TiPb Asks: What earphones do you use with your iPhone?

Confession: I hate my Apple earbuds

What earphones do you use with your iPhone or iPod touch? Yesterday I confessed that I hated my Apple earbuds. Many of you agreed. The TiPb store has a bunch of cool iPhone headset alternatives. Some of you also told me what you like to use and recommended others. I want more. I'm also curious to see what are the most popular earphones among our readers, and if it varies for travel, home listening, gaming or other activities?

So what earphones do you use?


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daimetti says:

just basic skullcandy ones, they are good enough for me

Ilovegeorgia says:

i want some of those i always hear they are the best and my friend Andrea's are amazing.

zeagus says:

http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er6i.aspx Etymotic ER-6i - unmatched in their price range.

Brian says:

I like those (and still have them). I used them with my iPods.
I now have the Etymotic hf3 headset for use with my iPhone though. These work really well too.

Alex says:

Plantronics backbeat 216, cheaper than apple's in-ear and has the same volume/play buttons.

Joe McG says:

Most of the time, I use Sennheiser Adidas Sport headphones. They are the best headphones for the gym and running: http://store.apple.com/us/product/H1420ZM/A?mco=MTY3ODQ5OTY
I'm pretty picky about earphones. However, I was on a trip and realized I left my headphones at home. I stopped in at an airport store and picked up some Skull Candy headphones for $20. I was really surprised how good they were for only $20.

Bill says:

if you want the best sound, go with the Shure E535's. Pricey, but they will maximize the sound quality you can get from the iPhone to the Nth degree. Plus, they isolate outside noise; so you don't have to turn the volume all the way up to hear the music.
Personally, I find the Shure E535's a perfect match for the IPhone4.

iion says:

I use the Beats Solo by Dre. They rock. I love them.

Kevin Doyle says:

I have some Beats too - love them!

Scooter says:

I love me some Monster Hunter so of course, the Jinouga earbuds. Thank goodness I'm no audiophile so I can't tell if they sound bad or not, to me they sound just as good as my old Zune Premium headphones :) http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=86427|3

Mike says:

I use the Bose in ear headphones. They work great!

stewm says:

Might sound stupid but I still like the Blackberry headphones even though size and shape they are almost identical to apples, the only difference is the foam cover which I think makes them a little more comfortable.
I do have a pair of Samsung WEP 870 headphones/bluetooth earpiece but they have to be jammed into the ear and while it blocks all other noise I can't wear them for long before I want to get those suckers pulled out.
I can't compare to the apple earphones though, they are still in their plastic wrapping.

Nilknarf says:

Urbanears Medis. Sound good and have a "custom fit" so you can clip them into the fold of your ear. They don't fall out when running or jumping about. Only downfall is that there is a play button, but no volume control.

Trialnterror says:

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Watcher says:

Do yourselves a favor and get these badboys! I can talk on the phone in stereo and/or listen to music up to 80ft away! The sound quality is fantastic and better than more expensive wired headphones.

Darkknight says:

I use Beats by Dre Solo HD here :)

Analog Spirit says:

I use a pair of black Sony MDR-EX38IP earbuds, which have a nice balanced sound, with plenty of bass. They have an inline mic and volume/pause control which comes in really handy as well. I paid about $35 for them, which is a pretty good deal for such solid sound quality. So far they've been working flawlessly with my iPhone 4.

scientist88 says:

I must confess that I'm a huge fan of apple's in-ear earbuds!

robes1 says:

Me too! I use a pair of Dr Dre's Studio Beats. But when I can't use those the only replacement for me is the Apple in-ear buds. They have plenty of bass and the top end is so clear! Love em!

goldavies says:

Solo HD by Beats by Dr Dre - best by far

Jay says:

I use skull candy. The headphones that comes with the iPhone and iPod are terrible. They are uncomfortable to wear.

Bob P says:

i use the Dr Beats Solo HD, and the Zagg SmartBuds

STORM178 says:

I use the Bose Quiet Comfort 15, Noise Canceling headphones. They are are amazing!!!! And I also use the Bose Bluetooth Headset, again.... AMAZING!!

wbeem says:

I use Apple's in-ear earbuds. I'm sure you can find better sound quality, but they're still good at a MUCH lower price than some other brands mentioned here. They're comfortable and I like the attached controls - particularly when I'm exercising and using my Shuffle.
I hate the case that Apple uses for it, though. Best case I've found is from an old pair of Ultimate Ears, so I continue to use it.

Jaime says:

My favorite are skullcandy full metal jacket but the mic controls don't work on iPhone 4 so I have to use skullcandy 50/50 which isn't that bad.

Ethan says:

I have an iPhone 4 and Full metal jackets and the mic control works fine. You might want to contact skullcandy to do a warranty exchange.

Jaime says:

Well I did contact them. They replied that the iPhone 4 had a different setup on the jack input then the 3GS. They sent me the free 50/50's for my troubles

JustinK says:

I use the Bose On-Ear headphones. Super great sound and WAY more comfortable than the stock ear buds that come with the apple stuff

Steve Gary says:

Bose in ear headphones iME2. They have the volume and phone control buttons. Totally awesome earbuds. They don't fall out while running.

mespinoza99#IM says:

Love the Bose iME2 earphones. Great sound, they stay on place at all times. A little pricey bit well worth every penny.

victor says:

Primarily use the apple in ear buds. Unfortunately I used them while I mow the lawn and i got some sweat on them so the buttons don't work very well anymore. I use some klipsch image s2's for my more physical activities. Both sound decent. Someday I'll upgrade.

McNooberson says:

Beats by Dre studio. Used to use beats Solo, upgraded this winter.

Sarcone says:

Another vote for skull candy. I have the in ear buds and the over the ear headphones. I love both sets!

futurecode says:

I have a set off high end Sony over the ear studios for when I'm not mobile cause they are too bulky, and a cheapo set of LG Bluetooth over the ears for when a cord is not ideal, but for my everydayers, I use they in ear buds from monoprice ( http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?cid=108&cpid=10823&csid=1082303&pid=6343&seq=1&format=2 ) I'll tell you what, don't let the price tag fool you, these things not only sound great, and knock withthat extra bass you rarely get from ear buds, the design is such that if you "rotate" the buds "into" your ear the kinda lock in so they rarely even fall out, even while at the gym or being active. Totally up there for the best five bucks I have ever spent. Only downside is there is no mic, but I don't like headphones for calls to no biggie for me.

OmariJames says:

I'm using the originals but I've tried other models from sony and griffin's earthumbs. Both were in-ear. Sony ones were great. Small and had great sound. I used it with a shuffle I had in 2007. Those I end up losing at a gas station. The griffin I used with a 2004 iPod ( classic ) and recently with my iPhone 3GS last year. They fit great but after a while I noticed that it was basically a regular earbud with a rubber insulator. The jack began to fray and there went the sound.

HeaviKevi says:

I use in-ear Sony brand ~$40.00 has inline mic and controls. lightweight, some noise isolation, cord manager clip...easily replaceable when lost or crushed (happens more often than you might think when traveling). Good for on-the-road gym. Home base gym I use Moto S9

Jaret says:

I have been using v-moda buds. Expensive but sound awesome

iRandom says:

I love the in-ear buds. I use the JVC Marshmellows~

louch6#IM says:

Beats by Dre Solo HD & Power Beats by Dre. 

miloszz#AC says:

I'm using mine only sometimes and only for listening (not talking). And my Sennheisers CX300 are working well, even with Bumper or Vapor case.

Rollie says:

Only the best ear buds out on the market!!! Beats by dre tour!

Gabe says:

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, what else!?

dunn.brian says:

..with Georgia's confession...I don't quite like Apple Headphones...
I was using the Apple headphones with inline remote + mic until iRandom's cat chewed them into pieces.. I now happily use $20 JVC Blue Marshmallow In-ear headphones. :)

JackoTheWacko says:

I use either these $6 Q electronics earbuds I got on Overstock.com (really good by the way, have good bass, on par treble and highs), Or I use my $40 Sony MDR-NC7s (noise canceling, have amazing treble and highs, not too shabby bass, but they make my ears hot after a half an hour). WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY better than apple buds If you're on a budget.

anthony says:

I used Plantronics Backbeat Bluetooth 903. Great bluetooth headphones with suprisingly good sound. great for the gym as well.

omgabunny says:

Ugh. Beats r Bleh. I use a pair of Audio Technica M50s.

Rainman76 says:

I use the Bose QC15s. Just an amazing set of headphones. The bass is tight and the noise canceling works wonders, especially when I fly. When I exercise, I use the Klipsch S4i earbuds.

Raul says:

I use 3 sets,
My V-Moda Vibe Duo's, Monster Turbines and V-Moda Crossfade LP's :] I love the low end if u can tell:P and I listen to mostly thrash metal, jazz and classical lol next I'm going for a pair of senheisser's

Cwaturner says:

Skullcandy all the way. I even bought a new pair of the same ones after my dog chewed them up. I can't stand the apple ones. I only ever used them when my BT died and I need the backup.

OhBrother says:

V-Moda, LOVE those earphones. Are pretty much bullet proof and have phenomenal bass response!

fish1856 says:

Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi

Nelson says:

Agree that Apple's earbuds are spectacularly substandard...for my ears, at least. They literally fall out of my ears by force of gravity. Maybe it's a design flaw with my ears and not the headphones. At any rate, switched to Etymotic after the first generation Apple buds were redesigned. Currently using HF3s with iPhone 4, excellent combo. Great sound, good inline mic & controls, love them.

TrueNorth says:

I use the Klipsch S1's but have my eyes(or ears) on the Etymotic ER4's. Good earphones are easily the best upgrade you can make. Turns sound into music.

gadgetboy says:

I have two pairs of headphones that I regularly use:
Klipsch S4i's (http://amzn.to/ifN7Ks) and Zagg SmartBuds (http://j.mp/grQ2Tp).
At $49 the SmartBuds actually sound better than the $99 S4i's. However, the S4i's have better controls.
The S4i's use integrated electronic controls for the system volume controls while the SmartBuds use a separate sliding control for volume.
The sliding control can accidentally get pushed up or down during use and it doesn't provide absolute audio control - it's relative based on the volume set by the iPhone itself.
Both have noise canceling mics for use with the iPhone.
Either pair are great, but for half the price and better sound, I'd recommend the SmartBuds.

ediskrad73 says:

I use the little white ones. They fit perfectly in my ears, I've never had any problems with them. Are they due for a re-design? Probably. My only real complaint is they don't handle bass really well, and blow-out easy.
At home I use Bose Around-ear Noise cancellers.

tahirismaeel says:

I use the JVC Marshmallow, they are in-ear headphones, simple, (I have the remote and mic one) fits perfectly, $25-$30 at Walmart and yeah they have em in like 8 colors pretty nice!

friscosooner says:

Same, here. For the price the sound is pretty good and they do a great job of blocking out external sounds when flying.

c0rinne says:

I used to use blackberry headphones because they have a microphone built in, but they kept breaking on me (actually, every kind of headphones tends to break on me).
Now, I'm using SkullCandy Icon 2 headphones. They go on your ears instead of in (much more comfortable), and they have this button that answers/hangs up calls, and also rewinds/forwards songs when your playing, in addition to starting your music and having a built-in microphone.

c0rinne says:

FYI, I used blackberry headphones with my iphone, of course.

ArtSpot says:

I use BB earbuds too. They have a 90 degree angle at the connector so they don't break when I put my iPhone in my pocket (Apple ones break). The BBs sound awful for music, but for phone & podcasts, they work fine.

Daniel says:

I use the klipsch image s4's and they're great, great sound and noise cancellation so when I wear them I cannot hear anything over my music

Al says:

I use the Bose in ear headphones. They are fantastic. I also like the Motorola SD9 Bluetooth ones (the sound is excellent and they're perfect for working out because they have no wires). I tried variations ofthe Beats headphones but they kept shorting out on me and the sound, while good, was not as good as the Bose ones.

Ryan Hughes says:

Shure SE115 earbuds. They sound great and seem to be nearl indestructible.

Amine says:

I use the Bowers&Wilkins P5. Simply amaizing! 300€ though...

bas.o says:

oem apple in ear headphones are great but pricey.

KoldKuts says:

Skullcandy 50/50. Great sound, comfy buds, responsive remote w/volume control

GrandmaBetty says:

Rocketfish stereo Bluetooth behind the neck headphones for me!

Scott Keesee says:

I'm currently using the V-Moda Vibrato Remote's. I really like how these sound and most importantly fit my ears. I own Klipsch, Shure and Bose. Anything is better that the stock white ear buds.

KeithK says:

Klipsch S4i for music
Jawbone ERA for phone calls and audiobooks

Isaac says:

I've been only using the Apple earbuds for phone calls. At home, I use a Sennheiser HD 650 which I love for the iphone (even though the iphone is not supposed to have enough power, I still love it!), the imac and home stereo. For airline traveling and other noisy environments, a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Also did a phone call with the 280 on a high speed ferry where it blocked out the outside noise and held the phone to my mouth to where I didn't have to yell and bother other passengers. It worked great.

ROSES says:

I had the apple in-ear and they were horrible. I went through 3 pairs and each pair would constantly shock me. I am now using klipsch and they are pretty cool.

davec3275 says:

I actually switch between 2 different sets. I have a pair of Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphones I use mainly while I am in the office. They allow my to move about my desk unimpeded by wires, and also allow me to keep my iPhone in my pocket. I also use a pair of the Apple earbuds that came with iPhone. They are not too bulky, and they sound quite nice.

Nathan C says:

I have been using the Sennheiser MM 50 earbuds (http://www.sennheiserusa.com/stereo-headset-apple-iphone-ipod-music-502555) for a few years. Sound quality is wonderful and nobody ever complains about the quality of the mic during phone calls. They are very light weight and after a lot of usage there is a tiny bit of cord showing through at the plug end. So, yup, that's what i use and really like!

NewbornFugur says:

I use the Motorola S9-HD bluetooth stereo headset mostly, do agree the Apple provided earbuds are very uncomfortable. I enjoy the freedom the bluetooth headset provides, not being hampered by a cord and able to place my i-Phone in a jacket pocket and such. I do wish Apple would make a bluetooth headphone set that has better integration and control.

Dave says:

i use the motorola s9-HD they are great bluetooth and you can answer call control volume and advance the tracks they are great and comfortable.

Ted S says:

I use a Jabra Halo Bluetooth stereo headset. I never even unwrapped the horrible Apple earbuds.

Vox says:

I use a set of Ultimate Ears (200vi), but am not 100% happy with them....some day I'll find the perfect fitting and sounding in-ears that'll cost less than 50 bucks :)

Koma says:

I find it sad to see how many low quality bass boosted earphones are recommended. For me, there are only two options:
Panasonic HJE900, and if you want a mic, the Audéo PFE 12x.

MooPenguin32 says:

I'll either use Skullcandy ear buds or a JayBird stereo bluetooth headset. It is rare that I use headphones of any kind with my iPhone as I rarely use it to play music. I'm usually somewhere where I can let it play sound through the speaker when it comes to playing games.

cmatt says:

Motorola Bluetooth SD9 for activities and high end Shure earbuds (forgot the model #). Bluetooth is not as good a sound but it is adequate when I don't want to deal with the annoying wire.

iSRS says:

Still on the stock bud I got with my iPhone. Have used various in ear models with my iPods, like the Bose in ear the best, but, sadly, the connector is horrible and split enough they became unusable. I, for a time, cut them and went to Radio Shack and got a new connector, which solved the problem, but there was now a 2 inch gold connector hanging out, and aside from being horrible to use any apps with, was too heavy for the iPod jack.

Cfairbank says:

Bose mie2i. Granted they are no the best sounding earphones but they are better than apple earbuds. For me it's the fit. With the Stayhear tips I can wear them for hours.

Piper says:

Ditto. I like the Bose because they fit great, they sound great and the noise canceling works great in my noisey bug rig. I don't listen to music but need a good system for hands free phone calls.

Tekoo says:

Can't believe that no one has posted up Urbanears yet. I have a the Black Plattan by Urbanear. The best cheap solution with the best simplistic/minimalistic design and sound for the price. Definitely recommended.

Analog Spirit says:

I've seen those Urbanears; those are nice!

fUnKyDoG says:

Lovin' my Koss KE29V custom fits.

Daerotirus says:

I'm using ZAGG SmartBuds coz they are probably the cheapest in-ear earphones with inline play controls & mic.
The earphones part is just ok but the mic is downright horrigible.

Luigi says:

I have just one reason to continue using the Apple Earbuds, size. I hate those huge headphones that need a bag to carry around.

tourstagefan says:

A pair of ~$20 JVC in-ear buds that I picked up at Best Buy. They fit the bill because they have an over-the-ear sport clip so that they do not pop out when I'm running. Audio quality = 6.5/10

Daerotius says:

For the wonder & awe Apple has created, its bundled iPod/iPhone earphones is a sordid failure.
Steve Jobs is almost certain not using those earphones & didn't vet it. If not, how would such a terrible pair of earphones be created??

Saif says:

Earphones are very personal. Maybe they assumed that many people would swap them out anyway, and so they sought to spend as little money as possible on the included earphones.
The irony is that lots of people just use the included earphones anyway. Which is okay, and a win for Apple: if they're not that discerning about the audio quality, it's no real loss--in fact, Apple saved money on those people by providing low-quality earphones.

Piper says:

I used the Apple ."included" earbuds for years. While would not call them grate, I would not call them horrible either. I only use earbuds to make phone calls so for short periods, they worked fine.

Saif says:

At home, listening to music:
Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones
(ironically, these headphones weigh more than the iPhone itself)
At the office, listening to music or speech:
Etymotic ER6i earphones
Making phone calls
Apple iPhone earbuds with in-line remote

mrburns05 says:

I've been using vModa vibeII NERO headphones for over a year now and I could never go back to the target/walmart cheapies . They sound so good I'm afraid to try anything less, unfortunately they cost about
$130 , but they do have a one year warranty :-)
I give em 10/10 for sound quality.

jspraggins75 says:

I use the Rocketfish stereo blutooth headphones. Best Buy has them. Big sound, yet I'm still able to be aware of my surroundings. They're great for working out too!

Jim says:

Etymotic mc5, now and forever. I have had other versions of their stuff and the never disappoint.

iamtone says:

I use beats by dre in ear tour with control talk

JaxBearsFan says:

I use 2 pair of headphones, interchangeably: the Apple In-ear (with the mic, clicker & volume control), and the latest pair of Scosche black in-ear with the clicker, mic and volume control.
Typically I use the Apple in-ear for podcasts/talk and certain kinds of music; when I want a little low-end bass boost, I use the Scosche. It also depends on which pair is more easily accessible also. Typically the Scosche are in my pocket, the Apple in my bag.
They're both great. The Scosche pair (available online at the Apple Store) are a solid deal for $40, I got em as a gift & would easily pay for them myself if I needed to.

RkhJedi says:

Beats Solo HD by Dr. Dre. They work way better than the iPod ones that break after a month of use.

TK says:

I don't like ear buds in general and I wish that I could go back in time and slaughter the moron who invented them, if the outside of your ear canals are oddly shaped (like mine) you can't wear them comfortably and they fall out way to easily. The Apple ear buds however are surprising comfortable and fit nicely, they don't fall out to easy, but the cord it a little too short for my liking.

mtbroadie says:

Skullcandy ink'd - great sound (amazing bass!) and incredibly cheap! I have several pairs for my iPhone and iPad.


iBeats by Dre.
Best sound I ever heard.

Khalil says:

Beats by Dre Tour. Best earphones ever!

dloveprod says:

I lost the ones they came with. I was mainly using Bluetooth ones by insignia, they lasted over two years. The right speaker just gave out a couple weeks ago.

Allears says:

I use the Bose quiet comfort for long trips and the Bose ears buds for short periods. Both are excellent.

Gavin says:

I use Fischer Audio FA-003 Master Series headphones. Nothing comes close IMO at price point with all music. Great with iPad too.

Blah says:

I recently bought Beats and LOVE THEM! they're pretty comfortable, the sound can't even be compared to those awful apple earbuds and they look great. The only downfall I the portability, so I still have my earbuds when I need to conserve space.

tavella says:

I was using DiddyBeats but the ControlTalk broke AGAIN! Waiting for my RMA. Right now I'm using Shure SE210.

lucasoca says:

I have every model of the DRE BEATS, but my everyday pair are the POWER BEATS. And when im working out I us the Motorola S10, the sound is nothng like the BEATS, however much beter than the APPLE earbuds.

Cindy says:

I use Klipsch s4i in ear headphones in white. I have added the comply foam tips and the result is good clear sound for listening to podcasts and great bass for music. But not boomy.

tfa225 says:

I use my BOSE earbuds - love 'em!

LzarEus says:

Use Bose around the ear headphones when chillin and for Bluetooth I'm still rockin the older Blueant model V1.

Phill says:

Power Beats by Dre are perfect for the gym.

chasemyprov1 says:

Beat by Dre ear buds, love them, and they have a mic

Avenged110 says:

I prefer the standard Apple earbuds as they are free and work well enough. Because they're free I have never needed to buy others.

gdub says:

I've been using Sony V150s since my first anti-skip discman. They are a smaller over-ear headphone with great sound and CHEAP price, $40 or so. I've broken 1 or 2 sets but have always gone back for more.
I have an extra bar across my ear... kind of hard to explain. Regular ear-buds simply wont go in, and molded gelly types won't stay in.
What's most frustrating is I can't find a decent pair of over-ear headphones that have the 3-button remote and mic for my iphone, unless I wanna give Dr.Dre $300...

Repuerto says:

Even though it may be weird, I use the earphones that came with my Blackberry Bold 9000 phone. I love them, they are so freaking comfortable and the low frequencies are magnificent.

Crimsonsky says:

I use M-Audio IE-40s (equivalent to Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi Pro 10) when I really want to hear my music at audiophile fidelity. Otherwise, for casual listening I use either my Grado SR-60's or my Sennheiser HD-238's. Surprised at how popular the Dr. Dre Beats are among the responders.

Mike says:

exactly...i have the hd380s... snagged it new for under 200. and they destroy dre's both in quality and sound...

Andrea.Richardson says:

I use Bose headphones with the mic. They are awesome, both for listening to music and talking on the phone.

David Place says:

Like the original iPhones cause they actually fit ... though Apple has replaced three or four pair due to buzzing &/or the switch not working. Have a pair of Beats in ear which are nice sounding & have the non- tangling flat wire BUT the ear plugs keep getting lost at the most inappropriate times. Had several pair of scosche but they fall apart. Currently using JawBone ERA ... no stero but nice sound & seemingly well made...

Winski says:

I use the Marshall "Minor" ear buds.. They have an odd way of hooking into the ear but have amazing sound quality and specific quality of detail in the audio I haven't heard in many ear buds OR lots of complete headsets...
Try 'em if you can...

parabel says:

Hey Winski, do the Marshall Minor have one or three buttons? Thanks!

Winski says:

Only one... But they do come with a plug modifier so you can use them on almost any kind of cell phone - US or abroad !!!
Works fine on mu Nokia...

desiG says:

BEATS! Most legit headphones I have ever owned!

kalafalas says:

Beats are soooooo over priced! I baught the studios and returned them after a week. The sound was so unnatural, the highs were over produced and hurtful, the bass muddy and boomy and the mids nonexistent.
Note I say this in the grain of 300$ in mind, they sound wonderful compared to 90% of headphones out there, but you can find headphones that preform 1000 times better for 200$ (probably not as dead sexy though.) my personal reccomendation would be the dt-770 80 ohm pros, there sold at guitar center and sound phenomenal. Bass is just as loud but much more controlled. Never buying beats again!

tJc says:

Apple buds at the office (they're crappy so I can still hear what's around me); Skullcandy Ink'd when just lounging (not bad once burnt in); & Skullcandy Aviators in brown for immersion listening (not bass heavy like the Beats but a nice well rounded sound).

Rob says:

I use skullcandy titans and skullcandy full metal jacket

Mist_1 says:

Apple in ear - good sound, full control and reasonable price.

Jordan says:

Bose on-ear headphones FTW! I tried a pair of AKG Q460s the other day and they sound almost as good.

Daryl178 says:

Skullcandy fmj's or my a-jays four

dc says:

Bose QC-15s for the most part. Motorola bluetooth S805s are built into my ski helmet and work surprisingly well, both for music and phone calls, while on the mountain. I keep the Apple earbuds in my bag as a backup, but barely use them.

ECHUSA says:

I hate ear bud headphones barely like it for my bluetooth headset while driving. My in car speakerphone which I sometimes use as a FM transmitter when I don't want to use the tape deck is a Motorola T-505. Otherwise I listen to music for short distances when not having my headphones would be the BlueAnt Q2.
Now if I am just listening to music then for wired headphones I use Sony MDR-G45LP which are comfortable and cheap I break phones easily and would use the MDR-G75LW which are foldable and retractable cable but I have broken several of those. I normally don't listen to wired headphones anymore and would even look at $300 BEATS but I would break the coord sooner than later.
That is why I normally when listening to music and prefer bluetooth because I can control the phone and music and changing tracks and everything else without looking at the iPhone good for running are Sony DR-BT21G.

Rbminlv says:

BOSE over ear at home and SHURE SE-215 everywhere else. Still keep my old SHURE buds in my car as a backup.

ShiftPursuit says:

Klipsch Image S4 during the day.
Philips SHE9500 when i'm sleeping.

dpscott says:

Skull Candy Lowriders Limited Edition Blue

foxx says:

I use Klipsch S4i.. love um!

Henry says:

The Sennheiser MM 400 is a state-of-the-art Stereo Bluetooth® headset for multimedia mobile phones.
With one press of a button, you can quickly switch between calls and music delivered in superb stereo sound. The invisible high-performance microphone ensures that conversations are clear, making this headset the perfect all-in-one sound solution. I love't.

DrCheesecake says:

Audio Technica M50s! Fairly serious listening gear :)

YT says:

Zagg smart buds for iPhone love em

Slimsal says:

I use ibeats by dr dre they sound Awesome highs, mids and lows are well balanced. My first beats purchase way better then the crappy ones that come with your iPhone

Macboy74 says:

I use BOSE IE2 headphones, BOSE AE2 OTE headphones and BOSE Sounddock Series II speakers. Love the Bose sound.


I use the motorola s9 HD stereo bluetooth headsets, they have snug fit, sound great and are light weight. Not to mention that I dont have to worry about any wires.

ferraristef says:

I use Shure SE530 = AMAZING, there are 3 small speakers in each earphone, so a total of 6. One is for the high, another for mid and the last for low.

Patrick says:

I use iFrogz, idk what specific kind but they are the cheapest best set i've ever had plus it has a mic!

Chenzo5151 says:

blue ant q2. works great and plays everything through the speaker unlike most other bluetooth earbuds.

misterlab says:

I use Zaggbuds and ones by Marshall and like them the best. I also have Bose and B&O but still prefer the others. The iPhone buds are not the best for comfort, etc.

JD says:

I want something that works well when working out - running, etc.
Do you have to trade sound for function? I'd also rather not spend a hundred on a set when the white iPhone ones nearly do the trick already.

PirateNinja says:

rocking the Bose in ear, and Dr. Dre for those long flights =D

Max says:

I use V-MODA Vibrato Noise-Isolating Metal Headphones.
Really like them!

Gemmini says:

The Plantronics Backbeat 903+ !!

Cedric says:

I use Bose. My left ear bud went out within the first 2 weeks of usage luckily I bought the insurance

sbs8331#IM says:

I use my old Blackberry ones. Is that legal? ;-) For freebies, they're much more comfortable than the Apple ones. Been thinking, though, about biting the bullet with Bose buds.

Jeff1974w says:

I use the motorokr stereo Bluetooth headset because I hate cords

dwilk21 says:

Beats by Dre Tour edition

kalafalas says:

I hafe the 80$ apple in-ear headphones, and might I say there pheonimal! Suprisingly flat sound, amazing mids, clear highs, and tight bass. Very comfortable, can get a little "pressure" feeling after long periods of wearing, but all in ears do. Make sure to use the right size tips! The highs can get a little cracley when turned up very loud, and the bass is very controlled but a little quieter than I would like. But for 80$ there a steal! Worth every penny!

jaredkm says:

The Apple in ear ones are awesome as long as you get the Comply Foam tips for them

Dragonfly says:

I've got a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple Fi.Pro Vi's. They cost a pretty penny, but are definitely worth it. Consistently called the best pair of in ears out there.

iPhone4Jay says:

I have white Beat By DRE Tours to match my white iPhone 4 and white iPad 2. All white everything

Nanto Ciele says:

I use Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi. Best bang for your buck

mracole says:

Dr Dre Powerbeats. had them a while and absolutely love em

Bryan says:

I posted on the last thread but I will post here. I have the Apple In-Ear headphones. Best set I have ever used, and it also has the remote that works the same as the Apple ear buds.

Gary says:

Every pair of earphones I've ever owned - cheap or expensive - have been broken within a year, so I've settled on buying Seinheiser CX 300 IIs. They're robust, cheap enough to be comfortably replaced when they eventually do break and I've always been happy with the sound I get from them.
I've certainly had better sounding earphones - Shures, Scosches - but those didn't last as long and were a lot more expensive to replace. Getting warranty replacements for eaither of those brands here in the UK was a pain in the arse.

Loco says:

If I do use earphones, I have Etymotic ER-6i

Angelo says:

I use Monster Turbine Pro Coppers. The best (and most expensive) in-ears I've owned so far.

Gmac82 says:

The first high end pair of headphones I bought were the Shure E1 (I can't remember exactly). Then I bought the Apple in ear headphones (I still have them, and they still work pretty well. Minus the clicker). Now I have the iBeats by Dr. Dre. I love my iBeats a lot. There the best headphones I've ever owned. I really love the control talk feature also.

Elijah says:

I use my Sennheisers. Apple's earbuds are HORRIBLE for your ears. And horrible quality. Only thing I like is the iPod controls/headset.

Tim says:

I've been using the $99 Bose in-ear headphones. Very comfortable and great sound. Noise canceling would be nice, but oh well...

andsoitgoes says:

Previously had the shure E5cs until they busted and had to get them replaced, decided to sell them for a premium afterwards because after using the E2cs and not noticing a $300 difference.
I now use the E2cs mixed in with some semi-genuine (and actually decent quality) IEMS from Focalprice/Dealextreme. They are 1000 times better than the crap earphones like the apple ones, and standard crap ones like it.
Anyway, the decent knock off or non-brand IEMS are good enough for my ear, and at the end of the day, thats all that matters.
And for my $8 "Smony" headphones that sounded great and lasted about 7 months, I can make do.

Maniacfive says:

I use a pair of JVC noise cancelling iPhone in ears. They have the remote. They were £60 18 months ago and are still kicking out good quality sound. Which is more than can be said for the sennhesier 300's I had previously which radomly started distorting after 6 months. I'd used sennhiesers for years with no no problems but that pair just hated me!

Grant X. says:

I have the Zagg SmartBuds. Bought the Apple in-ear buds and they broke within 2 weeks. Wanted to like them but they were completely terrible.
The Zagg SmartBuds are amazing! Great noise canceling and great quality. The best part is the cord is covered with InvisibleSHIELD. A durable plastic cover that is used on military helicopter blades.
I've had these earphones for almost 6 months & they still work great!

Ken says:

I love the Klipsch Image S2 Comfort-Fit earphones (about $30 on Amazon). They're light, inexpensive, and seal well enough to drown out noise at the gym.

Bob says:

Plantronics Backbeat 903
Ear pieces don't fit me well, so I tried MANY to come up with these. My ears are large, flat against my head, and my ear canals point upward and towards my face. The marshmallow type doesn't seal and falls right out.

BobbyB says:

I love my V-Moda Crossfade, slick look, sick sound and really comfortable for my long subway ride... For in ear, I use skullcandy ink'd, cheap and gets the job done

Murphythadog says:

Nu-Force NE7M's the best ieb under $50 will rival ieb's that cost 3 to 4 times more.

Joshua says:

I use the Tours by Dre with in line mic. Best headphones I have ever owned.

DaPeeps says:

iBeats by Dr Dre! The best headset ever made, period.

ChrisxJacobsen says:

Beats by dre studio. Love them for walking around the city and riding the bus. I also use a few different skull candy ear buds when riding my bike or snowboarding.

Brye#IM says:

Beats by Dre iBeats (Gunmetal) and a pair of white Skullcandy Aviators. Both have amazing sound for a reasonable price.

KC Brown says:

Marshall Minor's Great!!!
Great sound, Cool design, secure in motion!
Now it will take a min to recieve them, but well worth the wait.

Andrew says:

Just a simple pair of sennheiser cx300 ii - they work perfectly well for a reasonable price.
Don't know why Apple toss us off every time with their tacky earphones... one look and they scream EAR-ACHE!!

Ody says:

Beats by Dre Tour Mobile

Peter says:

I use the new Bose iPhone headset and I love em. You forget that there even in your ears... A must buy. Yeah $130 is steep, but well worth it.

Nandu says:

I got same man and It is awesome....It is expensive but worth it..

Brandon says:

I use the normal ones and Skullcandys noise canceling

Jaime Rivera says:

I love my wireless stereo bluetooth MOTOROKR S305
The sound is great, they are wireless, and they are super affordable!!!

Mzri says:

Lady gaga heartbeats. I dont have any other headphones to compare but the sound is pretty good & they're cute.

Nathan says:

Currently using the Scosche IDR305MD after having gone through many others. I'm very happy with them: great sound quality, fit, and clearest mic for making calls (according to people I talk to regularly). Can't be beat for $40 at the Apple store.

Mike says:

Etymotic HF2s. Great sound quality and noise canceling. Would I spend $200+ on headphones? No. But the Etymotic rep Mike gave them to me at a computer show so the price was right.

kmc979 says:

I love my Klipsch S4i ear buds. the apple ones hurt my ears something fierce. Whenever these bust i will get the S5i rugged ones since the controller and the buds are moisture resistant. they are comfortable and very good at noise canceling, almost too good, i can't hear a flipping thing when they are in, even with no music playing.

pcdsim says:

Definitely not Apple's. I have Klipsch's S5i rugged headset. http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/image-s5i-rugged-overview/ I did had the S4i before these, cause I thought I had lost this great pair. Great highs, mids, solid bass, and it's very durable. Great for workouts. The buttons are ugly huge, but you can definitely feel which button you're pressing them under a shirt or sweater. I've tried several headsets before: Shure 310 which had great sound, great clarity, ok mids, pretty much non-existent bass. V-Modas had great initial quality, great sound, clear, great bass, but they broke easily. Skull Candy FMJs had awesome bass, great durability, lousy mids and highs. The Klipschs which I finally ended up with had the same quality sound I loved from the V-Modas but were way more durable and really light in weight.

Philip says:

i burned all my headphones and earphones and the next day i walked to apple and bought Dr.Dre Studios. and now am set for life and never going back to earphones

Ike says:

Bose QC15. Awesome!!!

Jp says:

My choice is the Klipsch S4i they fitted perfectly in my ears with the stock oval tips, and the would stay there no matter what. The sound reached a very loud levels and with amazing bass, and while the mids were good and solid, the high can sound a bit mushy at times, but still sound clear and solid as well as the construction. While it seams light, is well built and durable. Before this I had:
Etymotic mc3 and while they sound perfect for audiophiles, they lack in bass in my opinion.
Apple in-ear headphones while that sounded good, the sound was not great and the earphone would not stay in place, and I just don't think they are worth $80.
Beats Tours by DR. Dre were great, nice sound, really amazing bass and durable well constructed headphones. But I returned the because of the price tag at $180. Is kind of a deal breaker, because the set sound a bit better then the Klipsch but I saved $80 and got a set that is as good but less flashy.

Dave Gebhardt says:

Love my V-Modas. Thumpy bass, comfortable & good noise sealing.

Kevin Taylor says:

I have a pair of Bose and a pair of Woodys. The woodys offer better bass response and are half the price of the Bose. The base response in the woodys are so defined because there actually made of part wood.
The woodys also cut almost all of the airplane noise when traveling.

Joel v says:

Bose in-ear. Great sound and business quality phone calls.

Carioca32 says:

Senheiser cx500, or my old in-ear JVC. Anything but the stock earphones. To be fair, I must say that I never bought a device that came with good earphones, including Creative, Samsung, LG, Cowon, Motorola, Sony etc., the closest was Nokia, but even theirs was substandard. Stock always sucks, and Apple is no exception.

NotHomer says:

I could never get the Apple ear buds to stay in my ears. I had a pair of Sony over the ears that sounded good but I could not wear them for long. I had a pair of Bluetooth BackBeats but was not pleased with the sound quality. My latest purchase was the Bose MIE2. I can wear these for a long time without any issue. Love the sound quality.

DRHughes says:

I use the regular Apple earphones. Lol. I'm cheap. :x

ScottRoke says:

Klipsch Image S4i. They're the best quality earbuds with a mic./remote for around $100 (I got mine for around $70).

rknowlt says:

WESC oboe's. Had to give WESC a shot on headphones after being very impressed with the acoustics in their store in NYC a few years ago. Got them on sale, and love the 40mm drivers, especially while snowboarding.

BlackSpidey says:

I got a set of stereo Bluetooth earphones, Blueant X5, they are very nice portable set of earphones, with at least a month of battery life using it for a couple of hrs a day. They cost about $150-$200rrp 6/8 yrs ago have decent sound except the range is decent except high and low end bass and treble is fine but in some songs get a bit muffled, they do cover most of the ear and do muffle some outside noise but do leak noise out as well when listening to them in a quiet environment. I also have a pair of Sennheisers HD202's at home and get a much deeper and clear range of sounds, cost $70-rrp$100 are wired and do cup the entire ear and does cut out most outside noise as well. Have had a pair of apple and Sennheisers in ears, compared to normal earphones really are uncomfortable for prolonged periods and come out of the ears a lot, so love the pair the other pair of headphones I have now.

Ronnie S says:

Koss porta pro, super good base for such light headphones and the folding ability is prizeless :)

emtal233 says:

I like to use eith my Beats by Dre Solo HD's or PRO's at home but while I'm on the go or gym PowerBeats by Dre. They dont fall off your ears, bass is good, they let some ambient noise in so you are aware when people may run you over while jogging and you can answer calls with them.

Mike says:

Step up your game and get some Sennheisers.

pauloleandro says:

Shure e2c. Best earphones I've ever owned.

James says:

Bose mie2i's. they are absolutely amazing.

STANUL says:

I use Philips SHN2500 noise cancelling
Fantastic on the train commute.

iPhoneDon797 says:

I use the Diddy Beats. All around great sounding and decent noise cancelling. I didn't mind the Apple stock earphones unless I move around a lot then they fall out. They sound good for about a month then quickly degrade.

Carter Baker says:

I have been using the M2's by Brainwavz. Best headphones I've ever owned. I got them at MP4nation for around 49.99. My previous headphones have been panasonic, Sony, or Skullkandys that I could find at Best Buy. I am a drummer and percussionist, and also work a lot with computers audio mixing etc. The sound quality is phenomenal and the bass is clear, boomy, but not overbearing...but you can make you head shake if you turn on the bass booster in the EQ...but the noise cancellation is also amazing. My previous noise canceling Skullcandies...which broke, would be at full volume..and I could still barely if at all hear the music over the drums, that not only is inconvenient, but also unhealthful. WIth the M2s, they work almost as well as my earplugs, without music even playing...I have never gone over 3/4 volume while drumming, which still blows my mind. I hope this helps someone. They also have a 1-2 year warranty...not sure but I don't think it will matter...they are built to last and make love to my ears.

excaliburca says:

Skull Candy earbuds... have had them since 2007 and I just may have to replace them now.

Michael says:

Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones (http://www.jaybirdgear.com/sb2/) - I use them with my iPhone, iPad, and PS3. Love them!

JDP-Man says:

I have some in-ear headphones the brand is Klipsch. By far the best quality sound I have ever heard on headphones. You can't hear any outside noise with them in and even on full blast nobody outside can hear anything. The bass is amazing for something so small and overall amazing sound. I've had them for over a year and still in amazing shape and sound the same as they did on day one. I highly recommend them.

Mr Mystery says:

Beats Solo HD's, awesome bass and just the right mid range and treble for trance, and house beats :)

Glenn#IM says:

Away from the house, Koss KPH/6. They suit my needs for an inexpensive pair of basic headphones. At the house, AKG K141 studio headphones. Good clean sound.

Roger says:

I use ear jams, for practicity. I also have a Philips model.

kayno says:

I use the JAYS a-Jays Four, they are pretty good and affordable.

RJ says:

Beats By Dre Tour & Bose QC15 & Sony V700DJ

dudrsnacks says:

The white Beats Pro are hands down the best pair of over ears that I've had the pleasure of using. I bring them everywhere! I don't waste time with ear buds anymore. Over ear offers a much better listening experience IMO. I'm no audiophile, though I'm pretty serious about my music consumption. The Klipsch S4i are the best in ear pair that I've ever used. Also, working at Best Buy is awesome and on discount these headphones aren't so expensive :) Winning!

Stephen says:

Shure e3c (broke)
Shure SE210 AND
Bose QC15

JK says:

ultimate ears triple fi 10

K says:

Had Sennheiser ones from apple store before.

MB says:

.....use the DENON AH-C260R and they rock...the apple earbuds are awful silent sometimes... and the DENON have a good comfort in wearing them,....

Melvyn says:

95% of the time I'm using my Bluetooth Plantronics P590 phones. Once you've got rid of the wire, it's so difficult to go back. The only time I use anything different is when working out. Then it's some simple & cheap JVC "exercise" (read "sweat resistant") headphones.

FLskydiver says:

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