Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 to provide 1080p, full screen video out to TV

Real Racing 2 HD to provide 1080p, full screen video out to TV

The always cutting edge folks at Firemint let us know that they're once again pushing the envelop of iOS performance, this time by providing 1080p, full screen video out to TV for Real Racing 2 HD.

  • A first for iOS!
  • Full screen, gorgeous 1080p visuals
  • No black borders
  • No scaling - full HD
  • Silky smooth 30 frames per second
  • Dual-screen racing - real time telemetry on your iPad 2
  • Drive from the comfort of your couch!

The update is coming soon. Video after the break, let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 to provide 1080p, full screen video out to TV


Just need to add support to use another, smaller, iOS device as a controller and it would be pretty awesome. Maybe get working on hacked AppleTVs w/ iPod Touch as the controller.

Am I missing something here. Surely they need to allow apps on the apple tv. Then bam. IPhone or iPad as a controller and no need for a physical cable. If they rebranded the apple tv as "apple gaming tv" or something snappier they could make a stance on the casual console market ?!?! No ? Maybe ? Maybe not ?

It looks really nice, but god this is just silly. Who, in the age of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, wants to play a game tethered to their television - in the most awkward way possible - with the most uncomfortable controller imaginable?
Fun for the novelty (and press), but come on... who's going to actually sit in front of their TV like this?

If you are bored while on business out of town, you could hook it up to your hotel TV. Might be handy if the cable was long enough to sit on the couch/bed.

Pretty sure this is a "story" because of the technical capability, not because of the gameplay or user experience.

I have a beautiful 65" Mitsubishi TV in the family room just waiting for this update. My friend, I'm gonna place the Lazy Boy dead center and sit there, like a child, and play 'till my arms fall off.

As someone who's owned a PS3, I can say I've played more games on my iPhone and now my iPad than I ever did on my PS3. This is a perfect solution for people who, like myself, may occasionally want to play a game on a big screen.

I have no games console, and a HD projector instead of a TV which is right behind the couch, so no long dangling lead needed. So, sounds really great for me! Shame about the 4 week online iPad 2 wait in the UK but this will be the first thing I try when it arrives!

Just tried to play real racing on my tv from my iPad but for some reason only the audio came over the tv. Am I missing something(other than a brain)?