want this stuff forced down my throat. It's obvious that Twitter is going to start force feeding ads or something through this bar, as evidenced by the fact that you can't turn it off.

My Twitter app won't stop crashing every time I try to look at the timeline ever since I updated to get rid of the popover #dickbar. I wouldn't complain if I considered this to be a free app, but I paid for it back in the Tweetie days. I miss those days - it worked then.

No, I won't go back. The latest version is much less annoying, but I've since discovered I like Tweetlogix better anyway. It has more features, a more elegant interface, and looks better too.