So did you get your iPad 2?

So did you get your iPad 2?

Whether you woke up early yesterday morning to order online, waited forever in an Apple Store line, or risked low stocks at a big box or carrier store we want to know if you survived and more importantly -- did you get your iPad 2?!

Let us know your story in the comments below. Where did you go, what iPad 2 model did you get and what accessories did you get with it? And if not -- why not?

Tons of pictures from the lines, including our now traditional TiPb T-Shirt give aways after the break!

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So did you get your iPad 2?


I waited in line for 3 hours (I know, not all that long) only to have the Apple Store in Willowbrook Mall, Houston, TX run out of 3G devices before they got to me. I think that it is interesting that in all events, Apple never has enough product to go around. This is the second time I have had to walk away from a lunch day empty handed.
Is this creating a false demand and frenzy? Yes. Just not sure it is intentional, although it appears that way to me.

If your starving and someone throws you a cracker, your gonna be like "Thats the best damn cracker I've ever tasted."

Apple seems to allot retailers very few items so that they can say "iPad 2 sold out on launch day within a matter of hours" Well!?!?! I guess so, when you give one of the local BestBuy stores 5 of each model, they are gonna sell out

I waited for 3 hours and was told they ran out of 3G devices as well. The most frustrating part was seeing customers come out of the store with 5-6 iPads. We had been told 1 per customer. Very frustrating.

Best Buy in Queens NY waited 3 hrs second on line got white 16g wii-fi. They had like 20 each model. So some people did not get the model they wanted.

I waited at an Apple store for about five hours. I was probably 30th of about 300 people. I wanted to get the white 32GB for AT&T, and I ended up with a black 32GB for Verizon. I was pretty upset, but I couldn't go away empty-handed after waiting for so long. I picked up a gray poly smart cover too.

I picked up mine at my local Best Buy. I waited in line for about 3 hours. I got a white 16GB WiFi.

I Was 9th in line and got the last 16 gb white wifi model. Waited in line for 4 and a half hours at the best buy in Sherman oaks.

I got in line at the Apple Store in Atlantic City, NJ around 2:30pm and was about 35th in line. One guy had been there since 7am when the mall opened. By the time they opened at 5pm the line was over 200 people easily! I got the 32GB wi-fi black model that I wanted, but I heard that some 3G models were already sold out by the time I got mine. I was out by 5:20pm. Employees would not say how many they had on hand, claiming that they didn't even know. I didn't buy a case or any accessories, as I prefer to get something much less expensive via ebay when available. Ipad sales were limited to two per customer.

One of the joys of living in Iowa, I guess, is that the line at my Best Buy were not insane. My guess is that they had perhaps 150 on hand. I was 20th in line and only waited outside for an hour and a half. Plenty were turned away, though...lots of people waited for work to end before joining the line, I guess.

Best Buy in Auburn, CA yesterday...waited in line for 2-3 the black 32Gb wifi (was hoping for 16Gb) but they only had 30 units total on hand and 20 of them were white. ? WTF unicorns?

i was in that line too, got the same one, wanted the 16gb. line was short though! i got there at 4:00, even had time to make a poop while my GF saved my spot in line!

I was tied up at work Friday, but my wife went to our local Sam's Club at about 4:30, and had no trouble getting one. (Receipt is stamped 5:07 PM). Turns out ours was one of only a few in the country to get the iPad2 yesterday. Extra bonus - price for the 16GB version was only $488.
They didn't have any accessories, so today we'll be going to an Apple Store...

I ordered a 16 Gb wifi yesterday morning. On my way home from work I decided to stop by a WalMart just to see if they had any iPads. I walked in at 5:05pm. There was a line of 4 people. First person had got in line at 4:35pm. They only had four 16Gb wifi's, so I ended up getting a 32Gb. Got home and then canceled my previous online order.
There's a mall across the street from the WalMart with both a Best Buy and Apple store. I had friends that spent most of the day waiting in line and didn't get one and they were just sitting there waiting for customers across the street.

I got to Best Buy in Nashville at 3 and was #10 in line. By 5:00 there were over 100 in line. They didn't have any 16gb 3G models. Ended up with 32gb black Verizon.

Got up at 3:30am EST and the opened ordering at about 3:35am EST I only have to wait 3-5 days once it ships, but it hasn't shipped yet. :( All of my accessories have shipped some are even getting delivered today. It's a shame Apple didn't offer next day shipping for an additional cost, I would have gladly paid to get my iPad today. As it is Apple is saying 18-25 March before I get mine. :(

Waited over three and a half hours at Apple Store Valley Fair in San Jose, CA. By the time I got up to the front, they were out of AT&T models (my current carrier) so I picked up the Verizon model. I chose the 64 GB/VZW/white. Mom's getting my 64GB/AT&T iPad for her birthday next month.
The line behind me was deep! I think they sold out sometime after I got mine. They said they'd be open until midnight, but there was no line anymore by 9 pm. Amazing!!

I was lucky enough to walk into the local Target (Miami) and get the last 16gb black model in the area. Was shocked because it was around 6:15 pm ET. According to the sales guy they won't have any of the accessories until next week, along with a few more units. They said they only had 15 to start with (total of all models, so even fewer of each).

Was 20th in the line at Best Buy in Portland, Or. for almost 3 hours to get my black 64gb wifi. Many, many people in line behind me.

I got my iPad 2 16GB WiFi Black yesterday at Best Buy. I love it, I'm using it now!
Our local Best Buy was the only retailer with them nearby, and surprisingly for our town the line inside spanned wall to wall with over 100 people. What was the most shocking was the HUGE stock my store got, I guess they got most of the ones designated for our cities. I came at 4:15 and was about 80th in line. It was disorganized so bad that the tickets didn't get put out until 5pm, the store really didn't expect a launch this big. You could tell that even mor when the line slowed to a trickle as you closed in on the registers. Luckily they got grey polyurethane cases in, and I managed to survive and escape the store at 6:30.

Ordered mine online Friday at 3:30am. Just received my shipment notification. Will be delivered by March 17 ... Winning!

Looks like we were luckier at the ABQ Uptown Apple Store in Albuquerque, NM. I got there about 2:45 and was about 120 people back in the line. Beautiful weather. Free lemonade, ice tea or water courtesy of Apple. At 5pm staff walked the line taking orders and handing out cards for iPads in stock. At least everyone around me got exactly what they wanted. I got the white, 32G, WiFi model. I got the gray smart cover - very cool. Also got the new Digital AV adapter - works great. Got the camera kit, too. Woot! When I left the store about 6pm it looked like about 200 people still in line with others arriving. Hope they got what they wanted.

I went to the Glendale store in California at 8:25 pm wait 15 mins they don't have any 3G version on Verizon or AT&T but I want a wifi model anyway so I was out of the store with my iPad 2 in less than 15 mins

Ordered online at 1am pst the delivery date was too long (Friday march 18) so I call my local verizon store at 9am. The rep put a white 64g on hold said I had to be there at 5. Showed up at 5 left at 5:20 with my 64g white Verizon iPad woohoo!

I stood in line at Best Buy for about 30 minutes before the guy came out and told everyone that they did not have any 3G iPads at all. So i called a friend at my local Verizon and they didn't have a line but they told me that you couldn't just buy the device without activating it in the store, I left. Checked then with At&t and other Best Buy's, but by this point they were sold out. My friend from Verizon called back and said that they could sell them without activation only when all they had left 16GB White. I wanted the 32GB black, but i took it, and also got the black leather smart cover. figured at best I could sell it on eBay, but i decided to keep it white not that bad but i will exchange for a 32GB when i get a chance.

Started waiting at 9am in Tyson's Corner, VA. Was fifth in line. got the 64Gb AT&T black one. It was an upgrade from the 64Gb wifi one. There were a lot of people in line after me, but Apple employees started handing out tickets at 4:15 with ne ticket per iPad they had in stock. It looked like they had lots of tickets but I haven idea if they made it to the end of the line. Here's a very rough video of the line I shot at about 4:30:
The speed difference is amazing and I never thouht the old iPad was slow. Apps just open much quicker and smoother and switching apps was very quick and smooth.
And I also got the red leather cover.

walked up to walmart, grabbed an iPad white 64 gb, walked over to best buy, got a blue smart cover, a carrying bag, and a screen protector, and drove home.

Went to one of several local Walmarts at about 3:30 and was 3rd in line. They even had a list of how many of each model they had in stock for us to look at. And being third I got exactly what I wanted and was walking out of the store 5 minutes after 5

Hey. I just went to BB.
They got some in stock. I was told that drop ship came this morning. So, anyone needs iPad2, call local BB. There may be a chance. Good luck.
I just grab 16g white wifi.

Yep. I had a black 32GB AT&T 3G ordered at 3am Central and still ended up going to the AT&T store around 2pm to wait. I was 2nd in line and got the last black 32GB they had and canceled my Apple order. I'm still trying to figure out what case and keyboard to get though : \

I waited in line for 4 hours and I was #125 in line... Got the model I wanted with no problem

After waking up at 7:30 mountain time and seeing the 2 to 3 week wait for an online order, I figured I'd check out my local Target to see what models they were carrying. The kid behind the counter thought they would have them all, but hadn't seen any as of yet. He said there hadn't been too much interest the last couple days, and didn't think getting one at 5:00 would be a problem. He said they're going to hand out "cards" to hold your place in line, at 4:30, so I showed up at 3:30. It turned out that my local store only had the black 32gig wifi only model available, and had one card left of the five total allotted to them. I was really hoping to get a black, 64GIG, wifi only model, and two of the folks, that had already been given their cards, told me the Target store, that was about 15 miles from here, had only the model I was hoping for, and no one waiting, when they were there. So like an idiot, I bolted over to the other store, to find they were correct about the model, but they had given out all their priority cards. Disappointed, I thought I'd see what the line looked like at the Apple store, at the mall, which was another 15 or so miles away. By now it's 4:30, and what I found was a line that I'll say had 500 people in line. I figured I'd go home and order what I wanted online and bite the bullet for a few weeks.
I drove into town, about a mile from home, at about 20 past 5, which took me past my local Walmart. I went in to basically see which models and accessories they HAD. They lady behind the counter in electronics, said they had one iPad 2 left, but it was a black 64gig, wifi only model. I said I'll take it, and a gray smart cover, if they have one of those. They had ONE. Am I the luckiest "fanboy" of the day or what?

Ordered mine online as soon as it was available. Got the black 32 GB WiFi+3G ATT. Hopefully will be here Wednesday. Got the gray poly smart cover, should be here Monday according to my tracking number. Disappointed in the shipping times.

I live in California and saw 500 plus people on line at the Apple store. I walked into the AT&T store down the street at 4pm and was the only one there and when 5 pm came they sold me a black 32 gig 3G and I was out of the store with an activated IPad 2 by 5:05- sorry but ut pays to think outside the box!

Walked into the local walmart and purchased my 16gig white iPad. Absolutely no line and they had several in stock. I'm very impressed with it. Took all of 5 minutes to complete transaction. Guess that's one of the perks to living in a hillbilly ass town in west virgina. :)

I ordered mine (64gb black At&t) at about 3:50am EST. My order went through and it still says shipping in 3-5 business days. Hopefully I will get it sometime next week!

HELL YEAH! I was first in line at the infamous millennia mall in Orlando Florida! I came at 10:30pm the night b4 and posted it... Then security made me mob it so I went to the gigantic Florida mall in downtown... Then I was first there... Millennia is beyond gay and too ritzy with their security... All in all I am very satisfied for waiting about 18 hours for my WHITE 64GB AT&T 3G model!!!

Apple store, Arden Fair, Sacramento, CA. In line @ 2:30 pm, about half way down the line, walked out of the store @ 6:05 pm with the exact model I wanted. And, that include setup and short demo. Apple sure has the process down. They were starting to run out of some models by the time I got to the start of the line. First time purchase from the Apple store.

Quick question... For all those who purchased a model different than what you wanted (carrier, wifi only, color, memory), is this your first iPad or are you upgrading? It's an interesting consumer act that I'm curious to know more about since a wait of a week or two would have gotten you exactly what you wanted. Not saying there's anything wrong with it, I just find it fascinating. (PS: 1 on order)

Went to local Target at 3:30, first in line, was undecided on white or black 64GB Wifi Only. Target decided for me by only having 1 64GB Wifi and it was white. Sold.

Waited in line at a Best Buy at 3pm in Citrus Heights, CA (heard the line at the Arden Mall was incredible JeffK). Got my "Reserve Ticket" at 4:30....5:05pm, walked out the door with a Black 16GB Wifi....

I checked online store on March 11, it says ships in 2-3 weeks. I checked online store this morning, March 12, it changed to ship in 3-4 weeks. I would like to have one before my upcoming overseas trip. I can not wait for that long. I am planning to visit a few stores nearby, Apple Store or BB during the week. I assume the line will be shorter then. I am so excited to own an ipad 2 soon.

my son decided at 5:15pm that he wanted to try to get a 16GB black wifi, so we arrived at valley fair mall in san jose at around 6. white models were out of stock not long after we joined the line. then all AT&T 3G models went out. after 2.5 hours of waiting, when we neared the tent, we heard that the only wifi models left were 64GB. we were encouraged by an employee that since there was a 14 day return policy with no restocking fee, we should get an ipad and then return it. when we finally got inside the mall, into the final line before going into the store, we were told that all wifi models were gone. all that were left were verizon models. needless to say, i had a disappointed kid. but what i thought was unfortunate that after sinking 3 hours into the experience, there was no reservation system in place. it would have been nice at least to have been able to reserve one that would arrive at the store in the next few days...

Got to my local Target at 3:30p and was 17th in line. At 4:20p, Target employees announced that there were very limited supplies of the 16GB models. A Target team member told me their store received 125 total across all models. Starting at the front of the line, colored tickets for different models were given out, keeping track of count. The nearby BestBuy ran out of their stock at 4:30p, and people started rushing into Target.
I wanted a 64GB WiFi in Black, but my Target also only received them in White. I ended up buying the 64GB AT&T 3G in Black. But it was worth it not to wait in the line of 400 waiting at the Apple Store. Plus, Target gave 5% off the price for using their Red credit card (which I applied for on the spot).
Target didn't receive any accessories, so I had to go to the Apple Store to get my cover. But, luckily if you weren't buying an iPad 2, they let you in the store. VERY pleased.

Heard lines where long at Apple store, decided to go to local Best Buy. Got there right at 4:30 and line wasn't long, 12 people or so. They started to hand out tickets and handed out the last on to the guy right in front of me. Grrrrrrrr!!! A Walmart was like 2 miles away. Called the and they said they only had 5 to sell but would tell me what they had, but did say they only had one person in line. I NASCAR'd it to the store, ran in and to my surprise still only the one guy. That is when they had only had 16g's, grrrrrrrr again! Wanted 32. Well when the store manager brought them out, they bad just one 32g. Wooohoooo, I got it cause the guy in front just wanted 16g. The the wait to 5:00 so they could ring me up. Was walking out of store by 5:03 with new iPad! No long lines, just a bit of race care driving!

You are all happy people!
But it is impossible so to say about us, because I and my
friends from Ukraine.
We have to buy the products of Apple at the black market.

Showed up at my local best buy store around 1:30pm on launch day and was the second person in line. Tickets handed out at 4:30pm. Picked up the 32 gb wifi black model right at 5:00 pm love it.

I could write about my experience, but Paul just did. Paul, by any chance were you behind me at the Target in Wilmington, DE yesterday? I got a 3G AT&T 64GB iPad in black, just what I wanted. Target workers were great, very friendly and organized. So glad I went to Target, not Best Buy or the Apple Store! I still need to get my accessories, but that should be easy compared to buying my iPad 2!

I was in line at the Apple store at Northstar Mall in San Antonio, TX and was 106. I got 2 iPad 2 Wi-Fi 64 GB black. I wanted one white but they had run out as they ran out of all ATT iPads. I stood in line a total of 5.5 hours before I had it in hand.
The line here was very long and most everyone left disappointed. We were told we could return our purchase for what we really wanted without a restocking fee.

I got to the line at the Seattle Apple store (University Village) at 415 and was roughly 385th or so in line according to the Apple employees. The line started to compact a move about 10 minutes before open. 5 minutes before doors open a ton of apple employees began running around the line and high fiving everyone in line and hollering about the iPad 2. It was fun and exciting.
The line moved very quickly and by 615pm I was out of the Apple store with my White 16GB WiFi iPad 2 (gotta love #teamjailbreak and MyWi 4.0)
So excited!!! I was overwhelmed by the different color and leather/poly options and decided to forego a smart cover for now. I might try and pick one up at AT&T if they have any in stock.

I went to the Pasadena, California Apple store. I arrived at 4:50 PM. There must have been 150 people in front of me. After an hour the Apple employees turned a lot of people away. I went for the experience, just for fun.
But I thank Apple for the free iced tea. At least I still have an iPad 1 which I got at a deep discounted price (thank you Cal Poly Pomona)

I got a WiFi blk 64 GB withna blk leather smart cover. Loving it!!! Got it from the Apple Store in Perimeter Mall at Sandy Springs Ga. Got there at 3:15. Got the iPad around 7:30.

Called my local Best Buy in Ann Arbor, MI at 3:00 PM and asked how big the line was. I was told it wasn't big and there were only a few people. I got there at 3:30 and was number 34 in line. The girl in front said they had just come from the Apple store be because their line was 150 people. I asked a Best Buy rep how many iPads they had and they replied 'we cannot say but let's just say you will be ok'. Good news. At 4:30 they went down the line asking models that people wanted and a little later came round with tickets that guaranteed you an iPad. At 5:30 I walked out with a black 16 GB WiFi model and a smart cover a very happy chappy :) Hats off to Best Buy for a great job.

They sold out of the white 64gb wifi model, so I saved $100 and went for the 32gb model.
Super stoked that I even got one!!!

Funny story, went to best buy in Phoenix Arizona about 4PM, when I got there the line had about 80 or so people in it.. About 4:45 best buy reps came down the line giving out tickets for whatever Ipad version someone wanted.. WELL! By the time they got to me they only had 64 gig wifi white available, I said sold. They gave me a ticket and said you can come back by 7PM or else we will put them up again to the general public, I said Okay, I'll come back after work.
I come back at 6, and I go to pickup my iPad and they can't find it. The best buy employees are running amuck all over the store looking in drawers, cabinets for this iPad and they cannot find it! AT ALL! 15 minutes go by and the store manager comes up to me and apologizes perfusly for the mistake and says that Best Buy apparently must have made too many "copies" of the vouchers.
There were 3 iPad's still on the table that nobody had claimed, the manager said that IF the 3 other iPad buyers don't show up by 7, I can have the 64 gig 3G model for the price of the wifi model.
7PM arrived, I walked out with a 64g 3G black iPad 2. It was worth the wait, but I'm glad Best Buy did something to fix their mistake!

Man that's great! I wish I had been that unlucky/lucky... The people at my best buy were really nice yesterday, normally they suck. Guess that 700 bones in their pockets cheered them up

I got to my local bestbuy @ 6:30pm and there was line stretching to the door from inside and i was last in line but after about 1 1/2 hr waiting I managed to snag a 16gb wifi black even though I wanted white and the hdmi adapter plus a grifin case

Went to the Apple Store, Upper West Side in NYC. Couldn't get out of work until 6:00, but went straight there. The line curved all the way around the entire block. It was pretty cold, but I got in at about 8:00. Had planned on getting the 32GB black wifi model, but by the time I got in, they were sold out of everything except the 64GB. Wasn't going to go home empty-handed after waiting in the cold, so I plunked out an extra $100 and bought it. By the way, where did you get that Apple bib in the photo of that adorable baby??

Went to Verizon Wireless in New York City at 4:30PM, was first in line, walked out at 5:10 PM with a 64 GB WiFi + 3G. The Apple Store in NYC was ridiculous. I passed it at 8:30PM and the line still had over 100 people in it.

I went to bestbuy around 4:20 and there was a huge line stretched all the way around the corner, so i went to walmart which was right next to it. I arrived in electronics and there was only 8 people in line!. They only had 25 in stock and a sheet was passed around listing which ipad 2 models were available, I got the 32gb wifi+3g verizon, they told me it was att but when i got home i found out it was verizon, i was little mad but happy I got an ipad 2. :)

Another interesting thing at NYC Apple Store is they sold out of the AT&T 3G models really early on, but had Verizon models left throughout the night. I guess people are going for the faster speeds and, of course, voice call reliability isn't at issue with the iPad.

lol amazing what a mad stir around america apple can make i have to wait another 2 weeks because i'm in the UK :(

I woke up in the morning and I made a few calls to apple store, best buy in different locations, Walmart and tarrget. The apple store had like 80 around 11:00am, that's what a rep from apple told me, best buy was empty so it was target an Walmart.
I went to the best buy at westbury in NY and There was only 5 people in front of me.
4:30 came and before they start it giving tickets they had to call the cops cuz there was a guy that try to get in front of the line and try to pay a girl $100 for the spot. A rep from best buy came out and told him to go to the back of the line and he did not wanted to move so the rep told him to get out, that he was not going to get a ticket. At the end the rep call the cops and the guy left the place cursing at the rep.
Now finally we got the tickets and I got myself a white 16g wifi iPad 2. I was out of the store at 5:05 and now I am the happiest man with my first iPad

I went to Best Buy in West Paterson NJ. I got there at 2:50, right after picking up my son at school. I was #7 in line, at 4:30 I got my ticket for a White 64GB Wifi 3G model. I was out the door at son is 5 and he totally that was great.

Showed up at walmart at 4:50 pm no one else was there even after I left and they had plenty of stock even though the guy initially said they had only two in stock, my eyes saw otherwise.

Gheez! I got mine today, but had to settle for 16GB Verizon version. It's going back as soon as I can get a regular black wifi!

I left work and arrived at Target (Mary Esther, FL) at about 3:45 PM to find I was #2 in line. I wanted black, but the store only received 5 total, all 32GB WiFi in white. The local stores except for Best Buy didn't get any accessories, so a buddy picked up a Smart Cover in black leather for me.

I ordered my 32Gb Black WiFi iPad 2 yesterday morning (it was raining out, so I decided I didn't want to go anywhere and stand in line) at the Apple website. My Camera Kit has shipped, my Black Leather Smart Cover is getting ready to ship; no idea when the iPad will finally ship. Oh well, I've waited a year (didn't get the original iPad), so what's another week or so. I've been shopping for iPad apps since I don't have the iPad yet!

Just picked up my white (wanted black) 32gb 3g Verizon (wanted ATT)
at the Gilbert AZ store.

Went to nearby Best Buy at 3:45. Was about 25th in line. Was able to snag 64GB, AT&T 3g, Black, It was the last one of those available. Walked out around 6:00pm. The checkout process was not terribly efficient. But, glad to get one.

I got my black 32GB wifi from the Apple store in Cheektowaga NY (suburb of buffalo). I was 10th in line was there when the doors to the mall opened. I was there about seven hours but it went by fast. There was about 500+ people in line. The mall has a best buy right across from the Apple store and they had about 50+ people in line I was told by a friend that a group of 25 of them flocked to the Apple store. What sucks is they started that best buy line at the same time we started the Apple store line. Not good.

Went to AT&T store at 4, I was first in line they only had 5, waited till 5pm there was only 3 of us in line and I walked out at 5:30. Got the black 32 3G, black smart cover, and the apple care. So they threw in a pair of $50 speakers for free. They also lowered my mins and let me keep 1500 roll over mins, to help offset the $25 iPad service. And they changed my text to unlimited for the same price I am paying now. The AT&T guys were great! Oh this was in Naples, FL

Went to a local Walmart around 4:50, i was the third person there, they got in 10 iPads (non 3g)2 32GB 1 64GB, rest 16gb. I got a 16gb black with ease. Rural area shopping ftw! lol

Ordered a black 64G black model with grey cover @1:11 am PST March 11th. Latest email from Apple says the cover has already shipped for delivery on the 15th. Another email says my iPad has shipped for delivery by the 18th. Fedex tracking says it will deliver on the 17th by 4:30 pm. I'm in Europe right now and will get home on the 17th. Perfect! Little piece of Christmas in March!

On release day I had to fly from San Diego to Indiana for a military course that I have to attend.
Finally got ahold of an address of where I can ship my iPad 2, so I ordered it. Now in about a month I hope to see it. Congrats to you all who got ahold of one!

I GOT MINE!!! Waited 8 hrs and was 15th out of 400+. Got the 64/att/blk that I wanted. It was a pretty great experience and the new one is great. I have the 1st gen and the new speed is so obvious.

I was first in line at my Wal-mart store and picked up the 16 GB black. I returned in less than an hour later. The camera was awful and I found dead pixels on my screen. What a waste of time and such a big disappointment. It would have been nice if they had demo units otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time.

Great stories everyone, I love reading them. I'm still enjoying my first gen iPad, that I picked up about 6 or 7 months ago at best buy. I decided it's still a great piece of tech, and will wait the new ipad2 out for a few months, then buy it and my wife can use this one till it dies. Thanks again everyone for the stories. Enjoy

I had checked earlier in the day at some of the local possibilities -- Target only had 5 white 16 GB WiFi in total so that was out. The AT&T stores didn't get any shipments and I figured Walmart was similar to Target in what they had in my area. I took a peek at the Apple store around 1 pm. Probably 150 in line at that point. I had to pick up my kids at school at 3:30, so I ended up deciding to go to Best Buy around 4. There were probably about 80 ahead of me, which wasn't too bad. The Best Buy staff came down the line with papers to mark which model you wanted. Then around 4:45, they came along to pass out the tickets for the specific model. I had wanted a black 32GB AT&T 3G. I have the unlimited plan, so I'm definitely sticking with the AT&T 3G models. I ended up with the white 64GB AT&T which is fine. I also picked up a blue SmartCover. It was a bit of a hassle being there with the kids, but we were out of there at 6.

I went to the Apple store in Lynnwood, WA at around noon. I was around #100 in line. By opening time, the line must have been at least 500 people long. I was looking for a white 64GB AT&T model, but unfortunately they were sold out.

I agree with you. Why not wait and get what you really want. Or do you just want to tell people you got your ipad 2 on it's launch day?!?!

Didn't get mine and really want one. Does anyone now if Apple gets shipments of product for Sundays? Is it worth going early tomorrow??

Stopped by Best Buy after work around 4:30pm, got in line with over 100 people in front of me. They started handing out tickets just before 5pm. My ticket for a Black 16Gb wifi had #27 written on it. Everyone in line seemed to be getting what they wanted, so it appears they had a good amount of stock at the Tuttle location in Columbus, OH. I was out the door at 5:50pm and couldn't be happier that I didn't have to wait any longer!! Love my iPad 2!

My wife was in line at the Bestbuy at 4 pm with 40 others. No one would say if there were tickets, enough to IPADS to sell, or anny accessories. She called me at work at 4:10 and said drive by Target to just check. I ask and they gave me number 14 of 15 and said I was guarenteed on as long as I came back by 6. Of course I was the 1st in line at 5 to get the black 16 wifi. Target had no accessories so we went to the mall Apple store and walked past the 300 people standing in line to get the cover and camera/sd adaptor. The Apple Store Has amazing service as they meet you at the front and take you directly to the product, swipes your credit card on their phone and send you the receipt to your email. I have an old 3G iPhone that I jail broke and that's the closest I ever got to Apple. I have to admit that the ecosystem of service and product has sold me 100 percent. Oh, and the Ipad2 is just fantastic as I have barely put it down!!!!!!

I didn't get one, and probably never will. Because even though I've finally managed to find work, I'll never make enough to justify dropping tha kind of cash.
But thanks,, for rubbing it in :-)

Weny to my local walmart at 5:30 and picked up the last one they had. As I was leaving 3 people coming in asked me if I knew if they had any more, so I had to give them the bad news. If your wondering that was at the culebra and 1604 walmart in San Antonio.

OMG this is bringing me angst! I'm still hoping to win the iPad from the contest. Georgia, when will the winner be announced, do you know? :(

I got in line at Arden Fair Apple Store in Sacramento at 8:00 am. Was out at 5:10 with the 64Gb, White wifi that I went for. Nice people. Much better than my iPhone 4 experience.

I got to the Nashville store at 9am and was 15th in line. The first guy in line had been there since 3am. By the time the store opened at 5pm, the line had wrapped through the mall and back again.
I got the 64gb, AT&T in black with smart cover. I also bought the hdmi out cable. Woohoo!

I was at the Best Buy in CC Texas and the line started to build around 12pm and it started out around 5-6 people. As the time went on the line grew to around 150 at about 3pm. It was a really long line but I think everyone got what they wanted. My party was about #9 in line. Got a White 32GB Wifi and a Grey Smart Cover aaaannnnnddd the HDMI connector. They still had some tickets left after the big crowed was helped. They may even have more. It was a great experience for everyone because the employees at this Best Buy did a great job bringing such order to this seemingly chaotic situation ha ha. Great job all around!

Arrived at Best Buy Spanish Fort, AL at 4:00 pm and was about 22nd in line. 30 min later they came out with tickets. 30 min later I had my 32G white ipad2. Yeah!

I will never stand in line for an electronic device ever. I can wait. After the iPhone 4 never again.

I agree with you. It was fun waiting in a launch line, but I have experienced it now and have no desire to do it again.
Since everyone is out of iPad 2s, and will probably not be in stock for at least a week (probably a month given that shipping dates have been pushed back that long), I am leaning just keeping the first generation until iPad 3 comes out.

I got my iPad 2 at my local best buy. Verizon. Got it at 615. They only had 3 left. I took one of the three. They only had the white left. I am writing this comment on my iPad 2. Over 3G.

I had the funniest experience.
My boy was sitting in line with a friend of his. He got there at 9am and was 5th in line. I took my boy space, my wife snuck in line with me. We ended up getting 4 IPads( 2 for her, 2 for me) we kept 1 a piece, 2 are on eBay now. 200 people in line in Besthesda Md Apple store, felt bad for doing it but we are business people here.
I got 2 Att 3G White 64GB for sale $1100 per

I got to the bestbuy in Pasadena, CA @ 4:15pm. I was #116 in line. After a two hour wait, I walked out with a 32gb white wi-fi model. I wanted the 16gb, but glad I got the 32.

I live in Pensacola. Drove over to Pace about 20 mins away got it no line no wait at Walmart but they only had the 64 GB so i had to dig deep in my pockets.

I got in line at best buy in fort worth, and I was the last person to get a ticket. I wanted an AT&T white 64 gb: I got everything I wanted except that I had to go with verizon. Got a black smart cover, and I was out by 5:45

Live in Kona, HI. We Target, Walmart, Verizon and AT&T haven't received their shipments in light of the tsunami. (And the only Apple stores in Hawaii are on Oahu) So Monday at the earliest (unfortunately), but you can bet I'll be the first one in line.

Those speakers in the Main picture of this Article are 500 dollars and sound amazing. A guy I use to work with at Microsoft bought those this year with his Bonus. Well worth the money AMAZING sound

Arrived at the Cerritos California (mall) Apple store at 8:00 AM Friday morn.I was about number 15 even that early. The day was pleasant but long. Chatted with fellow wanabe iPad 2 users during the day. Most everyone was upbeat and pleasant. Thanks to some people behind me I was able to borrow a chair for a bit. Apple furnished water, coffee and tea during the day. Picked up lunch and toured some of the mall as well as the Apple store. The store close at 3:00 PM and reopened at 5. By 4:30 there were at least 400 in line. Got into the store quickly and was out with my shiney new iPad 2 WiFi plus 3G 64 gig (AT&T) by 5:10.
I was the original iPad with unlimited data. I was able to move it over simply by swapping the SIM card. My iPad 2 now has unlimited data!!!
Loving the iPad 2 so far :-)

Called before standing in line- stores around here sold out in less than 40 minutes Friday! This morning 20 minutes after the Apple Store opened, there were about 50 people in line. Was smart enough to ask they guy coming out how many were left(he said he was 8th in line when they opened and there were 14 then). We left. No luck at Best Buy, Walmart, or Microcenter. Will just wait...

Got to the Apple Store in Pentagon City, Arlington VA at 4:45pm. My rough estimate is there were 350 people in front of me. The first one to run out was ATT 3G's. After announcements were made that stock was "dangerously low" I finally got a ticket for a white 16gb wifi at around 7:30pm and made it inside at 8:30! The line was cut off about 30 people behind me; if I had arrived 15 minutes later I would have gone home empty handed.
Sent from iPad

Got to the Columbia, MD Best Buy at around 1:30 and was 5th in line. Got the 32gig black model but I noticed earlier today that I have a dead pixel in the middle of the screen; not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.

Got to the local Best buy at 3:30 pm and was told that the line did not start till 4 pm. So I went to Mcdonalds with my daughters for something to snack on while we waited. Got back by 3:45 and they had started the line early, so now I was about sixty back. They told us they would pass out the vouchers at 4:30 pm. About 5:00 pm they started passing out the vouchers. I eneded up getting the last 64g white wifi model. They had two registers open so the line took forever. I finally got my iPad 2 at 6:30 pm with a blue smart case. From what I heard everyone in the line got one and they had version ones left. My girls were awesome for the long wait even got compliments on how well they acted.

Arrived at Best Buy in Madison Heights, MI about 2:30pm and was third in line. Got 64GB Black AT&T model but they did not have a any black leather covers. So I went over to the Apple Store about ten minutes away and got one there. The line there snaked through most of the mall so I'm glad I went to Best Buy.

I was sixth in line at a Verizin store... the Verizon pos system could not scan the Apple bar code, so I was unable to purchase.
Do these idiots not test their systems for functionality ahead of an event?

I ordered mine Friday at about 7:30 am and got a ship date of 4/1... Just as a piece of personal research, I went yesterday to 2 Wal-Marts. 2-Targets. 1 Best-Buy, 1 AT&T store and finally to the Apple store here in SOUTH Southern Orange county (CA).. between noon and 1:30 pm pacific time... NOTHING...ALL GONE...NADA... And some VERY irritated folks everywhere...

I see myself in picture number 9, though I am obviously not a good subject for photos... I am loving my 64gb iPad 2 so far.

Yup. Got me a 32GB Black Wifi at walmart. How they treated the merchandise was questionable at best. I saw an employee throw one of the HDMI adapters across the room...

I will not wait in line for a non essential gadget. I will wait until I can just walk in and grab one.

Ordered mine at 1:06am PT online and got the shipment confirmation the next day. The latest I'll get it is 3/17, but there's a chance of getting it earlier. :D
It was crazy. It said 3-5 business days and the shipment confirmation gave me an ETA of 3/17. Within less than 45 minutes, it went to 5-7 business days and after another 45 to an hour, it turned to 1-3 weeks. Next time I checked it was 3-4 weeks, which it is still at right now. :D
I would have stood for an hour or two but the 5pm bothered me. It took about an hour to get the first iPad when the store staff told me there was no way to get one especially because of the special pre-order line that they had last year. BS. Like I said, one hour and I had one.
I was going to get a second one, but I may just order that, too without the wait. :D:D:D

I went to my local Target at 4:50pm Friday and there was only 3 people in line. I got my Black 16GB WiFi and was out by 5:05pm. I had to go to the Apple store to get my smart cover because Target and Walmart didn't get any accessories and Best Buy only had black leather and all 5 colors in the polyurethane. I got the tan leather.

Will get iPad 1 dock work w/ iPad 2? I know they have a special one for the new iPad (how else can they make money...after all, they gotta eat), but looking at the exterior of the iPad 2, it looks like it might just work. Anybody?

I went to a Best Buy in Denver. I was first in line - took off work. They handed out coupons shortly before 5 PM. However, when 5 PM came they announced that the iPads had not arrived at the store. It is Monday - and still no iPad2. They say they will call when they come in. Sounds fishy. VERY FRUSTRATED.

8 pm My husband called BestBuy Imperial Valley asked if they had it and to please hold it.
8:30 pm We arrived to the store, went to Customer Service and got our White 16GB WiFi with a gorgeous green cover.
For all of you who got it and now know like I do how awesome it is, congrats!!

ordered a 16gb att ipad online fri morning at 3:40am est. my order status says prepared for shipping so still waiting but i think it's shipping tonight or tomorrow.

Yeah, that's me 5th pic down on the left. I was 3rd in line and had 2 iPads at 5:06. Put one on eBay, sold it. Then I sold my old iPad and cleared enough to cover my new one. So it's like getting an iPad for free!! So worth the standing in line. Schweeet!