Apple Releases iTunes 8.0.2

Harbinger of things to come? Or just coincidence? You decide. But while you're deciding, head on over to Apple Software Update and grab yourself a copy of iTunes 8.0.2 and its quality, connectivity, and accessibility fixes.

(Though if you've jailbroken, or intend to Unlock when it becomes available, AVOID as we've already seen that the new MacBook lineups have jailbreak unfriendly iTunes builds, and this could be more of the same).

Got it? Gotten it? Let us know if you find any tantalizing iPhone hints!

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Releases iTunes 8.0.2


I don't even care if 2.2 adds any new features. I would gladly not have cut paste mms etcbif only they could make safari not so rdiculously unstable

my fingers are crossed, and I've said my prayers " please let them be right tomorrow "
2.2 we need you!

I updated and I've lost my library, be cautious. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, just accepted the usual agreements and let it do it's thing. Anyone know how to get it back? It changed the library location so I pointed it back to the old one but that doesn't work. I can't really figure out their logic. But then again, it's apple, their logic isn't exactly normal.

This is it for me with itunes. It ALWAYS fucks up my library on EVERY update. And it is always on a friday night. They can either apologize to me in person or go fuck themselves. Sad really. I am a mac user since 1989.

I am sad. I like Mac for the most part but I lost my music library too since I upgraded. My Iphone crashed and when I sinc'd it, it was all gone. Thinking about getting a Mac book but not so sure it all works better than windows now.

Wow I just tried to jaolbreak my phone and wow all it did was crash my phone and well lets see nothing else.So what the hell is going on ?? things aren't going the way it is explained.

Yeah it seems that 8.0.2 doesn't let you jailbreak, going along with the "jailbreak unfriendly builds". I had the same issue QuickPwn / Pwnage Tool would hang on the preparing to restore phase and the iphone screen would remain black.