Apple releases iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV

Apple releases iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Apple has jumped the gun and released iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV ahead of the previously announced March 11 schedule. The update includes Wi-Fi personal hotspot for iPhone, iTunes Home Sharing, expanded AirPlay support for App Store apps,

For more, see our complete iOS 4.3 walkthrough and our iOS 4.3 tips and how-tos, or visit our Forums for extra help.

Did you get it? If so, let us know how it's working for you!

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Apple releases iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV


took forever to get working cuz sometimes it wouldnt download or even give me the option to redownload... must b cuz the servers r jammed

I second that. Losing a jailbreak is not worth the tweaks available on 4.2.1. I'm sure a tethered jb will be released shortly, but will the untethered be used after the iPad 2?

i never had a tethered jailbreak, but sounds like a pain in the @$$. ill wait for untethered

It is....sometime I get one of those springboard safe mode....and i cant do anything until i get to a computer to tether reboot it.

I care! I gave up jailbreaking because it was such a pain in the a$$, and almost all of the most useful jailbreak features to me are now integrated into the OS. So, yeah. I care.

I hope you enjoy paying a monthly fee for tethering (AKA hotspot) because I wouldn't. MyWi with no monthly fee is the only way to go.

OK... Here's my question. Why no Verizon iPhone for the update??
Was this Apple's idea of Verizon's? if it was Apple's and they just need more time to get CDMA in sync with everyone else then that's OK. But I am praying this isn't a sign of Verizon's typical "we want to test the heck out of everything that runs on our network first so no update for you" mindset.

It's a Qualcomm issue they are waiting for. They have to do something to their baseband first. As for 4.3 overall, I am just glad they shortened most new text tones to something usable.

How do I download the Apple TV 2G 4.3 update? I plugged it into iTunes but there is no option to update only restore. :(

You don't have to plug into iTunes. Just leave it on your TV, go to settings, and run software update right from the device.

Just updated my 3GS flawlessly. But when I went to update my ATV2 it just said my software is up to date at 4.1.1 anyone else?

For the apple tv update u dont hook onto itunes, u go to settings and update the apple tv hooked up into your tv like always

...and cue p0sixninja, MuscleNerd, Comex, and pod2g. Here's hoping they make quick work of this, particularly related to the A5 chipset with iPad 2

I downloaded the GM last week, so it's always anticlimactic when I check and it says that I'm on the current version ;)

Are their any updates for voice over in this update, I believe I had seen something written about that somewhere, but am not so sure.

Oh good, forgot to update iTunes, gotta do that first.
Can I now stream my iPhone4 made videos to my AppleTV or what?

It's just finishing up on my iPhone, and then Its on to my iPad... Maybe it's the anticipation but this feels like it's taking a lot longer than the last update

Download only took me two minutes here. Servers are fast and responsive right now. Yes, I'm a jailbreaker. I want to keep my iPhone 4 jailbroken, but my iPad I don't care about. For me, jailbreaking my iPad isn't as valuable as having my iphone jailbroken. Running the update on the Apple TV as I write this. The iOS 4.3 update for my iPad went very smooth.

ROGERS Customers Read this!!
you have to call Rogers to get them to enable the personal hot spot feature, even if you're already on a plan that's 1GB+ that includes tethering - you still need to have them enable it.
I'm on now and the queue is LOOOOOOOOONG :(

You guys gonna understand the download takes long due to the fact that everyone is trying to download the file at the sametime. I'll wait until later on tonight... I've have the GM version and there is one bug that Apple has to repair. If you go inside of Setting> Sounds>Ringtones. On the very top it's says " Buy More Ringtones" when I press on it. It does not do nothing at all.. Please fix this or take it off...

Are you F%#KING KIDDING ME?!?!? All this hype about 4.3 having mobile hotspot so you can set up a hotspot with your phone and they want to charge for it!!! WTF when iciest went to it, it made me call AT&T and the plans start at $45.00 for a 4GB plan and also would remove my unlimited data plan from my phone. What a waist of time even updating.

Arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh....... both my iPhone and iPad wont accept the update... during download, after a while a fault menssage on the Mac shows up saying failed to download as software corrupted blah blah. Everything clean and not jailbroken, all else up to date so can't see a problem. I've tried both devices several times and same error. Any ideas would be reaaaly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The only feature I'd be interested in is mobile hotspot and that's gonna cost a fortune to use, so I won't rush to update this time.

Just updated to 4.3 first thing this morning; so far, so good. One very welcome improvement I've noticed is that in Safari, pages now appear to be loading about twice as fast as they used to. Nice...

Just downloaded 4.3 and update failed... restoring iPhone 4 now. (No, it wasn't jailbroken or anything) Grrrrrrrrr........

update now, my carrier offers "$0 mobile as modem" on all their iphone (maybe all smartphone) plans so WiFi tethering is clearly going to be free :)

it seems to me that Ping does a bit of caching now though I don't use Ping enough to have noticed this earlier if it was in a previous update

personal hotspot not showing up in my settings after upgrade. guess that's a carrier update AFTER you sign up for it

Updated an hour or so ago on my iPhone 4. All in all no issues. Update was a little slow to download but everything is working fine. The new safari build definitely appears to be faster.

Oh no!
They changed the Choo Choo text message sound to a single Choo.
It's just not the same now!

No iPod Touch love?? My iPhone 4 updated without issue. But both my touches say that 4.2.1 is current! They are both 3rd gen, but I thought it was good with that. Meh, maybe later it will work.

Does anyone know why there is no 'Personal Hotspot' option on the 3G iPad…?! If I can use it on the iPhone why not on the iPad as well…?!
Is that a restriction by Apple or carrier-related…?

Anyone tried to tether your iPhone to ipad? Leaving out the need now to buy a 3G version of the ipad if you already own an iPhone.

Will this update let me use my iPhone as a DLNA server on my wifi? I'd love to stream XM or Slacker to my Yamaha receiver.

XCode 4 only $4.99 ... Developer fee each year only $99 ... and only comission to apple 30%! wait until 2012...
then commission will be 40% .. developer fee $199 ... and so on!
All Apple Developers are stupid!

It's strange because after the update, they seemed to change around the text tones and the vibrate functions

Anyone know the build of this release? I downloaded the GM last week but sometimes they make small changes and iTunes will tell you that you have the latest version when you really don't.

For everyone who jailbreak your iPhone...if it's so great and you don't want to lose it,. Why are viewing a article about new features in OS 4.3,,sort of makes you guys look a lil pathetic because it's like you know you are missing something...

Anybody else having horrible network performance after the update? On my iphone4, both wifi and cel speeds are fine right after a reboot, but deteriorate to the point of uselessness within 10 minutes. (3/3 reboots)

Ever since the update I'm getting no data on 3G with just one bar. Very dissapointing IMO. I'm with Rogers. I hope they fix this by the morning.

Has anyone noticed an improvement in battery life since the update?
I habit done A formal test but I'm seeing a 15% improvement here

Here's an interesting bit that I noticed. I thought personal hotspot was limited to the iPhone 4? My 3GS is showing the option, and prompts me to call the carrier to activate the plan. Is this known and doesn't really work, or if I'm willing to pay through the nose, can I actually use it?

So the updates to the Safari core engine were already done on 4.2.6 or Vz users must wait for another update?

Is there a "trick" to updating if you're previously jailbroken? I see comments with people having problems updating followed by "...... And no I'm not jailbroken"

Yea it blows!! And the new text tones don't sound the same. The choo choo in now just a choooo. And the noir one doesnt sound the same either. Regret updating my phone

As great as the integrated environment is, why exactly does my mobiel provider want to nickel and dime me for using the Personal Hotspot feature? I have a plan with a fixed data allowance, why would it matter how I use it up? Personally I think it is fraudulent that Apple helps providers to milk clients for something that should be included the moment you subscribe to a data plan.

To answer my own question, hooray, I can now stream the videos I've taken on my iPhone to my AppleTV. Woop woop!

Anyone else wondering, how the heck AppleTV has OTA updates - but not iPhone and iPad? Whats up with that?

Something i'd not seen mentioned anywhere but is a huge bonus for me is that the spellchecker now appears clever enough to work out when you hit a letter instead of the space bar between 2 words. for example, I typed "are youvpaying for lunch" and it changed the "v" for the space I missed with my big sausage fingers! I'm pretty sure this didn't happen before and is a nice new feature. They should advertise it.

I updated and the personal hotspot diappeared from my settings on the iphone? Where is it?

My first bad update experience: The headphones that came with my iPhone aren't recognized any longer and music won't play through them. Another thing is when no headphones are plugged in the ringer volume bars disapear

Rogers 3G went down last night so it wasn't my iPhone. But I do have a bug, after the update I'm only showing 1 bar of 3G. It's not moving. I really didn't want to do a restore but it's looking like I have no choice.

I also seem to be seeing slightly improved performance on iPhone 4, in particular Angry Birds used to freeze for a fraction of a second every time I flung a bird (which I believe was from checking for achievement conditions as it would be an even longer freeze when I actually get an achievement) but now it's as smooth a butter

4.3 on iPhone 4 is breaking my heart. Apps launch slowly. Transitions are chunky. I can watch the screen fill with different elements when launching the iPod or Clock apps.
I am NOT jail broken and everything is turned off: Spotlight, phone, wifi, etc.
I guess I will try 4.3 form new.. not updated.

Finish update my international version iphone4, see the phone look slow, touch screen is suck, not personal hot spot...see nothing change beside new font for note..

horrible update for the apple tv! I updated my apple tv and now I have no sound on any movies I ripped from my home collection! terrible! I have no idea how to revert back to the old iOS. booooo

I have noticed a few cosmetic things on my itouch 4g weird effects during notifications and where the wifi signal indicator is. Also gmail pug is working well either. Not a great update.

I tried to update my iPod touch 4th gen and now it says failed and to restore it, it will not restore, it says it can't contact apple????????

Why do apple fix things that arent broken. My choo choo no longer choo choo's it choo's only. It's a definate backward step shortening the text tones if people want short ones then let then choose a short one not force everyone to have a shortened one