White Diamonds artistic crystal cases for iPhone and iPad [Give away]

White Diamonds makes iPhone 4 and original iPad cases with artistic prints embedded with Swarovski crystals. We first saw them at CES 2011 and when they offered us the chance for a closer look we jumped on it. Frankly, we wanted to see how well these gorgeous cases stood up to daily wear and tear. White Diamonds was kind enough to send us an Angels Calling iPhone 4 case by Vince Fraser, a Rainbow collection iPhone 4 case by Livius Dietzel, and a Nafrotiti iPad case also by Vince Fraser.

[White Diamonds]

White Diamonds cases consist of clear plastic frames with artistic, crystal enhanced back plates. They come in a variety of colors and in several designs. I found them a little difficult to put on and take off but once on they fit well with no looseness or wiggle room. The sides come up slightly higher than the display of the iPhone or iPad which isn't my personal preference (I like to be able to swipe and select without hitting an edge) but it does let you place your device face down without worrying about the screen if you so wish.

I was initially worried about the crystals falling off during day to day use or when placed down on a table but after several weeks of consistent use they're all still there and look as good as the day I got them. That's very impressive. I did drop my iPhone 4 while using the Angels Calling case and though the corner chipped slightly it's sacrifice was not in vain -- it protected my iPhone 4 completely.

If you want to add a splash of style and sparkle to your iPhone 4 or original iPad, check out White Diamonds!

Give away

We're giving away the black Rainbow Collection iPhone 4 review unit -- it's been tested but is still in near-perfect condition. Just leave a comment below saying which artist you'd like to see get the crystal treatment and you're automagically entered. (Real email address required. We won't make it public but will need it to contact you if you win!)

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There are 118 comments. Add yours.

eternal76 says:

I'd like to see Gabriel Rodriguez's work get this treatment. He illustrated Joe Hill's Locke and Key series and I love his work.

Altimate19 says:

The angel iPhone case is awesome.

Ilovegeorgia says:

I would love to have that case for my iPhone 4.

Jonathan Seals says:

Livius Dietzel, because that is one mighty fine case.

Samantha says:

I would love to see them use Olivia ( fantasy art ) or Gil Elvgren ( Pin up Girls ). I am more partial to the Ipad case personally.

artkin says:

A photo of one of AJ Fosik's sculptures.

fishfarm20 says:

I've always been a fan of Ansel Adams. My wife would love a Monet for her phone...

GrandmaBetty says:

Would love to see me some Bansky.

Gemakki says:

Wow kwijl have That awesome case for my IPad THE Art is great love it oliva
THE are dealt Nice Gadgets
THE netherlands

Cantico says:

Vince Fraser; his Angels case is beautiful!!!

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

Beautiful presentation, presenter, fair enough audio sound, great camera definition and tone... And still I have one question.
Why in the kitchen? Lol seriously.

Darkstar says:

Are you serious?? First of all, the image is WAY overexposed, and Georgia, PLEASE TELL WHOEVER SHOOTS YOUR VIDEO TO WHITE BALACE THEIR CAMERA FIRST!!! Geez, the White Balance is completely off and looks terrible. And there is WAYYYY too much bokeh in the image. Your depth of field is so narrow, that 90% of the time, the subject is completely out of focus. Stop up your aperture a bit to get better depth of field. Bleeehhhhh

Shirley Lacroix says:

Wyland! Whales would be awesome!

Lance says:

ralph mcquarrie cases would be great!

mededitor says:

Edvard Munch, artist of "The Scream." It would look awesome with the Swarovski crystal treatment.

LyndaP says:

Monet - waterlilies would be gorgeous!

Caribou says:

I've gotta go with Gil Elvgren too. Or maybe Georgia O'Keefe, since my girlfriend probably wouldn't want pinups on HER phone. :-)

Mike D. says:

Master of light! Ansel Adams

Justin_Aga says:

I like the one with the Superman-ish logo

devoted101 says:

andy warhol, one of his diamond dust works.. that would be perfect!

kmiahali says:

My hope of winning is beginning to fade. But trying doesn't hurt so here goes, Ansel Adams! :) That would be just great!

Greg Bentz says:

Sophia Loren in her prime.

lov2jun says:

Vince Fraser... I love his angels case~~

jdradvisors says:

Wow those are cool,,,Vince Fraser

Kate says:

I think Monet would make a beautiful case. Water lilies? YES!!

Kevin says:

Edvard Munch, artist of “The Scream.” It would look awesome with the Swarovski crystal treatment.
Goooooood luck!

Sentenial says:

Vince Fraser!
These cases are awesome. Would love it for my girlfriend. I photoshopped a custom GroveMade bamboo case for her and she loved it! This would be so nice for her

Danny says:

Angels Calling iPhone 4 case by Vince Fraser

Justin says:

Vince Fraser! These cases are awesome. Would love it for my girlfriend. I photoshopped a custom GroveMade bamboo case for her and she loved it! This would be so nice for her!!

Hello World says:

Wow, that's some pretty messed up ad placement right there... How much did you guys get paid for this gig?

scientist88 says:

Edvard munch would look nice

James says:

I would love to see Matheus Lopes Castro's work made into some cases. Really there are a lot of great artists out there.
I also love seeing people change there names but post the exact same comments trying to win.

Macman says:

The angle case by Vince Fraser is absolutely stunning.

Fokas914 says:

Vince Fraser wow very beautiful!!

ijoshie says:

I'd love to see a sick Banksys iPhone case! I hope I win, that black case is too sick!

Marcus Linden says:

Manet or Monet Would be beautiful

Cooper Corbett says:

Picasso...of course. So then I can have my friend say "Hey is that Picasso." "Who's Picasso?" "You uncultured swine.!"

Jared says:

I would like to see him give his crystal treatment to some of Claw Money's work, she's a graffiti artist

Jassi says:

The Nafrotiti iPad case by Vince Fraser is pretty amazing!

John says:

Hello. I would like to see Van Goch-- Starry Night

brianchan says:

Starry Night - Van Gogh. would be awesome!

SteveC says:

A case by Roger Dean would be awesome!

John says:

Vince Fraser has my vote and request.

Jesse says:

I'd love to see some MC Escher!

Rob says:

Ed Hardey. Would be an ideal contrast with those fantastic heavy metal designs.

ROSES says:

I had the apple in-ear and they were horrible. I went through 3 pairs and each pair would constantly shock me. I am now using klipsch and they are pretty cool.

ROSES says:

opps my previous comment was a mistake, but I like Angelss Calling case :)

Ricky Williams says:

I have to say Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel gets my vote. In crystals it would look heavenly lol pun intended.


Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh would be awesome!!!

Untidyguy says:

How about "My Heart Will Go On" by Titanic.
Every one of these aggressive designs will get old pretty fast. And why would you want crystals (glass really) sticking out of your case so they can scratch up all of your other expensive stuff like your furniture or your laptop?

Bob Lundy says:

Elvis Presley "Hound Dog"

Kujo says:

The Final Fantasy artist, Amano.

gbernier says:

How much do cases like those retail for?

jbuck387 says:

I'll go with René Magritte's "Son of Man"

Grammar D*ck says:

Embedded is the word you're looking for Georgia....not embellished.

Georgia says:

No actually I meant embedded not embellished...
1) To fix firmly in a surrounding mass: embed a post in concrete; fossils embedded in shale.
2. To enclose snugly or firmly.
There is a small recess in which each crystal is placed (embedded in) and that is why they do not fall out easily as with other crystal embellished cases...

teramisu says:

Leonardo Da Vinci - Mona Lisa

screech297 says:

I would love to see something by Andy Warhol.

Delrahim69 says:

I would like to see Edvard Munch's The Scream

Donna says:

Vince frazier for sure! It Would be so exciting to get one of these beautiful cases. Thank you for the cgance to win

Shanice says:

The Scream by Edvard Munch would look awesome with some crystals or starry night by van Gogh!

cl1ck4207 says:

Michael Godard Cases like this would definetely be the best.

Tyler says:

The Scream by Edvard Munch is clichéd but it's a classic and I think it would get a lot of attention and conversations striked up!

James Ricketts says:

Van Gogh's Starry Night dud...

Michael Murdock says:

I'd take any of them. Very slick!

Jim says:

My vote is Michael Godard.
To be honest I have not heard of him. I saw his name and google'd him. Nice work.

iPhone Game Development says:

i will go with White Diamonds this would be awesome!

dloveprod says:

They are all ugly but I guess Vince Fraser.

Turnermd says:

David Em would be very interesting.

James Wood says:

I like the idea of starry night by van Gogh! That would be awesome.

marchie_78 says:

I would love to have one of these unique cases.

Wayne Jelley says:

Takashi Murakami would be my choice to get this treatment

Carolyn Nicander Mohr says:

Crystal Bowersox, of course! Actually, I was thinking of Van Gogh's Starry Night or Munch's Scream, but originality might be a deciding factor in this give away.

marcundm says:

i would like to see lil wayne´s grill on the case

Dan Bjerre says:

Angels Calling is awesome And would be very cool!

gcdteston says:

Leonardo Da Vinci – Mona Lisa

Miggs says:

I think anything by Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock would look awesome, proper abstract art

Matt says:

Vince Frazier is sweet

alexander__ekin says:

Wow great case, hope i win this

Shipinabottle85 says:

The artwork of Marilyn Manson would look fantastic embedded in the crystal cases. I feel his watercolor would translate very well to this very different, very modern medium.

Angie B says:

Andy Warhol
Love the iPad one!

jane oakley says:

id like it to be transparent but somehow capture an image from my i pad for a few days, like something from flowart or anything we design really and then fade by the end of the week to do something else,

Nick says:

Vince Fraser. The wife would love it!

Chris says:

I may be dating myself, but I'd LOVE to see Peter Max art on a case, especially one the size of an iPad! (It would still be good on an iPhone too...)

breezybmw says:

I love the Black Rainbow Collection wish the black diamond on the back. It would look awesome on my phone. Sure would love to have it.

Alan says:

A case featuring Shag's art would be truly unique!

neblon says:

Vince Fraser.....Beautiful

aaminah says:

i am aaminah and i am 10
i love phones my wish is that i one day one day win an i phone i hope i win
love you lots
love from aaminah hussain aged 10

falconeight#IM says:

Look stop reviewing that stuff. MY wife likes it and it cost to much.

James says:

Vince Fraser looks great!

Jordan says:

Andy Worhol for some retro designs!

chen chen says:

it's really beautiful and creative. I like the pink-rainbow most.

Megan O'Connor says:

Any Vince Fraser- ESP angels/rainbows with those gorgeous crystals

Ralph Kirk says:

I think some of Robert bansky's pieces may look pretty cool gemmed up

Jeyda Arapali says:

Hi My name is jeyda and i vote for Livius Dietzel, an amazing and simple design. My email is jeyda.arapali@hotmail.com

Bassetdamaris says:

I love this cases too I have 4 of then the quality is the best I have it for months and not even one scratch and the diamonds safe and shiny in place.I will love to have the black Rainbow Collection iPhone 4, the artist I like to see get the crystal treatment is Vince Fraser, my respect to him, I was looking in ebay for more to buy it but did not find it.

iphone 5 says:

Great issues altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What may you recommend in regards to your put up that you simply made some days ago? Any certain?

KARRIE63 says:

Monet would make beautiful cover