Round Robin: Questions About the Google Android G1?

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We come to it at last. My time with the Android draws to a close. I have but my final review to write and then I ship it off to the next lucky SME editor for him or her to take their turn. Before I let it go, however, Android Casey had the brilliant idea of asking our loyal iPhone readers for questions!

Anything you want to know about the Google Android G1? Anything you want to see? Anything you're even a tad curious about? Anything you want to see compared to the iPhone?

Let me know in the comments and not only will you get another change to win our awesome prize pack, I'll do my darndest to get you the info you not only need, but so richly deserve.

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Round Robin: Questions About the Google Android G1?


We've heard a lot about how the iPhone is still very superior to both the G1 and the Android OS, but in what user-friendly ways does the G1 shine? I know the open OS is a big deal for developers, but what about the average user?

Does it have an international keyboard (ability to type other languages) like the iPhone?

What are the major differences between Android's WebKit browser and Mobile Safari? Do sites render differently, and, if so, how? Can/does the G1 use iphone-optimized versions of sites? Is the G1's browser any more (or less) stable than Mobile Safari?

Obviously their apps are tied into Google but have you found the phone productive at all? I mean is there a document/spreadsheet editor, or alarms for tasks? What are the calendar views like compared to the iPhones PIM? What about foreign language support like the iPhone has built in, specifically Asian languages. These are deal breakers for me so please elaborate on the productivity side of things.

How easy is it to buy and download apps from the android store. With the iphone, you can do it fairly quickly, especially from the phone.
Also, how do you think the swinging hinge will hold over time(long term)? You refer to the word 'creaky'.

Is the touch screen just as nice and responsive? Or do you need to push harder or hold your finger down for longer?

The device has too many methods of input, and it is unclear as to which you need to use. Will android be on other phones and allow for less confusing methods of input? Ex) iPhone is all touch. Some are buttons and touch. Keyboard + buttons + touch + trackball = too much to handle.

I think a side by side comaparison of the android app store and the iPhone app store would be nice. How they differ how they Are similar and so on. I think a general video that did side by side overview of the browser interface app store would be really nice!!!

Nice' but the mac's Api framework, and core
levels ie, cocoa touch, openAl, etc. Not to mention Safari's web 2.0 savvy, makes the
G1 strain for acceptance. "ahh' mobile is on"

i would also like to hear more about google's app store. plus one of my favorite things about the iphone is the fact that i can jailbreak and use winterboard, is there anyway to change the icons on the G1? how customizable is the whole android os?

I can't imagine the G1 being more intuitive than the iPhone, but I wonder if my 3 year old nephew would enjoy using it as much as my iPhone. My nephew picked up my iphone and new immediately how to access the Halloween applications I downloaded for him. Would that be possible with the G1? I doubt it. I also bet cleaning the slobber and snot off the qwerty board would be more of an issue with the G1 also.

How's the camera on the G1? Both in terms of quality and features and options... Because that's one department where the iPhone is seriously lacking.

I'm pretty interested in seeing how the apps and the browser compare, just the whole web experience.
Hopefully I'll get to check it out firsthand :3?

what's one thing the g1 does better than the iphone? what's one thing the g1 could learn from the iphone?

royk, as a G1 user and a iPod touch user, I'd say 1) I think the G1 needs the Android store to have a web-based interface like the iTunes store. I can "see" my iPod apps on my PC AND on my device. So far, I only see real interface with Android Market on my phone. Maybe I'm missing something. Also, updates to apps are automatic and clear on my iPod. I don't know if the Android Market even will notify me if there's an update. 2) I think the iPhone needs it's user community to be more open minded and less dogmatic.

Another wannabe.... like everything else that's ever competed with Apple in the last 25 years.

I wonder if anyone will ever produce something that truly is an 'iPhone killer', and then how long will we have to wait for Apple to coutneract and reclaim the handset title?

I would really want to know how complete Adroid feels. I know it isn't all the way there but how polished does it feel. It is always portrayed as having exposed frayed edges but I wonder how true that is. Shame its too late.

I really hope they fix the data problem on the g1. I dont wanna go on vacation and end up spending more money on roaming then I did on my plane ticket.

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