iPhone 5 design images leaked, bigger screen with the same design as iPhone 4?

Another iPhone 5 rumor has surfaced overnight and again it is emanating from a Chinese site that claims to have some engineering diagrams of the iPhone 5.

The images resemble the current iPhone 4 with the exception of the screen. The screen appears larger and takes up most of the front face with an extremely slim bezel. The images do resemble a previous leak of the front panel which many claimed were fake.

We just got what appears to be mold engineering drawings for iPhone 5. These would be used by case designers to create plastic, TPU, aluminum, silicone and leather cases. A while back we hear rumors that iPhone 5 would have a curved back but these images show iPhone 5 with the same form factor as iPhone 4 but with an edge to edge screen.

It is certainly not unusual for case manufacturers to receive information in advance of a new Apple product launch. We have recently seen iPad 2 information leaked in a similar way and turn out to be accurate.

We don’t know if this is real at this stage but the idea of a larger screen in a similar sized form factor is very appealing. There are a few more images after the break; take a look, then let us know what you think? Would you like a larger screen without a dramatic increase in the size of the device?

[iDeals China via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 design images leaked, bigger screen with the same design as iPhone 4?


I could dig this. But anything is an upgrade from a 3G.
I really like the flat back of the iP4. I hope they stick with that. A bigger screen would be nice, but it's not too important to me.

I'm pretty sure designs are supposed to look like they've been PS'd as you know -- they're not real. How come no one ever says "Damn, those pics look like they were AuoCad'd!"?

I like the bigger screen but I dont like it going out to the edges like that, it doesn't look smooth and sleek like other apple products.

I've had all four iPhones, but I think I may be skipping this next one. It's getting to the point where I'm just not using (or getting anything out of) any of the newer improvements lately.

you shouldnt really update till the iphone 6. I went from 3g to 4. I think if i was to get an iphone 5 it would be because of the A5 processor and if it has nfc.

Well, I'm not Gordon Gekko, so more speed means absolutely nothing to me, personally. I come from the generation who drove around seeking phone booths in the rain, only to find that there was no phone book attached to look up a number, and I got by just fine.
I've never used the front-facing camera... and I don't foresee me using it anytime soon. The only thing I think I really gained from the iPhone 4 was it's thinness. I'm not sorry I bought it, but I just didn't need it, and unless the iPhone 5 is the next revolution in mobile phones (which I doubt), I'll probably hold off this time around.

"Well, I’m not Gordon Gekko, so more speed means absolutely nothing to me" - fastlane
If you take into account your name, you'll realize why I think that's funny. ;)

Agree... IP4 is a great device... I'm sure I will want the iphone 5 but pretty sure I wont need it..

Still with the 'antenna problems requires a new design' crowd huh. I thought by now everyone realised antennagate was a massive fuss over a very common problem affecting most phones.

For Chrissakes, is it so hard to implement a tiny LED Indicator light in the top right corner so I'll know when I have an email, missed call, text message etc... It's mindboggling they didn't have one in the original iPhone, and still to this day don't have one. Apple, please implement one in iPhone 5.

I say they should make the apple logo on the back glow when you have a notification. That would be unique and helpful!

Cmon guy. I certainly appreciate your suggestion in theory, but what purpose would that serve? I'd have to turn my phone over to see if I have missed activity. Who would do that? If i'm in a meeting, bar room, or my living room i'd have to place my phone down screen first to have the indiciator light serve it's purpose. Not practical or realistic.

How about making the white part of home button glow red when you have a new notification. That would be nice.

Yes, that thought popped into my head as well, good thinking. However, i'm all in on the "ditch the home button" to make the screen bigger without changing the size of the device, party. Just a very tiny light (like on the blackberry torch) would make me a happy camper.

That would be perfect. One of my favorite things about my Nexus One is that the trackball (I know I'm in the minority here, but I love having a trackball) can glow different colors depending on what kind of notification I have (blue for mail, cyan for chat, green for SMS, etc). That would be easy to implement and really handy.

Ditching the Home button on the iPhone would make it impossible to use one handed so i doubt they will do that. The iPad on the other hand could work without a home button with those new mutli-touch gestures since you can't use it single handed as it is.
It would good if they at least implemented 3 finger gestures on the iPhone (when the Zoom mode is not on) for pulling up the multi-tasking bar, etc so we have a choice of how to operate it.

Well, it depends on whether you're talking about eliminating just the Home button or the entire Home button area. I'm all for eliminating just the button, and maybe narrowing the area. You have to reach down there with your thumb now, to push the button. It could easily be a swipe instead. Also, using gestures would allow for multiple functions—better than double and triple clicks.

You can eliminate the home button and replace it with a capacitive gesture area which can include an indicator LED. For examples of how that would work, please refer to the Palm Pixi/Pre (Plus/2).

@webvex, @erik: The problem with a gesture area though is I think it would be too easy to accidentally trigger actions. For one handed operation it would need to use single finger swipes, but it would be too easy to inadvertently stray from the screen to the gesture area or vice versa. I'm sure most Palm Pre users have probably learned to avoid it, but then the Palm Pre doesn't actually use the gesture area for much and it still has a button.
Multi-touch gestures are less likely to be triggered unintentionally, but that requires two hands, which is why I think they could get rid of the button on the iPad, but not the iPhone.

How about a small Apple logo on the upper front right that is lit with a red LES when you get a email, txt or other notification?

I had a palm pre and can tell you with much certainty that the gesture area is not an issue. In fact, now that I have an EVO, I miss webOS and the gesture area altogether. I've always said the perfect phone would be apple-quality hardware with webOS. Think the iPhone minus the home button, replaced by the feature area. Dude, yes!

Surprisingly I dont miss the LED light from my blackberry and I really hope apple doesnt implement one. 1) if you're in a situation where you can't check to see if you have a new notification then why would you need the light to tell you to check it if you cant? I like the alert popups and statusbar notifications that I got through jailbreaking just fine.

I can understanding not needing a "message waiting" LED (I personally don't care if they do it or not), but I can't understand actively hoping they don't implement it. What's it to you if they do? It's not like it's going to be a problem for you if you don't need it.

It is if you came from a BlackBerry (like me) and actually hated the LED. If I was in the middle of something and I got a notification, that STUPID light would be blinking NONSTOP until I went and read the message... drove me BONKERS. The iPhone notification is much more welcome to me :D Now, if they gave us the option to turn it on/off, then win/win for everybody! Or maybe have it blink if you haven't acted on the notification, but turn off if you've hit either Cancel or Reply.

do those images imply that the antenna has been redesigned? it would be extremely arrogant of apple to not fix the antenna

Yes. I'm waiting for 64. I may wait till iPhone 6 if they don't lol. I have 20 gigs of music and the rest leaves me with only 2 gigs left ( or a movie or two )

I really hope they keep the iPhone 4 form factor...I love the current design with the flat back. This design doesn't look bad at all.

I'd like to see them keep the same design, but remove the home button (perhaps relocate the button to fit on top of the device, next to the sleep/wake button) and stretch out the screen border to border, and bring the screen down to square it off. Ditch the glass back, and go with that new metal they were testing, and add an LED indicator light. If this came true, consider it a total victory.

I think the diagram suggests the same sized screen on a smaller device (as compared to iPhone 4) -- which I think it's more likely for Apple to pursue -- not a pointlessly slightly bigger screen on a same sized device.

I would welcome a slightly larger screen (3.7"-3.8") in the same body. The iPhone 4 is already one of the most compact high-end smartphones out there. No real need to make it smaller.

Dont you guys know that the antenna will be put inside??? Stop this nonsense! It is obviously fake! It lacks the great sense of design Apple has. It's some Photoshop crap... The new iPhone will be thinner, like the new iPad, and the outter antenna will be discontinued!
Im surprised you guys! Be more professional

As it was stated anything is a step up from the 3G I currently have, LOL. I like the bigger screen. I too am tired of hearing about the dang LED light.

Me too! I wouldn't be bothered if they put one on, so long as it was very small and not a mini Apple Logo like one of the posters above would like to see, hehe :)

It's so nice to see how many great engineers apple is missing on, big old Steve should read these blogs more often. I'm sure he'll get an astounding creative team out of all if you.

My crazy bet: Apple ups the resolution by 40 pixels in each dimension (making it 1000x680). And, iOS still runs in 960x640, with a 20 pixel black border on all 4 sides, reserved for notifications. What side the notification appears on, depends on the orientation you're holding your phone in.

I'm skeptical of the edge-to-edge screen. It would make many case designs impossible, including the Apple Bumper, because they rely on at least a little bit of lip over the front of the case. I'm not saying no case could be designed without covering some of the screen, but I think it would be a lot harder. As it is, my fat finger sometimes has trouble reaching pixels in the edges and corners while in a case.

There is about a millimeter of extra space between the actual pixels and the screen cutout but, yeah, cases would be a little more tricky. Magnetic maybe, like the iPad 2? Or they could trim down the sides only where the screen is, but still have a full lip over the top and bottom areas.

It if only grips the antenna then you can't make any cases that allow you to put your phone face down without the screen touching the surface.

Well, it would be harder to make one, but not impossible. But you could always just have the (or part of the) top and bottom part of the case (where there's no display) stick out slightly to allow you to put the iPhone face down without the front touching the surface.

It could just be the same screen size, but the phone was designed to be narrower.
Anyway, it's really easy to make these renders just to attract attention.

Bring it on! 3.8" 960x640 side-edge to side-edge, A5 SoC, 64 GB storage. That's the one I want. Compared to my 3GS: it'll be 4x the pixels, IPS, 2.5x the CPU, 9x the GPU, 2x storage, 2x the RAM, 2x the 3G performance (HSPA+). All in a smaller form factor than a 3GS.
Can't wait.

No way this thing is real. Apple may not have great PR but they do hear when a product design doesn't work. The edge to edge glass that was leaked was debunked as a Photoshop fake and I don't think they'll be sticking with this design.
Remember when the iPad 2 was going to be flat like the iPhone 4? Yeah, this is like that. The iPhone 5 is going to be slightly curved again like the iPad 2.

If they were to do this, they'll need to make sure ppi doesn't change enough for us to notice it!

Considering that most people don't honestly notice the ppi change between the 4.3" Android devices and the 3.5" 4th gen iDevices, it's probably not going to be a problem.

I don't know what people you are talking about because I can clearly notice the difference in ppi between iPhone 4 and Desire HD if I'm holding them 30 cm (12 inches) away...

It looks like an iPhone 4 with a bigger screen. I hope they keep the larger screen but change the design.

I'll wait for the iPhone 6 as the pattern seems to be that the even number of releases brings the biggest and best changes.

I'm with most people on the notification improvement. It really is getting tiresome. As far as the design, I personally didn't like the flat back, especially wit the "sharp" edges. I could go for a more rounded backing. As for the bigger screen, it could be useful if we get to keep our Retina Display. If it reverts back to the 3GS pixelation and what not, I'm not really for it. All in all I don't want a necessarily BIGGER iPhone, but a bigger screen with the same tech specs (or just slightly larger to compensate) and a better notification system improvement and I'm for it!

IPhone 4S? Not a slam, but if this is real it looks like the differences between the 4 and 5 will mostly be under the hood. The hardware and feature set are so nice now, it's hard to imagine what real life improvements they could add that would have a retina display or FaceTime "wow" factor hardware wise. Maybe OS 5 will have all the "wow" factors the generation.

I hope and pray they add a slightly bigger screen on the next iPhone; nothing too big, just a little bigger, without increasing the overall dimensions of the phone or adversely affecting its usability or the screen's ppi too much... I think 4 inches is the sweet spot, as 4.3 feels just a little too big (like on my old HD2), and the current 3.5 feels just a little too small and cramped, especially for my big hands. But 4 inches (like on my old Galaxy S/Vibrant) would be just right. And I'd also like to see them replace the glass back with aluminum, to make the phone a lot more durable.

Let me be the first to say this: the king is naked. This thing is dead ugly, the black screen contrasts very badly with the white bezel, and the home button is black?? The bezel on the sides is very thin, but is thick at the top and bottom, creating a terrible assimetric effect. The black iPhone 4 is much, much nicer looking than this. I very much doubt that Apple would launch a new iPhone looking like this, it looks like a bad Chinese rip off.

Meaning what? That someone didn't bother to paint the home button white? Or set the antenna material to metal? But they bothered to paint the camera hole and set the lights and the angle right for the render?

Though we don't even know that the Home button will end up still being a button on a new design instead of a capacitive surface.

If this design pans out I would say it would definately look best in black. I desperately wanted the iPhone 4 in white (still do!) but with no "edge" on the side of the screen black would be my choice for this one. Can't wait to see what June brings!

It is not that unusual for CAD models to be released soon to packaging manufactures. However it does usually violate the non-disclosure agreement that is associated with these types of products.

I hope they improve the antenna design on the 5 because my reception problems seemed to occur the same time as I upgraded my 3GS to a 4. Yes I understand your results may vary, just giving my experience.

This is gonna feel great after sticking with my 3GS for almost two years. At least I was opposed to the flat back but after playing with other's phones and going to the apple store I got use to it. It still can't beat the curve back feel but I wouldn't mind the flat.
Hopefully FaceTime goes over 3G or HSPA+ ...

I would be stoked if they released an iPhone 5 with a 720x1280 16:9 widescreen. And the best thing is, just like when the retina display was released, existing apps will work perfectly still, with black bars at the sides of the screen. I am a fan of the current design so if they keep it, i'll be happy but I won't mind an iPad 2 style back as well. But i'm waiting for the iPhone 6, because of the 2 year contract I have with my iPhone 4.

Is it just more or does holding the iPhone 4 feel really bad and hurt UR hand after awhile? I miss my iPhone 3GS I could hold that thing for hours and my hand would never hurt cuz it fit to the contour of UR hand much better? I hate the flat back!

Just to clarify, regarding the gesture area discussion earlier, the palm pre+ has no button and the single touch gestures work extremely well. Used it for a year and now on Verizon iPhone. Needed the apps as well as good camera and great battery life. But from an os navigation standpoint, webOS kicks the crap out of iOS. And before you criticize, I also used a 3GS alongside the Pre and use my wife's iPod touch and iPad. I'm adept at using both systems. Give me some kind of test, and I'll get things done faster and with far fewer steps on the Pre. All this is to say, give iOS gesture control like webOS and you'll then have a magical device. Oh, it also has the led notifications in the gesture area as well. Lots of potential for iOS still.

LOL .. I thought phones like the Galaxy S were too big? now that Apple is rumored to have a bigger screen .. it's all good??

Second that! I made a comment on that earlier about the perfect phone being apple-quality hardware with webOS and the gesture area. That would be a monster phone.