CEO Confessional: Intel Chief Uses MacBook Pro, Carries iPhone, Pees Sitting Down

You wouldn't think of Paul Otellini as someone who uses "hip" consumer products, given his stodgy corporate background and boardroom persona. But beneath his mild professional demeanor lies a Mac fanboy and iPhone lover. Yes, his secret is out: Intel's number one man uses a MacBook Pro, and both he and his spouse carry iPhones.

In a recent interview with BusinessWeek, Otellini admits to using Apple products for personal use, though he does preface his confession by saying that he still carries a ThinkPad for work, in the event Steve Ballmer should happen to stop by and catch him with a MacBook sitting in his lap.

By the way, am I the only one who is utterly dumbfounded by the continued success of the antiquated ThinkPad series? The damn things still look the same after nearly a decade... and they were ugly to begin with. If forced to carry a corporate portable (mind you, you'd have to hold a gun to my head) Dell's Latitude line would be my first choice. Not that I'm enamored with Dell products, but their business portables are well designed, highly configurable, and decently priced.


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CEO Confessional: Intel Chief Uses MacBook Pro, Carries iPhone, Pees Sitting Down


Hmmm yeah you're the only one :) Just got a thinkpad z60 - its beautiful, metal casing, best keyboard on any laptop. Thinkpads rule!

I agree with their keyboards being #1, but the MacBook keyboard is as sturdy as any other. What's holding ThinkPads back? Same thing holding all PC's back - Windoze.

thinkpads are very sturdy, ultralight, and have great build quality. That said I'd rather have a MacBook any day of the week.